Sunday, January 8, 2012

An Early Snow for Kikkawa Yuu

I was actually very surprised to see there was a PV for the B-side of Kikka's 3rd single! I loved the A-side so naturally I was anticipating the B-side would be just as kickass as the ones on her past 2 singles. And in all honesty, I as very surprised at my initial reaction to this. It's a bit strange the way I feel about this song: I really don't care for the opening verses but once she gets to the chorus everything from that point on is really amazing. But I'll start with what I didn't enjoy so much. My problem with the opening lines is that it sounds like she's reverting back to the cutesy, nasally voiced she relied on a lot for Hapirapi ~Sunrise~ (one of the many reasons why I don't like that song) and I'd probably be more okay with it if it wasn't the opening. I think when you're opening a song you really have to deliver a punch or you'll lose your audience. Really Kikka doesn't sound that bad but she sounds light years better once the first chorus is done. The chorus is what really got me interested in this song and once I'd finished listening to the song, it's my favorite part!

I wouldn't say the song is a ballad, because it's got very upbeat undertones (contradictory as that sounds) and Kikka sounds lovely (except for the first part). If I had to compare it to anything, I'd say it sounds a lot like Winter Magic by KARA. The theme, the jingle bells, the tone, but overall I still really enjoy this song as a B-side and am very surprised and happy Kikka has a PV to go with it!

Speakng of which, let's talk about that PV!

♪Kikka the Red Nosed Idol had a very shiny nose
And if you ever saw it you would even say it glowed!♫

There's a happy Kikka! I always love how happy she looks in PVs

One problem with this PV is the profound lack of snow throughout the whole thing. If the song is called Early Snow shouldn't it come a bit earlier!?

I think the nature scenes are pretty. Even though I'm not sure what Kikka expects to find on that plant.

I do like the outdoor shots and how the camera looks.

It gives the PV a very "Macaroni" feel!

I feel like Kikka knows she's being ripped off because there's no snow in the PV.

I wanna be with you tonight...

I adore this chorus. I also like the way the camera doesn't switch to all these shots and focuses in one area for a while.

Kikka, I don't think your smile will light up a candle...

♪All of the MM members used to laugh and call her names
They never let poor Kikka join in Morning Musume!♫

Rolling in pillows? Pointless, but fun!

Another Macaroni shot. I like the blurred lighting surrounding the frame!

What are you looking at?

I just had a horrible thought. What if she accidentally dropped one of the lit candles!?

BWAH! No! That's not safe Kikka!

FINALLY! Snow! It took them 3:38 min to get some in there!

♪Then one foggy Christmas Eve Tsunku came to say
"Kikka with your voice so nice won't you be a soloist?"♫

♪Then all of MM loved her and they shouted out with glee
Kikka the Red Nosed Idol will go down history!♫

For a B-side, it's pretty nice PV and it matches the song well. The shots are very tastefully done and the setting is also very calm and muted. I like how everything sort of blends in with each other including the snow. Kikka herself seems subdued in this PV and holding back her energy which is both good and bad. She does manage to get some hilarious facials into the PV but overall keeps things toned down. To me, the PV seems like a dream. I feel like the whole thing plays out as a dream Kikka's having where she dreams of it finally snowing! Other than the very small snow plotline, there isn't much of a plot to this PV. And to be honest, I wish they'd taken that "waiting for snow" concept a little bit further. My biggest nitpick with the PV is how there isn't much going on. With KWdY there were a lot of different shots and it was paced well with the song. For Early Snow, I think the PV goes just a bit too slowly and makes the song seem longer than it really is. However, once again for a B-side I'm very impressed a the effort put in from both the producers and Kikka the Red Nosed Idol!

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