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Time Capsule Reviews: Electro World

The winner of June's Time Capsule Review poll turned out to be Perfume again! And not too far behind was Shoujo Jidai! I did get a request to review a Shoujo Jidai PV, so Paparazzi not winning is a bit of an inconvenience. But I'll still keep an eye out for them to release a new PV, or any older one that matches one of the coming months! Anyways, July's Time Capsule Review poll won't have any Perfume releases in it, so another group will have a shot! But we have one day until July so let's talk about Electro World!

Ah, Electro World. Do I even have to say anything about this single? I feel like this is one of those Perfume singles that's just one of their classics. You know, this single was one of the first Perfume singles I really liked. Electro World was released a year or so before I discovered Perfume, their last single of the Complete Best era and the single before Fanservice [sweet]. Perfume didn't reach the same amount of recognition with Electro World that they did with Fanservice [sweet] and Polyrhythm, but nonetheless, it was one of their better-selling earlier singles. And I think Electro World was one of Perfume's first singles to show that they had staying power beyond just a quirky little technopop idol group. Or maybe that's just me gushing about the old days, when Perfume was still such an obscure little group with great things ahead of them in the future. I sometimes wonder what it must have been like being a fan back then when Perfume debuted on a major label, and their tenure was so uncertain. Oh well, I was ten when this single was released. I barely even knew how to work a computer! Now eight years later, let's go back in time and enter Electro World...


I guess I should just title that heading as Cover/Outfits because only one version of Electro World was ever released. After the filter heavy cover for Linear Motor Girl and simplistic Computer City, Electro World's cover was the first of their major singles that I think looks really good. There's not too much going on with the cover, but there's still a sleek, futuristic quality to it. I love the way the wires extend outward and wrap around each of the girls. I mean, the single is titled Electro World, and the cover represents that very nicely. Perfume's outfits back in the day were a little iffy (and a few look rather dated now), but like the covers, I think the outfits for Electro World work too. A lot of Perfume's outfits look so similar now (especially now, I wish they'd try something different). I like how with the Electro World outfits, they all have the same general look, but each outfit is very distinctive.

Electro World

Okay, so on my top 20 favorite Perfume songs list (first post I ever made, revised in 2012), I put Electro World as #5. I've been meaning to revise that list, maybe do an updated version for my blog's third Cake Day. Because I've got several new songs from Level3 I need to put on the list, and there are songs on there that I just need to switch around. For instance, I want to move Electro World from #5 to #2. Why? Because I really freaking love this song. Hell, before I had to move all my songs from my iTunes library, Electro World was my most played Perfume song. I love to write to this song, I love to listen to this song, I love this song. First of all, I love what this song is about. Electro World is about the end of the world, a topic that I really wish Perfume would sing about again. As I've said before, I don't pay a huge amount of attention to lyrics in Japanese music, unless they're good lyrics. And there are so many lines in Electro World that I just want to pluck out and put in a little picture frame. I also love the lyrics to Computer City for the same reason, although I always took Computer City as a song about a utopia. Anyways, the lyrics behind Electro World are one of the strongest facets of the song, and you really should go read the lyrics to see what I mean.

What I love about Electro World is how it conveys such a wonderful feeling of hopelessness and sadness, but the song still sounds absolutely beautiful. This song is from Perfume's days as the "Near Future Technopop Unit" and it sounds like it. Around Computer City, Perfume started to shy away from their indie idol sound, and Electro World pushes that shift forward. I do need to clarify that there are two different versions of Electro World: the original no the single and the album version. Personally, I think either version is great. However, I do admit, I like the album version a little bit better. The album version has this eerie, ambient hum at the very beginning and then this little melody kicks in before the rest of the song starts. Other than that, everything about both version is the same, but that little touch at the beginning of Electro World (Album Version) is so powerful. But really, Electro World in all its incarnations is such a powerful song. I mean, the melodies, the lyrics, the arrangement, it's all this one big giant surge of emotion. There's a reason Electro World is one of Perfume's more popular songs. While maybe not as popular as Polyrhythm or Chocolate Disco, I stand by Electro World as one of the best songs Perfume has ever released. So please listen to it if you've not already done so.

The music video for Electro World is very similar to Linear Motor Girl and Twinkle snow Powdery snow's music videos. All three PVs feature copious amounts of CG and green-screen. The special effects actually aren't completely terrible in these PVs. I mean, it's obviously all computer-generated, but the effects could have looked a whole lot cheaper. Really, they could have been as bad as the PV for Monochrome Effect. In my opinion, I think Electro World is the PV that handles all the special effects best. All the scenery in this music video looks so huge and sweeping. In the back of my head, I know it's all fake, but the atmosphere still feels very immersive. And the aesthetic of the PV is the right blend of futuristic and gritty. My favorite part is where the girls are each standing alone in a bright white room playing some kind of game. I don't think it really served any purpose, but the effect was so cool to watch. Electro World's PV has a lot of shots like that. Honestly, I don't mind; I'm so busy looking in awe at the scenery that I'm too distracted to think!

The general theme of the music video very loosely matches the theme of the song. I do wish that the PV had explored more into the end of the world. There are several shots showing a giant sphere shattering. They're very pretty shots, but it's very abstract. And that's where the copious amounts of green-screen make the PV fall short. The members of Perfume look very immersed in the scenery, but they don't interact with the scenery. They just look around, because that's pretty much all they can do. Nothing in the PV is real, so there's nothing to touch. For instance, there are these little robot balls that look like the cores from Portal, and they just fly around in the dance shot. Again, no real reason, just for coolness factor. On the other hand, I don't really mind the fakeness of the PV. Actually, I suppose that sort of matches the song. The PV for Electro World is like this weird blend of futuristic and artistic. For that reason, I think it's the most well-handled of Perfume's futuristic CGI PVs from their early days. What works the best with this music video is how sweeping the scenery is and how small it makes the girls look. The emptiness of whatever world they're in emphasizes the meaning of the song itself. So yeah, it's not without its flaws, but I think the PV for Electro World is still one of Perfume's best.

In case my gushing hasn't clued you in yet, Electro World is a five apples kind of song. Not only is it one of my favorite Perfume songs, it's one of Perfume's staples and for good reason. Lyrically, there's never been another song like Electro World, and the way Perfume delivers it is perfect. Gosh, I think I'm gonna go listen to this song on repeat. It needs to be my most played Perfume song again.


