Wednesday, December 21, 2011

C-ute Is Back from the Dead!?


Let me rephrase that. Ever since the release of C-ute's 17th single, Sekaiichi Happy na Onna no ko, and their snoozefest collaboration known as Berikyuu both C-ute and Berryz haven't really been up to much from an international fan's view. I'm sure they're doing radio shows/plays/concerts/whatever idols do sans music but ever since August, C-ute hasn't released a new single and that made me a little uneasy. True, they announced a new album but for some reason I was a little bit worried that Tsunku was preparing for the graduation of the Hello! Project Kids... It's a silly thought I know, but with the complete lack of news from either group singles wise I developed this crazy theory that after they released an album it would be kind of like their way of saying goodbye. Once again, silly but it still worried me. However, that doesn't matter because C-UTE IS RELEASING A NEW SINGLE!! And an album but I've known about that. It's called Kimi wa Jitensha Watashi wa Densha de Kitaku and judging from the title, I'm thinking it might be something a bit slower and I'm hoping that it's in a more ballad-y direction than their past 2 singles which have been happy and fun. Since the single is being released in March we have some time to speculate but right now I'm just so happy C-ute's still alive!! They're my favorite group in H!P at the moment (well S/mileage is getting increasingly awesome again...) and I'd hate to see them disband when they're getting really good!! As for Berryz they're coming to New Jersey in June so I don't think they'll be graduating anytime soon... I hope not!

On a side note, the profile pictures for the album were released, and although it doesn't really concern me, do the outfits remind anyone else of the outfits from Pera Pera Perao by Not yet? Oh hey, it's another link between AKB and H!P!! Perhaps they're secretly in cohorts, hm? But seriously check it out:

A happy coincidence or something more? We can only wonder...

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