Thursday, December 22, 2011

A Deep State of Mind for Buono!

Thank the lord. Okay, now I know it truly is Christmas! That must be the only reason UFA has so generously released not only the PV to Hatsukoi Cider but also DEEP MIND! And the PV does not disappoint; I love it. I really do. Buono! has officially redeemed itself from Natsu Dakara! and even Zassou no Uta. I think the song has this very heavy feel to it and that's what apart from idol music. So already they had a pretty good song to work with into the PV. And to match how hard DEEP MIND is they went in the same direction PV and personally I love that. Some might say it's too heavy or rockish but I'm happy that Buono! stepped out of their comfort zone and delivered one of their best new songs yet!

The PV is simple, much like Hatsukoi Cider but it's simple in a very elaborate way. There are only about 4-5 shots but they're very tastefully done so that they don't look so overused. The lighting is good, the costumes look flawless (unlike the aforementioned Pepto Bismal suits), and Buono! really rocks the PV. They own the song and you can really see that in the music video. In all honesty, I think is definitely my favorite PV from their new label and probably one of my favorite PVs of theirs overall.

But there is one thing that bothers me... where the hell was that dance shot we were promised? The closest thing we got to dancing was Buono! changing their formation every few minutes and doing some hand moves. I mean, I didn't expect Perfume-choreography or anything (awesome as that would be...) but I was kinda hoping for just a little more than that! But other than that... I have no problems with this song or the video. I think it's a very awesome pop-punkish song from Buono! and if they kept going in this direction I would be okay with that. Honestly, I would really like to hear heavier stuff from them. Their rock sound was what distinguished them from the rest of H!P so why not take that a step further? It's a sign Tsunku! Give me more edgy-Buono!

Eh heh... anyways, on to the PV ^.^

EEK! The first shot begins with Airi looking surprisingly sinister... of course Momoko still looks adorable!

I really do love the set; it's kinda simple but it works for the PV!

Though I will say it does remind me of Tobenai Agehachou

And here's the band I assume will be present in every Buono! PV as of now; I like how they kind of blend in to the background and more attention is focused on the girls.

Have I mentioned how much I love these outfits? And that I would swim to Japan and steal them if I could?

Plaid. Hearts. Airi. <3

Momoko looks like a little doll in this PV.

I love the "Ah" note Momoko hits. And the hand motion.

Oh hi Mariko-sama!! I love the way Miyabi looks in this PV but her hair reminds me of Shinoda Mariko's!

Can I just applaud Airi for looking so into this PV? I think she goes with the PV really well!

Seriously. She owns the PV like a queen!

As much as I love the arm movements I kinda want something more...

Airi wants you to join the Buono! fandom


Okay, even I have to admit that dance move is pretty cool.

As of now Miyabi's badass netted glove and headpiece are on my Christmas list.

DON'T STOP! (being awesome, that is)

Another thing I love about this PV are the rotating centers I've missed so much!

That light makes Momoko look surprisingly mature. Sometimes I forget she's older than me!

I really love how into it Buono! is with this song.


Another thing: NO INSTRUMENTAL BREAK! Do you realize how rarely that happens in H!P songs these days!?

Though the Autotune was a little unnecessary...

I love it when Momoko's center; she balances the group out!

Another cool arm motion dance move ^.^

I say, is Miyabi pulling a Yuuka on us!?

I can't dislike this dance. Even though it's very simple it's commanding and those arm movements are AWESOME!

Nice job random-guitarist-whose-name-I'll-probably-never-know!

My overall thoughts on the PV? To me, Hatuskoi Cider was Buono! letting you know they're still good. But DEEP MIND was Buono! letting you know that they've gotten even better.

Nice job, Buono!

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  1. Personally, I prefer the song over the PV xD

    I really enjoyed your screen cap, especially they Momoko 'STEP ASIDE BITCHES!' It was a really fun read mwahahahahaha <3

    I actually really like the band in the background, considering Buono! are the only H!P group to get that xD