Of course, Electro World isn't the only song on this single that gets attention. Wonder2 isn't quite as popular as the A-side, but it was still a staple of Perfume's earlier concerts. They'd usually sing Wonder2 (and live might I add) during their encores. It's a really sweet song performed live, with pretty much no choreography. Just the girls singing. Songs like Negai and Kokoro no Sports have taken up the role of farewell encore song in Perfume's later concerts. But I'd like to think there's still a special place for Wonder2. Who knows? Maybe even Perfume will perform this song during their 3rd World Tour! Then again, there's just as much of a chance they won't. Wonder2 hasn't made too many appearances lately. But I think it's a very good song! I think Wonder2 is more of a divisive song than Electro World is among Perfume fans. Often, I find that fans just... like it. Not love it. And yes, I will admit that Wonder2 is not one of my favorite Perfume songs. Don't get me wrong, I really like this song, and I think it fits nicely alongside Electro World. But it doesn't grab me the same way Electro World does, along with other Perfume songs. And I've noticed that a lot of fans feel the same way.

Wonder2 is a song that I've found takes time to grow on you. I had to listen to this song several times (along with a beautiful piano version I found on Youtube). While it still isn't one of my absolute favorite Perfume songs, I still love Wonder2. I love how ambient it sounds, especially in the beginning. Wonder2 has such a distinctive sound from anything else in Perfume's discography. I don't want to say that this song is a ballad like Negai or 23:30, because it kind of balances this line between a ballad-y and energetic. The chorus in Wonder2 is actually pretty fast. Overall though, Wonder2 has this air of sweetness to it. Kind, genuine sweetness. This is probably one of the sweetest, calmest songs I've ever listened to that managed to get stuck in my head. The la's in this song are so soothing, and they fade in an out so nicely. Actually, I love all the vocal editing in this song. Everything overlaps so nicely, never sounding messy. Contrarily, it creates an even more calming song. Electro World is such an intense song, and Wonder2 is like the calm after the storm. So no, maybe it isn't Electro World, but I still think Wonder2 is one of Perfume's B-sides to check out.

I still think Wonder2 deserves four and half apples. It's one of my favorite Perfume B-sides, mainly because of how different it sounds from anything else Perfume's released. I do wish they'd gone in the more happily ambient sound direction again. I loved hearing that with Wonder2.

The Verdict

Well, what else can I really say? Eight years after its release, Electro World is one of my favorite Perfume singles. But... I do think there's a little bit of the fan in me saying that. The reviewer in me can acknowledge that Wonder2 is kind of a weak song in comparison to Electro World. However, I personally don't think that Wonder2 is a song that completely ruins the single. I think what makes Electro World as a single work so well is that both songs blend very nicely. They both have this futuristic vibe that Perfume incorporated into their early major label singles. I mean yes, Perfume's a technopop group, so of course their songs are going to sound futuristic, but Electro World sounds like a single that really fits in the future. Or at least the dystopian future where our own technology does us in and the world ends. Cheerful, right? Electro World might not be the peppiest song from Perfume, but its upbeat yet depressing tale of a world ending always gives me chills when I listen to it. And then after all that melancholy's swooped in, Wonder2 comes right after with a soft, heartwarming little melody. Am I gushing too much? I should probably lay off on the gushing.

Actually, why not gush? Electro World was, in my opinion, one of the first Perfume singles where they really hit the mark. Sure, there are a few things that could have been tweaked, but overall, Electro World is such a solid single from Perfume. Both the A-side and the B-side are staples in Perfume's discography, whether as great songs or great concert songs. If you're looking to get a friend into Perfume's music, I enthusiastically recommend Electro World. The single is not only a look into the Perfume of the past but a glimpse of what they were going to become in the future. Electro World and Perfume ~Complete Best~ were pretty much the end of an era for Perfume. Their time as the Near Future Technopop unit from Linear Motor Girl to Complete Best. And the rest, as we all know, is history. I have such a nostalgia for Electro World, and I have no shame about that. When I listen to Electro World, I think of that small niche of fans and how it would grow outward to all around the world. Then Perfume would go one to release Polyrhythm, go to Budokan, perform at Tokyo Dome, and tour all over the world. And... that's incredible. Electro World is incredible. Go listen to it.

So with the power to type thanks to technology that hasn't ended the world yet, I bestow upon Electro World four and half apples! I'd really like to give it 4.75 apples, but my Apple Rating System doesn't work that way. Still, check this single out if you're looking to get into Perfume! As for me, I've got to put up the poll for July's Time Capsule Review! And once again I leave July's Time Capsule Review in the hands of you capable readers!

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Killing with Sparkles!

With Perfume dropping the 3rd World Tour bomb (which by the way, I got my tickets!), I'd pretty much forgotten that Kyarypamyupamyu is releasing an album very soon. And also that Kira Kira Killer exists. Well... better late than never!

Kira Kira Killer, a song that feels like it's been around for months now, is a curious little single. Because only 7,777 copies were printed. The single also includes one B-side in lieu of two: an extended mix of Kira Kira Killer.  People who bought this single also enrolled in this cute little raffle where they could win a hair tie, a t-shirt, a mask, or one of Kyary's personal items. I myself did not buy this single but did see the packaging for it. I'm sure it was a pretty cool get for Kyary fans!Honestly, the release of Kira Kira Killer seems a little rushed, but then again, Pikapika Fantajin is coming out soon. When else were they gonna be able to release it? Besides, I kind of like having Kira Kira Killer be the final single of this era instead of Family Party. Because as of now, I still am not a huge fan of Family Party. Or Mottai Night Land. In fact, the only singles I liked this era were Yume no Hajima Ring Ring and Kira Kira Killer. The other A-sides were either annoying commercial jingles or just annoying. Nanda Collection was kind of an annoyingly cute album, so I wonder how Pikapika Fantajin will fare. Oh well, that contemplation is for a future review. I'm here to talk about Kira Kira Killer!

So yes, Kira Kira Killer. What to say about Kira Kira Killer... I like it! I like it just about as much as I liked Yume no Hajima Ring Ring. But I do think Kira Kira Killer has a lot more flair then Yume no Hajima Ring Ring. The song was used in one of fifty thousands Kyary commercials so naturally, it's a very catchy song that will get stuck in your head whether you like it or not. And yeah, the song sounds like what you'd expect in a commercial jingle. Which isn't a bad thing! I mean, if it were Family Party or Mottai Night Land, (and weren't those also commercial songs?), then yes, that would be unfortunate. But it's less unfortunate with Kira Kira Killer. There are still parts of the song that I'm not a huge fan of though. Like I think it has a very weak opening. Kyary's chanting L-U-C-K but at times it sounds like that L is an F instead. Then again, that alternative spelling would make one very... interesting song! Kyary's voice is also hit-or-miss in Kira Kira Killer. Her attempts to hit high notes bring about varied success. If you're able to tolerate Kyary's voice by now, then you should get along with Kira Kira Killer just fine. The song does have its fun parts. And the chorus is pretty cute, catchy too! I guess as far as Kyary singles go, Kira Kira Killer is decent.

