Thursday, January 12, 2012

Wait a Minute! This Came Out Already?

Please pardon the horrid pun I made (but there are a lot more to come), I'm surprised the PV for S/mileage's new single came out so soon! I liked what I heard in the concert preview (and the outfits were okay-ish for me but too familiar to MM's) but I was a little let down when the PV came out. The song is decent, but it's not as catchy as Please Miniskirt Postwoman. However, I do like the retro 50s sound it has and the instrumental reminds me of Shortcut's (a song I love). The title drop in the lyrics "Chotto Matte Kudasaaaiiii" will also get stuck in your head even if you can't remember the rest of the song! That's always nice!

I will say the vocals are not the best. Actually, the only two members bearable to listen to are Take and Kanon... even then, Kanon's pretty much the only one who sounds great. I think that's partially because you're letting Meimi and Ayaka take on high notes when they both have the vocal range of a spoon. Especially Meimi; apparently UFA made her drop the helium diet she'd been on so we lost that cute but cacophonic squeaky voice she had. And I kinda miss that. But even so, I still really enjoy Meimi in the PV; she's like the Riho I always wanted. Sure, she can't sing but she can dance very well and has a really fun, standout personality that really shows up on screen. Whilst Riwhore is... Riwhore. Along with Meimi being pushed is also Take aka Maimi's cousin and I think her voice actually sounds pretty decent. Those high notes are little hard on her but that Egg training definitely shows. And then we have Kanon. Flawless Kanon who hath now replaced Yuuka as my favorite member. It's a good thing too because there is a boatload of Kanon in the song and PV. She gets the most solo lines, has a bunch of face time, and completely deserves it in my opinion but one thing does kind of bother me. I feel like they couldn't given an extra line to Rina or maybe Kana. And I'm saying that as someone who doesn't really care about those two members; on the plus side Kana makes her mark on the PV with her bumbling, spazz dancer personality. Rina... when will I care?

The more I think about it, I would probably enjoy this song more if the vocals didn't drag it down so much. The high notes are very out of place and done poorly and only two of six members sound good and two others barely get to sing!

But enough of that! We have a PV to screencap!

I how Dawa looks ridiculously derpy in this intro shot.

Wait a minute... I've seen those outfits before!

Hi Momosu!! I would take this over chick oufits! But seriously, did UFA get a shrink ray and toss those costumes to S/mileage?

I don't think UFA was going for a "bugs on a windshield" effect when they did this...

MEIMI!! Even though she's obviously creeping into to Yuuka's spot she's still ADORABLE!


Awww, even though her attempts at sounding like Yuuka are horrendous, she's still adorable!!

As usual Dawa flip-flops between charming and looking like a space cadet throughout this whole PV.

Kanon!! All the members look so uncomfortable when they do this :\

Take sounds nice and happens to be the only member who looks good in that costume.

Poor Meimi. She's trying so very hard not to sound squeaky and in doing so sounds like a squawking bird.

Get down S/mileage! Whilest Kanon hits a lovely note ^.^

Chicken wings. Bring me back to Ookina Ai de Motenashite. It was silly then, and it's silly now.

This would look cuter if her eyes weren't closed...

Wait a minute!

This set is Anataboshi if they ereased all the bright annoying singers colors.

I think UFA's going to further use Kana's "dancing spazz" schtick in future PVs. Personally, I don't mind. I liked it in this PV.


Meimi's personal clone army means BUSINESS!

Chotto matte kusasaaaiiiii

I want to like Rina. But I just know if I do, I'm never going to see her get lines or screen time.

Do the robot walk! Everyone!!!

Yay!! Perfume supports the robot walk!!

This was a nice pose to multiply!

Meimi: I know, right? I miss my helium diet too!!

I find myself liking Kana more and more...

They're probably just mourning the loss of Yuuka.

Poor Kanon. Take won't play tic tac toe with her.


Okay, at this point Kana has redeemed her horrible voice.

Yeah, you might as well pony hop. You almost forgot that stupid dance move!

Thank god Take can sing.

And thank god Kanon remains AWESOME!

New crack theory: Meimi is on ecstasy.

Poor Rina and Kana. They're like Linlin and Junjun. Hell, they even have the same colors they did!

The PV is decent; it matches the song well even though it shamefully rips off both Momosu and Koharu and her two backup minions. Some of the shots are nice, Kanon is a joy on screen, Dawa's still a space cadet, and the new members seem to be getting used to the group. The mulit-shots and the "bugs on the winshield" effect are both really cheap but fairly enjoyable. But to warn you, the dance is really, really stupid. It combines nearly every cliche idol move in the book along with a couple moves that are just plain silly. In fact, that's what this whole PV is. Silly. It's also kind of whimsical, but mostly silly. Don't be fooled by the dark background because it still has that familiar S/mileage sound just minues two amazing members. I think if I were to label this in the New S/mileage Era, I'd call this the Ganbaranakutemo Eenende of their discography. Not great, but nothing terrible either. Hell, I'll take it over Tachiagaaru any day!

And I'll take this over PyokoPyoko Quack Quack Quack.


  1. 'when they both have the vocal range of a spoon' <-- that has to be my favourite line in any review! XD XD

    Anyway, I loved Kana in this - she has this silly character which she isn't afraid to show, and I doubt it's an act for the camera - she isn't afraid to pull faces (which freak me out) or to act like her beloved 'Gorilla's' xD I liked the running gag of her bad dancing in this, it was a nice way to show her off.


    Anyway, I enjoyed it more than I wanted to. XD I hope New S/mileage keep it up~

  2. damnit, I mean Rina - why you no moar lines? She's amazing as a singer, but her face is... unfortunate Dx