Saturday, December 31, 2011

Multiple Kikkas + Sock Puppets = Amazing

When I first starting getting into idol music, I didn't know a lot about Kikkawa Yuu. Well, I did know she got fantastically shafted in Momosu's 8th Generation auditions (which may have been for the better considering how that generation turned out) and she was in a group with Koharu and her voice was fantastically underused! Then this year she got out of Hello Pro Eggs and H!P because they were still underusing her and moved to Universal Music Japan and put her good voice to use! I really do think the move was smart for Kikka, considering she's Mano Erina's age. However, none of her singles have impressed me. I mean, the B-sides are amazing but you're promoting the A-side! Shouldn't it hold up as well as the other songs? Well, none of Kikka's really did for me...

Until now.

After getting preview after preview of Konna Watashi de Yokattara, her third single, I'm finding myself loving it more and more with each listen. To me, it's a happy, fun song done right. It doesn't sound generic and I can tell Kikka's put a lot of her energy and charisma into it. Did I mention she sounds great? Don't get me wrong, she did for her past single but I think because I enjoy this song so much she sounds even better to me! One of the best things about this song is that there's so much going on in it; it starts off very simple with some piano music and some singing/rapping from Kikka but as the song progresses it just keeps building up the energy. It gets to the point where there is so much going on in the song but it never seems like it's being overdone; each addition to it (background vocals, echoes, more music) seems deliberate and I think that's partially because of how well Kikka delivers the song. She has a lot of charisma, an amazing voice, and a really good stage presence and I feel like that was really put to use for this single! In fact, I'd venture to call it her best one yet! Maybe her next one will even top it!

But that's not the main subject at hand. Finally the full PV was released and I was... intrigued. So let's move on to that!

I like these pictures; it's a cute way to open the song!

I was a little thrown off when I heard the first part but it grew on me! Kikka sounds amazing!

I hate to admit it but this set is kind of cheap. Why is she dancing amongst bathroom stalls again? Is it a shout out to The Peace?

I love the hand motions she makes in this. Maybe I'll learn them someday...

See? Adorable!

Oh hi new set! You look a little less cheap than the other one!

I will say the moving Kikka is used pretty neatly. I like how she moves with the beat.

WHOA! Either I have finally lost it or Kikka has cloned herself!

I love this move, even if it's been used thousands of times by other idols.

This move makes me think of rainbows and flowers. Not sure why...

Oh hi new set! I seriously thought this was a green screen at first >.<

Puppets? Okay, I'll go with that...

It brings me back to Goodbye Happiness... and Hikki... why did she have to go on hiatus!? Sorry, back on subject...

Why am I getting Charlotte's Web flashbacks?

I do wish Kikka would smile in this part but I guess she's trying to put more focus on the puppets.

There's that smile!

Oh hey, that isn't a green screen! I feel stupid now...

I feel like I should give these two puppets names... Kikka's lack of a smile is starting to creep me out. It's like Watanabe Mayu in reverse!

Yay! More cute hand motions!!

The more I look at this effect, the more I like it. I wonder if they'll take it even farther...

I love the faces in this shot; she looks like she just ate a lemon!

AGH! Smile already!!! You're scaring me!

BWAH!!! You scare me too!

Awww~ I love this bridge in the song

This key change is done really well.

Mr. Alligator is laying down the LAW!

So if I cut the arm off one Kikka does another Kikka grow back in its place?

This shot really bothers me. You just had to throw in something for the guys, didn't you?

With my personal clone army I shall use it to get revenge on Aika!!! MWAHAHAHA!!!


Take THAT Aika!!!
And there you have it! A entertaining PV for an even more entertaining song! I'll admit, I do wish they had done more with the PV in terms of stuff... I felt like it was lacking something. I'm just not sure what! It also felt like the two scenes in the PV (the puppets and the multiple Kikkas) didn't really go together and they just threw that in to do something with the PV. However, I do like the effects they used and Kikka is what makes this song so fun and she really adds a lot to the music video. Honestly, my philosophy with soloists is I'd rather have an interesting, talented, and really fun idol with a cheap PV than a really boring idol with no personality get an expensive PV (*cough* Manoeri). So yes, the PV is cheap and parts of it seem forced and awkward but Kikka shines just as brightly and the song is really good. I'd give it a listen!

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