So yeah... um... what else can I say... Kira Kira Killer is very cute. And technopop. And... ah fuck, you guys have heard this whole spiel before.

I am so happy that Kyarypamyupamyu is holding two tours that will last until November. Because that means she won't have time to release anything. Or at least I hope not. It's not that I strongly dislike all her music (she has some cool stuff), but I am so burnt out on reviewing her music. After Pikapika Fantajin, it'll be nice having a break from reviewing Kyarypamyupamyu. While I like Kira Kira Killer, I don't love it, especially not enough to type out an enthusiastic review. That's how I've felt about all of Kyary's singles I've reviewed this year. Because I feel like I'm just reviewing the same thing over and over again with a slightly tweaked sound. I think NyNy said it best: Kyary's last good single was Ninjari Bang Bang. Everything since then has ranged from decent to grating. And reviewing all these singles, even the better ones, feels so redundant. Maybe there will be some cooler material on Pikapika Fantajin, but honestly, I'm not keeping any high expectations. Kira Kira Killer is what you'd expect from Kyarypamyupamyu by now just like Pikapika Fantajin is exactly what I'm gonna expect from her as well. If you like her saccharine, high-energy songs, then you'll enjoy Kira Kira Killer. I'm starting to feel like a kid that ate too much candy though.

Overall, Kira Kira Killer is a fine song, but give me Perfume and Curumi Chronicle's singles already. Hell, I wouldn't even mind listening to Cupitron's new single. I need a break from cutesy, high-pitched technopop. Nonetheless, I still have a PV to get through. At least Kyary's PVs are always pretty entertaining! So let's see what weird, green-screened PV with a quirky mascot Kira Kira Killer has in store for us!

The PV starts with the breaking news that Sailor Moon has taken up archery!

Wow, she was shot in the heart by a heart.

That's both a painful and ironic way to go!

I guess now the only option is to haunt Nakata for more singles.

So when I die, do I get an outfit made of couch pillows too?

Wow, the world of the dead looks pretty cool. And monochrome.

Actually, I really like the green screen in this PV. It's weird but different from the weird I see in Kyary PVs.

Of course, this PV isn't too different. We still have our token quirky mascot.

This quirky mascot must be God of the underworld or something.

On the subject of that, are we in Heaven or Hell? Or Limbo? Or Purgatory?

I was wondering if this PV would try and work in brighter colors...

Now for a sick guitar solo! Wait... does this song even have guitars in it?

Oh! That's... the thing from Gounn!

This thing! The Buddhist thing!

The fruit of temptation... also the fruit of the Apple Rating System...

Since this PV already has apples, I guess I won't have to give it any!

Death by giant undead snake! Now that's a way to go!

But I guess in the underworld getting eaten by a snake is more like riding a water slide...

Mustache!Kyary is my favorite part of this PV!

So Kyarypamyupamyu came up with the E=mc^2 theory! I knew that Einstein guy was a quack.

Who needs a magic carpet when you've got a hoverboard?

See? Instant fun!

I almost forget that 95% of everything in this is green-screen. Almost.

Gather round the Kyary and sing the Kyary song!

Formerly Kyary the Grey, she has now transformed into Kyary the White!

Holy shit. an army of Kyarypamyupamyus.

Also, can we talk about the clusterfuck of stuff in this world!?

I kind of miss the creepy black-and-white setting...

The flowers are cool! They're like big floral elevators out of the underworld!

Kyary rose from the grave! Does that make her a zombie now?

Her next PV will be a revenge quest on the person who shot her with an arrow!

Well, that was fun! More fun than reviewing the song at least. So I take it that the "Kira Kira Killer" in this PV is... whoever shot the arrow? Who did that? Toshiko? I love the concept for this music video. I mean, anything to do with heaven/hell or the afterlife or whatever you wanna call it is just interesting to me. I don't know what that says about me as a person, but it was cool seeing Kyary explore her version of the afterlife! And in true Kyary fashion, her afterlife has bright colors, trippy visuals and a quirky mascot to guide her along the way! There are many facets to this PV that you can find in other Kyary PVs, but I like the aesthetic of Kira Kira Killer. I especially like it at the beginning where mostly everything is in black and white. The contrast was really nice, especially since many of Kyary's PVs rely on bright colors. Kira Kira Killer felt more subdued... until about halfway through. Then the PV started getting more and more colorful. I guess that was supposed to symbolize how Kyary was close to getting out of the underworld. Whatever it was meant to be, switching to brighter more Kyary-ish colors did make the PV lose that distinctive weird/creepy look in the beginning. I can only see so many pastels before they all start to blend together.

Like any Kyary PV there were a multitude of quirky moments. As I mentioned before, there is the token mascot in this PV. I guess this one's all right, I like the polar bear in Yume no Hajima Ring Ring better. And my favorite Kyary mascot is still the googly-eyed onion from Candy Candy (I don't think any mascot will ever top that one). I felt like there wasn't really that much presence in this mascot. He/she/it was kind of just there. I mean, they did Kyary a hoverboard, which was very thoughtful. Other than that, they just kind of followed Kyary around and danced and changed sizes occasionally. Beyond the mascot, there's the multitude of strange settings and scenarios from the giant snake to Kyary with a mustache. I don't know why but seeing Kyary in that mustache was my favorite part of the whole PV. It was so absurd and mundane at the same time. And while I'm not as big of a fan of Kyary's excessively green-screened PVs, there was something really neat about the scope of the green-screening in Kira Kira Killer. Like Kyary looked teeny in some of these shots. Even though, yes, it's all computer-generated, there's something very incredible about far green-screens can go these days.

Although all that green screen did get a little tiring after awhile. Between Kyary riding the hoverboard and transforming to Kyary the White was when I started to lose interest. I think because Kyary was doing more in the first part of Kira Kira Killer? The PV opens with Kyary being murdered for one thing, and then the next part has her exploring. She's doing all these weird things in the first half like meeting the quirky mascot and sliding down the belly of a snake. And then in the second part of Kira Kira Killer, she's just... dancing while the camera spins around like a drunkard. Remember what I said earlier about how the setting started to blur together after the halfway point? There's so much stuff going on in this last part of Kira Kira Killer that it's hard to really focus on anything. And again, everything is green-screened, so there's only so much detail to focus on. And then the camera's moving everywhere so even if I could focus on the details, everything's passing by too quickly! I don't mean to sound old-fashioned, but so much of Kira Kira Killer feels intangible and unreal. Because... well, it's not. That awareness just doesn't start kicking in until the second half.

