Wednesday, February 15, 2012

The Trek of TGS!

It's no secret that I adore TGS and that's they're probably one of my favorite idol groups that isn't involved with H!P or AKB48. I got into them around the time they released Kodou no Himitsu and began a drastic change in direction and I've been hooked ever since! I love their new music, vocals, the individual members, and most of all, their own unique style (no pun intended). One of the best things to me about TGS is how different they are from all the other Avex idol groups. Despite the young ages of the members, they've become a very mature, well-developed group. Their past few singles have not only been catchy but also a breath of fresh air from the silliness of groups like Momoiro Clover and Super Girls (though those groups are still very good!). Ironically they started with a very idol-esque sound but for some reason someone in Avex must have said "Fuck it. They're not getting anywhere saleswise. Do whatever the hell you want with them." Well... not exactly that but whatever they did, it worked!

I've already expressed my love of the radio preview of Rock You! and how happy I was to see more of the mature direction TGS has been going in but I'll sum it up again! What first struck me about this song was how much it reminded me of W.M.A.D. the other A-side from the Liar single. I happened to love W.M.A.D. so Rock You! alreayd gets points there. The song is also extremely catchy, especially the first chorus of vocals. There's also that signature Avex sound you can hear in the instrumentals and the vocal arrangement. Speaking of the vocals, I can't believe Mei got so many lines in a group dominated by Hitomi and Ayano! New front girl, perhaps? I was really happy she got some solos becuase she has such a nice voice. Actually, they all have great voices which is what makes this song so good. One of the best parts about TGS songs are how strong the vocals are; that's one of the reasons why their mature sound works so well for them!

But enough of the song, I want to talk about what I'm always anticipating from TGS: the PV. I always look forward to TGS PVs because there's always more to them than what meets the eye. Their past PVs from 2011 have really blown me away so let's see how well Rock You! holds up!

The intro has a very raw, nature-like theme to it... and fire :D

BWAH! Hitomi scares me sometimes O.O Like right now.

Wow, a pretty badass set...

Followed by a very idol-ish pose. Only TGS!

Ayano... every PV she looks prettier and prettier

This shot's pretty neat but the idea of walking on a ledge sounds terrifying!

The distance shots look so impressive in this PV!

So do these shots. Basically 80% of the shots in this PV are pretty awesome.

The military costumes are both simultaneously adorable and badass!

Idol swag. Only TGS.

I was surpsied at the number of lines and screentime Mei got! But it was a happy surprise since she's awesome!

I wonder where they shot this... it seems like a pretty neat area.

Whoa! Get down TGS!

It appears it's time for a costume change! Unnecessary but okay!

Another badass scene involving running.

That looks kinda fun!

Mei!! I think she stood out the most to me in this PV!

I feel like all these running scenes should be set to the Chariots of Fire theme song.

These costumes don't actually match up very well to the rest of the PV...

But the set change does!

Jazz hands! Only TGS.

An so TGS finally reaches the desination of their long, challenging trek!

A rock?

The footwork in this dance move is really cool (but it looks better in motion).

Woo hoo for the power of friendship!

See? The power of friendship makes things explode!

The bad news is the PV fades out before the song ends, leaving the PV unfinished and the viewer wanting more. Well... that last part might just be how I feel about the PV becuase I totally want more! Like with every TGS PV since 2011 (excluding We will Win!), Rock You! is rather... different. Or at least, it's different from a lot of other idol PVs coming out right now. Unlike other idols groups under the Avex label (i.e. Momoiro Clover, Super Girls, Fairies) when you're watching a TGS PV there's a very likely chance that it's going to be just a little eccentric. And like their other PVs, Rock You! also has some hints of symbolism/hidden meanings in it. Do you know what that means? I get to dissect a PV!! My favorite hobby!! The main focus of the PV is the hardness and obstacles of a long journey but how the bonds of those close to you can keep you together even during the difficult times. Notice how the girls are running and stumbling through what looks like a barren wasteland in torn, dirty clothing. One of the key points is they always stay together. And when they reach their ultimate obstacle (a rock/boulder) they clasp hands together and they bring down that obstacle. It's a simple message but the delivery was very well done for an idol PV. I really enjoyed these scenes and that was what made the PV so intriguing for me!

To be honest, there was one thing I could have done without in the PV: the costume change. Don't get me wrong, the costumes were gorgeous and so was the set but it just didn't match up with the rest of the PV. For the first half of the PV, TGS is wandering around in gritty clothing and the tone has an overall grunginess to it and then... frilly blue dresses with corsets? It just felt very out of place to me, like it was there to appeal to a certain... fan base. Those scenes just felt like the standard dance shot/close up you see in every idol PV. The dance was still good but it still felt very forced. In fact, I would have preferred if they had just scrapped the dance period. I'd like it if they just showed TGS wandering through this wasteland on a long, painful journey. Those scenes had the most impact to me and the dance felt rather gratuitous. However, I can see why a dance shot was included though, considering they're still idols. Still... I just felt like they didn't go as far as they could have gone. Granted, I still love the PV but there's always room for improvement!

And there you have it! Another amazing song by an amazing gorup. If you haven't seen or heard anything from Tokyo Girls' Style, I would highly recommend at least checking them out. Even if you don't like them, they still have a very interesting take on the idol genre. You don't really see a lot of idol groups these days with such a young age average doing pulling off such mature themes so well. And if you do end up liking them, great! They could always use more fans, considering their mediocre sales. Speaking of sales, why don't they get more love? I think it's partially because of their style. Even though I think it's such an amazing direction for them, it is very different for an idol group. Maybe wotas just aren't interested in stuff like that? Then again Limited Addicion was their best selling single... this is getting confusing! Just go ahead and chekc out some of their stuff and hopefully you won't regret it!


  1. In all honesty, TGS are not my favourite group - they actually bore me, and I don't care for them. I listened to this PV earlier today and wasn't really interested in it at all, so I feel somewhat guilty when I read your posts and realise how much you love them... xD

    One thing I do like about TGS is that they always look good, and wear really cute dresses (dresses are looove), but nothing else... really pulls me in. I guess it's because, in a way, I see them as the group that SweetS was always meant to be, or a basic revival of SweetS. I don't see TGS as anything original... :/

    I love Kirari though XD one of my fave songs <3

    1. I totally understand! I honestly think TGS is a matter of preference and that you either love them or don't care for them. I think one of the reasons I love TGS so much is because I'm not as fond of the cutesy and rather silly idol groups like Momoiro Clover. So I see this group as sort of a subversion of the stereotype. It also probably helps that SweetS was before my time xD

    2. Haha, I hate MomoClo - I really do. I just don't see the appeal that they have, though for a while I did like their annoying Christmas song... but I actually didn't know about SweetS until a little after I had found out about H!P, and that is more so thanks to my sister. I was actually in the fandom when TGS came about, and that's probably why I adore Kirari, but I never attached myself to them like I did S/mileage Dx