Sunday, March 31, 2013

Perfume's Releasing ANOTHER Single!?

Have I landed in some alternate universe where Perfume actually announces new singles at a reasonable time!? Someone hold me while I swoon!

What a pleasant surprise! I can't believe that Perfume has already announced a new single; it feels like they just released Mirai no Museum! Or maybe I've just forgotten what it's like for Perfume to release singles between short time gaps. After all, the waiting time between Spending all my time and Mirai no Museum was six months. Half a freaking year! It's no wonder I feel so shocked that another single announcement hit us so soon! But hey, I'm not complaining! I freaking love it when Perfume announces a new single! That means I can get ready for a whole different era of Perfumania! I get to be all excited over the single covers, the song itself, the PV, the B-sides... I just love Perfumania so much, even if it is a little hard to wait at times! What's exciting about this single is the hope that for once it won't be a song that splits the Perfume fandom down the middle so severely! I mean yeah, I know that the fans aren't going to have the same opinion on each song but it feels like so many fans were underwhelmed and disappointed by Mirai no Museum! I'm hoping that this single is a vast improvement so we can all pretend that Mirai no Museum never happened!

Anyways, the fabulous techno trio's next single will be released some time in the summer (the date hasn't been specified yet but I hope it's in June or July). I'm thinking the single will probably be released a few weeks after Perfume wraps up their collaboration tour between those other three artists whose names I'm too lazy to type out. The single is called Magic of Love (gee, have you ever heard that song title before?) and the A-side is being used as a tie-in for Kanro Gummi! Now last time Perfume did a tie-in for that company, the song was Communication and... let's just say not many people were too fond of that song. What I'm crossing my fingers for is that Magic of Love will be a song that has a general positive opinion towards it; Spending all my time and Mirai no Museum split the fandom down the middle and you had two extreme opinions on opposite sides. Now, I just want a Perfume song that sounds like... well, Perfume! Nothing like Spending all my time or Mirai no Museum which sounded too un-Perfume-y; just a good ol' typical Perfume song to balance out the strange mix of A-sides we've had this era!

So far the only preview we've gotten from this single is from the Kanro CM and you can hear 15 seconds of Magic of Love. It doesn't give you too much of an idea as to how the song is going to sound but it's nice to at least hear the tone of this new song! And personally, I like Magic of Love so far! The song definitely isn't as unique as Hurly Burly or Point but I like the sound of it! I like that it doesn't sound cute; I think Mirai no Museum was too cute, along with Communication. Actually, Magic of Love kind of reminds me of a song I'd hear by Meg, another artist that Nakata worked with for a period of time. Then again, that might just be because I've been listening to a lot of Meg's music lately... Overall, I think I'll have to wait until I hear the full song to give a proper verdict. For now, it's not the most amazing Perfume song I've heard but it's just a regular Perfume song in that Perfume style that I've heard several times in the past! Again, that's not a bad thing since I like that style a lot but some fans might be disheartened at the lack of experimentation. But personally, I think Perfume just needs to do a song that takes less musical chances just to balance out all the wonky-ness of the last three singles of this era!

Speaking of this era... I wonder if we're going to get an album after Magic of Love. I don't want another JPN scenario where there are way too many singles and B-sides crammed on an album and not enough new album songs. I was actually kind of hoping that Perfume would be doing an album after they released Mirai no Museum but I guess I can't complain too much about a new single! I'm still hoping that this year they'll release an album in like October or November though. All I can do now is wait... and honestly, that's the hardest part of Perfumania. I just hope that after hearing this Cm we'll get to hear more of the song in a proper period of time and not have to wait four months like we did with Point. In general, I don't want to wait too long for information on this new single. Still, summer's getting close and so is the new Perfume single and I can't wait!

Be both excited and terrified readers, because Perfumania is a-coming to the Wonderland! I don't know when but it'll be here soon and I can't wait to spend another month of this year gushing about the forever-awesome Perfume!


  1. I love your new header! It's perfect :D From the preview, I already love the song. It's pretty likable!

    1. Thank you! I thought it was about time I changed it up to something more spring-like! I can't wait to hear all of Magic of Love; I just hope we hear the full thing soon and not like four months later like we did with Point!