The PV for Kira Kira Killer isn't without flaws, but overall, there's enough about this PV to keep me interested. I think it's better than Family Party! Then again, everything about Kira Kira Killer is better than Family Party. Yume no Hajima Ring Ring is still probably my favorite Kyary PV of this era, but I think I'd tie Kira Kira Killer with Mottai Night Land. Both are pretty similar, except Kira Kira Killer has more of a morbid concept and no skeleton-heads wearing bikinis. As the final PV for the Pikapika Fantajin era, Kira Kira Killer is a pretty fitting PV. Kyary's said that the concept for Pikapika Fantajin is "fantasy" and the PV for Kira Kira Killer definitely does have a fantastical air to it. It takes on death and the afterlife in a fun, weird manner. And there are plenty of fun moments, a few twisted moments, and a few dull moments, but overall, the PV for Kira Kira Killer feels like something Kyary would do without feeling like too much of a retread on her other PVs. So if you're looking to get into Kyarypamyupamyu, maybe wait on Kira Kira Killer. But if you're already a fan, you know what you're getting into. The PV for Kira Kira Killer doesn't bring anything new for Kyary, but it's an entertaining tale of death, the afterlife, and resurrection. And pastel.

So I'll give Kira Kira three and half apples. The song isn't fantastic, but I think Kira Kira Killer is enjoyable enough. It's a fun little Kyary song. The PV also isn't without its flaws (mainly a lackluster second half), but like the song, it's also enjoyable. Besides, Kyary rises from the dead! That's a cool concept alone! Still, after Pikapika Fantajin, it'll be nice to have a break from the onslaught of Kyary songs this year. Now watch her release another single in August.

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50 Idol Songs I Adore

I think every idol fan has their own collection of idol songs that they adore. Some have very small lists with only a few different groups. Others have colossal lists with songs from all kinds of idol groups.

My list has fifty songs.

And no, I did not include Perfume songs in that list. Otherwise half the spots would be filled with Perfume songs. I'm just using a concert pic of them for this post's thumbnail. A fan's list of personal favorites is something that can be very intimate. What I've noticed from favorites lists if that they reflect the kinds of music a person leans toward to, what they look for in an idol group. While I've always had my own list of favorites, I've never really thought to share it with anyone. One, because it's fifty songs, and two, because I just never really thought anyone would be interested. But a reader sweetly asked if I would do just that, so perhaps I was wrong! And besides, I've been writing on the Wonderland for over two and half years now. It's probably about time I listed my favorite idol songs! Of course, first I have to figure out what those songs are. I didn't have a list written down; I mean, the songs are all in my iTunes library, so I guess that helped. Even with that, making a list this big is still a challenge. I think the highest number I've ever done for a list is twenty? Fifty is over double that. But I just have a lot of idol songs that I've grown to love, that I never get tired of listening to. But compiling all those songs into one post is one hell of a task.

I also hesitate to make a list of my favorite idol songs, because I feel like that list changes as each year goes by. Newer songs come out that I end up liking just as much as some the older songs. And then the matter of ranking all those songs? There are a very minute handful of songs I know where to rank, but everything else depends on what kind of mood I'm in. If I'm more biased toward serious songs, I'm gonna end up ranking them higher and vice-versa with more lighthearted songs. So I've thought long and hard about my long list of favorite idol songs. I've revised this list several times, switching songs around, and adding and deleting other songs. Honestly, it's difficult for me to rank most of these songs because they're all amazing. The songs on this list are the ones I'd give five apples, the ones I find to be the most enjoyable. They're my favorite songs from a variety of idol groups, all with different concepts and images. Comparing songs that can be different from each other but still good isn't an easy task. Nonetheless, I think I've done it. But I ask you to keep in mind that this is a very malleable ranking of songs; the only ones I've solidly ranked are my top 5.

Before we get to my 50 favorite idol songs, I have a few that came close to making that list. Even if they're not on the list, these songs are all very good, and I highly recommend listening to them.

Honorable Mentions

- Eat it by BiS
- Go! Go! Heaven by Speed
- Kizuitara Kataomoi by Nogizaka46
- Make New World by Curumi Chronicle
- Mushi no Onna by Togawa Jun
- Namida no Regret by Scandal
- Oogoe Diamond by AKB48
- Otome Pasta ni Kandou by Tanpopo
- Shabondama by Morning Musume
- Uchouten Love by S/mileage
- UFO by Pink Lady

And now the big fifty. Because there are fifty songs on this list, I'm just going to briefly go over why I like each one. Otherwise I'd drive myself crazy trying to write so much. So bear with me, because even with the shortened blurbs, this is still a very long list. I'd say there's a prize if you make it all the way to the end, but there's nothing I can give away. Well, grab a glowstick and pop in some earbuds, and let's get started!

50. Nicola by Vanilla Beans - Starting the list is a song from a group I don't talk about that much. Still, I think it is so thoughtful that Vanilla Beans decided to pay tribute to one of the greatest inventors of all time, Nikola Tesla! Oh, wait a minute. This song isn't about the Serbian inventor. But it is a very nice song! I don't follow Vanilla Beans very closely, but I do like a lot of stuff off their VaniBest album, especially this song! Nicola is such a soothing song. The vocals alone could put you right to sleep. I mean that in a good way! There's just this sophistication and retro class to Nicola, like something you'd hear in a 1960s commercial for air freshener.

49. Suki-chan by S/mileage - There's something depressing about listening to 4nin S/mileage songs these days. Even so, that doesn't deter me from completely avoiding my personal favorite S/mileage song, the bright and happy Suki-chan. I think Suki-chan really encompasses what made 4nin S/mileage work so well. Suki-chan is cheerful and cute, delving into one of the most innocent of concepts: having a crush! There's something that's so adorable about Suki-chan, and I think that comes from the way S/mileage sings this song. The girls were all so young at the time. It really is crazy how much S/mileage has changed since Suki-chan...

48. Sailor Fuku wo Nugasanaide by Onyanko Club - So Aki-P's been writing catchy but dirty songs for awhile now! Actually, Sailor Fuku wo Nugasanaide isn't anywhere near as explicit as I thought it was going to be. I mean, yes, the song is about sex, but in the same way that Virgin love was about sex. And honestly, I kind of like the lyrics. They're actually a pretty good summation of how any teenage girl has felt during at least one part of adolescence. And besides, the song is really catchy. Sailor Fuku wo Nugasanaide kind of has this 1950s sound to it. Which I suppose only adds to the lyrical irony!

47. Ya・Me・Te! by Especia - Speaking of retro music, here's Especia! I really need to get more into Especia, especially since Ya・Me・Te! is such an awesome song! They're an idol group that lives in the 80s, and as someone who enjoys her fair share of 80s pop music, Ya・Me・Te! is right up my alley! The big appeal of Ya・Me・Te! to my ears is how retro it sounds. I mean, it's not retro-inspired, it literally sounds like something that came out of the 80s. With all that brass and funk, and some really good vocals to boot, Ya・Me・Te! is totally gnarly! That's 80s slang, right? Okay, I'm going back to the present.

46. Love like candy floss by SweetS - Sometimes I wonder how SweetS would have turned out if they'd stuck around longer. I guess Tokyo Girls' Style stands for what SweetS would look like in the future. Actually, TGS covered Love like candy floss, but in my opinion, the original stands supreme. You just can't beat the instrumental in the original version! I love how light Love like candy floss sounds. That's kind of a weird word to describe the song, but everything about the song just sounds very light. And yet Love like candy floss has that same maturity that many SweetS songs had, but I think Love like candy floss handles that mature sound best!

45. Urahara by Buono! - I could have put a lot of songs off of We Are Buono! on this list, but my favorite track is Urahara. It's one of the more laid-back songs on the album, but it still has the trademark pop-rock sound that made Buono! such a great unit. Urahara is an incredibly pretty song, and I think it nails the laidback sound that other Buono! songs like Take It Easy! and Natsu Dakara! were trying to do. My favorite part is the chorus; there's this yearning captured in the chorus, both musically and lyrically. Speaking of lyrics, I think Urahara's are also a strong aspect of this song. But then again, there aren't exactly any weak points in this song.

44. Konwaku Confuse by 9nine - I think the more popular 9nine song would be Shining Star, but personally, I like Konwaku Confuse better. What I love about Konwaku Confuse is that it sounds like what I like to call space pop. This is music that sounds like it should be playing in some Star Trek-esque future where everything is bright and cars fly. There's also a bit of a fantasy vibe to Konwaku Confuse. This is a very uplifting song, and I always feel like leaving this planet when I listen to it. Also, the vocal arrangement in Konwaku Confuse is wonderful. Overall, Konwaku Confuse is pretty in the same way the galaxy can be pretty.

43. Ijime, Dame, Zettai by Babymetal - As I have stated before, I am not the biggest fan of Babymetal. Or metal music. I guess that's why I like Ijime, Dame, Zettai so much; it's not as metal-y as some of Babymetal's other songs. There's this beautiful piano that opens Ijime, Dame, Zettai, and most of the song leans more toward hard rock, which I can handle better than metal. I also really like the anti-bullying message of Ijime, Dame, Zettai. I mean, it's good to have positive messages in music! As I have said before, I also love Suzuka's voice, and she absolutely rocks in Ijime, Dame, Zettai. Can she get a solo career already?

42. Fashion Monster by Kyarypamyupamyu - Yes, technically, Kyarypamyupamyu doesn't consider herself an idol but... Fuck it, I'm keeping Fashion Monster on the list. Since I reviewed it way back in the olden days, Fashion Monster has grown on me. A lot. I even got used to the overly high notes in the chorus! Because holy shit, this song is catchy. And it's spoooooky! Okay, not really, but it's fun and Halloween-themed. Come to think it, there were several Halloween-themed songs in 2012. Fashion Monster is quirky without being annoying or falling into the pitfalls of other Kyary songs. Besides, it's just a fun song!

41. Kanashiki Heaven by C-ute - I feel kind of bad having Kanashiki Heaven on this list, since it's less of a C-ute song and more of an Airi/Chissa song. Nonetheless, it's still my favorite C-ute song, and I'm looking forward to the single version on C-ute's upcoming single. The highlight of Kanashiki Heaven for me is definitely the vocals. I love both Airi and Chissa's voices, and they blend really well in Kanashiki Heaven. Particularly when they're harmonizing. The acoustic sound is also really nice in comparison to the dance pop singles C-ute's been throwing out lately.

40. Mister by Kara - Ah, Mister takes me back to Kara's early days in Japan. It's funny how they started with a more K-pop sound in Japan then started doing more J-pop sounding stuff and then lost three members! Through Kara's colorful release history, Mister is still my favorite J-pop single of theirs. I also like Go Go Summer! and Jumping, but not as much as Mister. I think what appeals to me about Mister is that it's not exactly a cute song, but it sounds very... flirtatious? There's just this sass in the delivery of the song, which is only accentuated by the famous butt dance for Mister. Butts or not, I still think Mister is one of Kara's best songs.

39. Next flight by Passpo - I miss The Airline Trilogy. Especially Next flight, which was the song that made me think Passpo was worth looking into. Next flight is much more rock compared to the rest of Passpo's discography, so this was probably the wrong song to get into Passpo with. But damn, I can't help if this song freaking rocks! I mean, it starts with that sick guitar solo and then the vocals come in all serious and hardcore! And even if the song is super-hardcore for Passpo, it still has a surprisingly uplifting chorus. So the best song to represent Passpo? Nope. But a song that rocks? HELL YES!!!

38. Cherry Cherry Boom Boom by Weather Girls - If all of Weather Girls' songs packed as much of a punch as Cherry Cherry Boom Boom does, I'd probably follow them a lot more closely. Cherry Cherry Boom Boom, despite sounding like a the title of a porno, is catchy, energetic, and memorable. It is my favorite Weather Girls song. I'm not even sure how to describe Cherry Cherry Boom Boom. It's kind of a mix between pop and rock and maybe a little bit of Mideastern music? It's very different from the girlish hyper pop that Weather Girls usually releases, which only makes it stand out even more in their discography.

37. Neo Traveler by amU - It really is such a shame that amU didn't last longer than it did. They were a technopop idol duo! How cool is that!? Everything off their album Prism is a worthwhile listen, but my favorite track has to be Neo Traveler. If Aira Mitsuki and Saori@destiny were an idol duo (and no, Park of the Safari does not count), then I think their music would sound a lot like Neo Traveler. This song is one of the more futuristic-sounding tracks on the album, and I love all the little embellishments in it. My favorite part is when the vocals blend together! If you want some idol technopop, I highly recommend Neo Traveler.

36. Radar Man by Togawa Jun - I'm not sure which is better about Radar Man: the song itself or Jun's live performance of the song. You see, Jun wore a robotic arm for Radar Man. In 1984. A robot arm. I could just leave it at that, but Radar Man is also such a great song. It has all the melodramatics that make Togawa Jun such an interesting singer. Most of what makes Radar Man such an awesome song is the way Jun delivers in going from delicate high notes to harsh screaming to loud belting then back to operatic singing. Add to the bombastic catchiness of the chorus, I can imagine Radar Man was one hell of a song to see live.

35. Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shoujo by NMB48 - I don't really get what this song is about (the correct title should be Extinct Red-Haired Girl), but I don't really care either. Because the disco is strong in Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shoujo. NMB48 bounced onto the scene with this song, and I don't think they've managed to top it since. There is so much energy in Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shoujo, and the song has such a distinctive sound compared to all of NMB48's other work. I think Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shoujo would make a really good party song. I just want to get up and dance when I hear this song!

34. Special Generation by Berryz Koubou - Like Zetsumetsu Kurokami Shoujo, Special Generation also has a ton of energy. And that makes it awesome. Special Generation is practically iconic in Berryz Koubou's discography and for good reason. In my opinion, it's the song that sums up their image the best. It's got all the quirkiness and fun that Berryz excels at. And it's a song delivered by the world's sassiest middle schoolers. Seriously, I wish I had this much sass in middle school. Even if Berryz has been floundering in their more recent years, songs like Special Generation remind me that there are times when they can crank out something great.

33. Gotta Getcha by Bump.y - It really is such a shame that Bump.y is disbanding. I didn't follow them closely, but they did have a few songs I really liked. Such as Gotta Getcha! I may be cheating considering Gotta Getcha is technically a cover of some K-pop song. I didn't hear the original song, but I think the cover is so cool! I can tell it was originally a K-pop song; it has some facets of one like random rapping and ad libbing notes. But I think Bump.y handles this song well, and they deliver a really fast-paced, fist-pumping song. Gotta Getcha really is a standout among Bump.y's discography and nothing like their other music.

32. Melodies by GAM - Melodies is such a remembered song! I mean, that's why everyone remembers it, right? Because the song is so gosh darn good? Riiiiiight? Yeah, I'll save the music video for another discussion. On its own, Melodies is memorable enough! First of all, you've got Fujimoto Miki and Matsuura Aya harmonizing like masters. Those two alone make for a great duo. And Melodies is a pretty song. There's something very girlish about Melodies, mainly in the instrumental. I love the breaks where Melodies sounds very light and delicate like a frilly little pastry. Oh, if only GAM could have stuck around longer...

31. Wani to Shampoo by Momoiro Clover Z - Like with We Are Buono!, I could put many, many more track from Battle and Romance on this list. In fact, there's one more further down! But my favorite album track on Battle and Romance is the batshit-crazy Wani to Shampoo. Funny enough, when I first listened to this song, it was like someone set off a bunch of fireworks. Composed by Hyadain, Wani to Shampoo is unbelievably insane. In fact, me telling you isn't enough; you have to listen to Wani to Shampoo to realize how insane it is. But it's a good kind of insane. The kind of insane you get from inhaling a pack of Crystal Light (don't do that, by the way).

30. Mr. Moonlight ~Ai no Big Band~ by Morning Musume - One word: Yossie. Good god, Yoshizawa Hitomi made this song. Of course, what else made Mr. Moonlight was the style. As the title indicates, this is a song done in the style of big band mixed with J-pop. Mr. Moonlight sounds big. The band used for this song absolutely kills it, and Abe Natsumi, Goto Maki, and of course, the ladykiller herself Yoshizawa Hitomi completely own this song. I would actually really love for someone to choreograph a partner dance to this song, because Mr. Moonlight is just begging for that. So hey, someone make that happen.

29. Dareka no Sei ni wa Shinai by SKE48 - For a very long time, I thought that SKE48 was the '48 group that got solely happy, cheerful songs, never foraying into serious territory. First, Kataomoi Finally proved me wrong. Then I found out about Dareka no Sei ni wa Shinai. For SKE48, Dareka no Sei ni wa Shinai is one of their most serious songs. And that's not even factoring in the music video. My personal nickname for the Dareka no Sei ni wa Shinai is Les Miserables: SKE48 Style. There's something about the sad tone of Dareka no Sei ni wa Shinai that really gets me into it. I'm not completely sure what that something is yet.

28. Shunkan Sentimental by Scandal - Another group that isn't really considered an idol group; I practically have a list by now! Shunkan Sentimental was actually the song that got me into Scandal. I heard a snippet on a Youtube video, and from there, I discovered Scandal's other songs! Shunkan Sentimental isn't my absolute favorite Scandal song, but it's definitely high up there. I love how dark and edgy Shunkan Sentimental is, and I really wish Scandal would do this more rock-oriented style of music more often. Shunkan Sentimental is a heavy song, but it's a heavy song that rocks harder than anything Scandal's put out recently.

27. Rottara Rottara by Buono! - Perfume may have been the group that got me into J-pop, but Buono! was the group that got me into idols. Both groups being trios is merely a coincidence. Rottara Rottara was the first idol song I ever listened to, and I instantly loved it. Rottara Rottara is one of Buono!'s pop-rock songs, and hoo boy, is it catchy. In fact, had Rottara Rottara not been as catchy as it was, I may never have gotten into idol music. Luckily, Rottara Rottara is all-around an amazing song with a perfect chorus that only emphasizes how perfect the rest of the song is. Gosh, just listening to Rottara Rottara brings back memories.

26. Konna Watashi de Yokattara by Kikkawa Yuu - If Kikka released more songs like Konna Watashi de Yokattara, I may follow her more closely. But I don't know if she can even duplicate the formula that made Konna Watashi de Yokattara such a great song. Part of why I love this song is because it's so different. It's still an idol song, yes, but there are so many parts of it that you would think wouldn't work but somehow do. Like the sing talking, and all the different verses in it. This song should have sounded way too busy, but somehow came out as Kikka's best song. And since then, Kikka hasn't come close to Konna Watashi de Yokattara's level of greatness.

25. Science Girl Silence Boy by Kagaku Kyumei Kiko Logica - I don't know how, but I keep finding Sakura Gakuin subunits that are cooler than Sakura Gakuin. One of those being their science-themed subunit Kagaku Kyumei Kiko Logica. It's really a pity that this group only released one single, and that was over two years ago. Science Girl Silence Boy is such an interesting little song, and surprisingly not very idol-sounding. I mean, it's not like BiS music or anything, but still. The lyrics are the best part of Science Girl Silence Boy with all these science references from graduated cylinders to Albert Einstein to H2O2. This song makes science sound fun!

24. Robokiss by W - How could I forget about the best duo to ever emerge from Hello! Project? Gosh, I could put so many W songs on this list... But my favorite has got to be Robokiss. Robokiss has all the mischief and zaniness that made W such a great duo. Also Aibon and Nono's great chemistry helped. I almost don't know what to say about Robokiss, because I feel like everyone knows it's a great song. I guess what I love about Robokiss is how playful it is. And as always, Aibon and Nono make a great vocal team. I do want to give special mention to the PV for Robokiss, because it's just as great as the song. Besides, Berryz Koubou backup dances in it!

23. Korekara Wonderland by AKB48 - I already went into why I love Korekara Wonderland once, so I'll just sum up what I said then. AKB48 has done a number of retro-style songs (one of the more popular ones being Koisuru Fortune Cookie), but Korekara Wonderland is the one that works the best. And no, I'm not just saying that because the title has the word "Wonderland" in it. Korekara Wonderland has this breeziness to it that makes me want to get down and boogie. Whoops, now I'm slipping into 70s slang! But really, Korekara Wonderland is such an enjoyable song, and I don't think AKB48 can ever top the retro fun of it.

22. Nerve by BiS - I don't know how I can even write about BiS without getting sidetracked into their disbandment. I just can't believe it's really- crap, I'm doing it again. Time to focus on Nerve! One of their first songs and one of their more popular ones, Nerve is great in all its renditions. It isn't my top BiS song, but it is in my top 3. But for the longest time, I've never really been able to figure out why. I just know that when I listen to it, I like it. I think what contributes to Nerve's personal appeal is that it gets in your head really easy. Especially that opening riff. I guess that's what I love about Nerve: how strangely memorable it is.

21. Doll by Scandal - Watching the music video for Doll makes me realize just how much Scandal has changed since then. So much that listening to Doll is like a nostalgia trip. Alongside Shoujo S and Scandal Baby, Doll is one of Scandal's more recognized songs. Which I am 110% okay with, because holy shit, this song rocks. I think Doll is more of a rock song than pop, but it still retains the pop-rock sound that made Scandal such a cool group to me. When I think of Scandal's sound, Doll is the song that always pops up in my head. Well, that and one other song we'll get to after a few more songs...

20. Roman ~My Dear Boy~ by Morning Musume - One of Morning Musume's strengths and weaknesses is how they leap around from sound to sound. Currently, they're riding the electropop wave, but when they released Roman ~My Dear Boy~ they forayed into a more rock sound. Okay, more like pop rock but still. That lasted for only one song, but I love Roman ~My Dear Boy~. I think what I love about Roman ~My Dear Boy~ is how uplifting it sounds. I originally thought the song was about defending yourself from politicians (thanks, music video) but it's more of a "do-your-best" type of song. But it is one of my favorite "do-your-best" songs!

19. Banzai Venus by SKE48 - What, you didn't seriously think the only SKE48 song on this list would be their depressing one, did you? Banzai Venus is one of my favorite idol singles overall, even if that Shirogumi B-side is the weakest of the three songs. If you asked me to describe SKE48 with one song, I would go with Banzai Venus. Because this song is SKE48 at their happiest and bubbliest. I mean, how could anyone hate Banzai Venus? That's like hating a puppy for jumping around and doing puppy things. Listening to Banzai Venus always puts me in a better mood, and then I end up humming it for the rest of the day.

18. Beginner by AKB48 - I was listening to the SNH48 version of Beginner the other day, and the mixing was terrible as usual. But the magical thing about Beginner is that shitty mixing or not, it's still one of their best songs. I just love the tone of Beginner; it was the first of AKB48's serious fall singles and still stands as the best. And I love the message of Beginner. Beginner is a very abrasive song, especially in the beginning, but then it makes this 180 into being an empowering song about overcoming challenges. The delivery of Beginner makes that message about not giving up ten times more memorable. And how can you forget that music video?

17. Connect by ClariS - Yes, I admit it. The only reason I know this song exists is because I watched Madoka Magica. Real kid-friendly anime by the way, I would recommend it to all small children under the age of eight. Regardless of Madoka's deceptive content, Connect is still a very pretty song. It sounds like your average anime theme, but I like that it's more orchestral. And the way the duo of ClariS sings it is also nice, particularly the key changes. Key changes can improve just about any song. Unless it was a shitty song in the first place. Connect, however, is not a shitty song. It's a beautiful song! And it makes me half of ClariS is leaving.

16. Kodou no Himitsu by Tokyo Girls' Style - Would you look at that! It's the song that got me into TGS! Actually, the music video was what got me into TGS, but Kodou no Himitsu helped! Kodou no Himitsu was the song that started them on the path of the 90s Avex sound and Royal Mirrorball Mixes. And while that sound's gotten a little repetitive over time, Kodou no Himitsu still stands as one of my favorite TGS songs. I think that's mostly because the melody of Kodou no Himitsu is so good. I watched the video for the first time and instantly remembered that kickass melody. And the rest, I suppose you could say, is history.

15. Seifuku ga Jama wo Suru by AKB48 - AKB48's Sailor Fuku wo Nugasanaide, only with more implications of underage sex! Fun for the whole family! Yes, Seifuku ga Jama wo Suru was/is controversial. In other breaking news, water is wet. Maybe I'd get more worked up about it if Seifuku ga Jama wo Suru was handled poorly, but I think it works really well. The song is serious, and it's only the music video that brings up the underage sex vibes. Lyrically, the song is an interesting look into the mind of a teenage girl and sex (even if said song was written by a middle-aged man). So is it creepy? A little, but only in the most fascinating ways.

14. Kids by Vanilla Beans - Another cover, this time a cover of a Western artist! Have any of you readers listened to MGMT? Well, Kids is their most popular song (and they will never play it at a concert again). And I love the original! It's one of my favorite English-language songs! I'm just not sure if I love the original or Vanilla Beans' version. I love that Vanilla Beans keeps the beat from the original but changes it to match their smoother, more refined style of music. As usual, the vocals are also just as soothing. And the girls' English isn't too shabby either! I guess I'm kind of cheating with a cover on the list, but Kids is such a good cover!

13. Sakura Nakimichi by Whiteberry - There are many idol sakura songs out there, but I don't really have much that I really love. Well, Sakura Nakimichi is one of those few that I do! First of all, Whiteberry is a wonderful band, and you should all check out their music. That being said, Sakura Nakimichi has the youthful cheeriness that so many other Whiteberry songs have. And that's pretty much why I love Sakura Nakimichi. It's so gosh darn happy. I always prefer happy sakura songs over sadder ones. Whiteberry's lead vocalist Yuki sings the song with such heart. Her voice isn't the best, but she sings so expressively, especially in Sakura Nakimichi.

12. Koko ni Iruzee! by Morning Musume - So here's my thing about happy songs. The happy songs that I like the best are the ones that have a ton of energy. And they also do this thing where they make me feel happy. To say that Koko ni Iruzee! is a happy song is an understatement. It is an exuberant song. All four minutes and twenty nine seconds of this song is pure, unleaded enthusiasm, and I love it. I love every minute of Koko ni Iruzee! especially the very last part. Morning Musume has done fifty shades of songs, but Koko ni Iruzee! will always be my favorite from them. It captures that exhilarating feeling of happiness perfectly.

11. Pinky Jones by Momoiro Clover Z - For the longest time, I didn't want to listen to Pinky Jones. I have no idea why, I guess I just wasn't interested. I was a fool. Pinky Jones, how do I even describe Pinky Jones... It's like someone took a bunch of different sounds from xylophones to bagpipes to Indian music and threw them all into a big giant pot. Then set the pot on fire. And I'm not sure where I'm going with this metaphor. What I'm trying to get at is that Pinky Jones is an irresistibly catchy song that has all the unbridled brightness of the Battle and Romance singles. It's my favorite track off Battle and Romance and my favorite MomoClo song.

10. 10nen Zakura by AKB48 - What a more appropriate song to have at #10 than 10nen Zakura? I swear I didn't put 10nen Zakura at #10 so I could do that. If you took a look at my top 20 AKB48 songs, then you'd know that 10nen Zakura is at #2. This is my favorite sakura song; it has all the happiness I love in sakura songs while still managing to be a little bit sad. 10nen Zakura is about graduating and the future, two very prominent topics for the average adolescent. And yet 10nen Zakura approaches the future with optimism, while still acknowledging the uncertainty of it. That's why I love this song so much.

9. My Ixxx by BiS - Oh man, I remember when the music video for My Ixxx stirred up all that controversy. It also introduced me to BiS, so I'm thankful for that controversy! I remember watching the video and taking more interesting in the song. Because music video aside, My Ixxx is a really great song. At the time, I liked it because it had a more alternative sound than other idol groups I was following. Even the vocals sounded different from what I was used to then (which keep in mind was lots and lots of Perfume. The vocals in My Ixxx sound kind of grainy but intentionally so. The atmosphere overall to My Ixxx makes the song a great listen.

8. Teck Teck Walk by Bellring Shoujo Heart - First things first, everything off of Bedhead is great, and you should go listen to that album. But in my opinion, the album's standout track is Teck Teck Walk. Teck Teck Walk is a positively ethereal song, with a hauntingly beautiful string melody that sounds similar to The Verve's Bittersweet Symphony. And then the vocals sound so dreamy and distant; it's one of the occasions where Bellring Shoujo Heart's shitty production works. Teck Teck Walk is so dreamlike; I'd even venture to say that the song is dream pop. The mesmerizing, slow pace is beautiful; even if you're not a fan of Bellring Shoujo Heart, give this a listen.

7. Kagayake Sorairo Shoujo by Curumi Chronicle - The funny thing about Curumi Chronicle's music is that it ranges from cute and idol-y to straight-up EDM. But of her more idol-y songs, Kagayake Sorairo Shoujo is my absolute favorite. I think what I like about Kagayake Sorairo Shoujo is that it's kind of a mix of technopop and EDM, with a few parts venturing into EDM territory but the song mostly retaining its adorable technopop sound. This is the kind of music I'd picture Saori@destiny doing if she was more of an idol. Kagayake Sorairo Shoujo was the first song to introduce me to Curumi Chronicle, and I highly recommend it to anyone interested in her.

6. BeauTeen!! by Scandal - What is a BeauTeen anyways? I could never figure that out. Now I think it's just a cool way of spelling beauty/beautiful. Well, of all the Scandal songs I've listened to, BeauTeen!! is my favorite. Why? Because it's so happy! There are two types of Scandal songs I like the best: their harder, serious songs and their overwhelmingly happy songs. BeauTeen!! falls into the latter category. I think what I like so much BeauTeen!! is how earnest the song sounds. BeauTeen!! revolves around affection, the most devoted kind of affection there is. I'm not a huge romantic, but there's some infectious about how earnestly romantic BeauTeen!! sounds.

5. Limited addiction by Tokyo Girls' Style - In retrospect, 2011 was a good year for Tokyo Girls' Style. Or maybe that's just me looking through rose-tinted shades. But Kodou no Himitsu, Liar, and Limited addiction were all great songs. In my opinion, Limited addiction is TGS at their best. It has a killer instrumental, a solid arrangement, and Konishi Ayano's vocals practically made the song. Seriously, the girl has pipes. It's a shame she's been having voice problems as of late. Limited addiction is mature and sensual, with an uncomfortably mature and sensual video to go with it. Despite the ages of the girls at this time, Limited addiction is TGS at their finest.

4. Primal by BiS - Ah, more memories. I remember the music video for Primal grossing me out so much. But at the same time there was something fascinating about the raw nature of the music video. And I think that's because Primal is such a raw song. Primal isn't a ballad but it has all the emotion in a great ballad. I mean the vocals are so... I don't even know what words to describe them with. BiS isn't exactly known for their good vocals, but in Primal, the girls sound like they are singing their hearts out. I'd actually really recommend watching the music video for Primal; I think it really captures the feelings in the song.

3. Secret Base ~Kimi ga Kureta Mono~ by Zone - Nothing like a ballad to lift your spirits! I listed this song under my top 10 ballads, but it's also one of my favorite songs in general. What ties into my love for Secret Base are the lyrics. I don't pay close attention to idol lyrics, but when the lyrics are good, I do. Secret Base is such a heartfelt song, and all the emotions in it are easily relatable. The song explores nostalgia, friendship, most of all, saying goodbye. They're simple themes but the girls of Zone deliver them powerfully. There aren't many songs that get me teary-eyed, but Secret Base is one of them.

2. Keibetsu Shiteita Aijou by AKB48 - Another song that gets me teary-eyed is Keibetsu Shiteita Aijou! But those are for very different reasons. This is my favorite AKB48 song, and one of my favorite idol songs. As I've stated before, this is not a happy song. Keibetsu Shiteita Aijou delves into bullying and suicide and has the nerve to do it from a rather brutal perspective. It makes for a powerful song that strikes a chord with me every time I listen to it. Which is why I can't believe that a group who would release a song like Keibetsu Shiteita Aijou has fallen so far from that level of quality. Still, that doesn't stop Keibetsu Shiteita Aijou from being a phenomenal song.

1. Suki Suki Daisuki by Togawa Jun - You know how I said at the beginning I had a hard time ranking all of these songs? Well, that was mostly true. But I knew from the very start my #1 song would be Suki Suki Daisuki. To me, it is Togawa Jun at her most idol-y with all the biting lyrics and dramatic vocals that are a staple with her music. Suki Suki Daisuki goes from cutesy to melodramatic at the drop of a hat. The lyrics are saccharine sweet yet morbidly insane at the same time. Suki Suki Daisuki may not be the nicest idol song out there, but it is an interesting song. And at the end of the day, that's enough for me.

Anyone make it to the bottom of the list? If so, congratulations! You got through Nia's 50 idol songs in one piece! Your prize is... freedom of speech on the Wonderland! Would anybody else care to share their favorite 50 idol songs? Or 20? Or even 10? 50 is a big number, but I always love reading what other people's personal favorites are!