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NMB48's Innocence Under 19

I know this PV came out about a week ago but really I've been quite busy with the new semester and the boatload of work that comes with it! I did watch it and I did screencap it but after that I think my mind just blanked. So I left it in my drafts then finally finished it now! Now I'll just have to finish the many other PV reviews I've yet to talk about! But procrastinations aside, I really have been wanting to review this song mainly because it's revived my interest in NMB48.
Let me delve further into this. Back when NMB48 debuted part of me thought "Another? How much money do they need?" and another part of me though "YAY! New style of music!" I followed their road to debut and really enjoyed their debut single, Zetsumetsu Kurakami Shoujo. I started getting drawn to the front girls, the style of music, and the song itself was pretty fun! I've always said how much I enjoy energetic songs and ZKS was definitely this! So everything was going great; I was ecstatic for this new group!
Then Oh My God! came out.

And oh my god, this single disappointed me. I thought it was generic, gimmicky, and just another song to make money. The concept was overused and add to the boring PV and my interest in the group had plummeted. So I waved them off as another cash cow the 48 franchise and focused back on waiting for Kaze wa Fuiteiru. I almost considered not giving this single a listen but the nice side of me wanted to be open-minded. And after seeing the full PV, I'm glad I did! I love this song! It has all the chemistry of the first single and twice as much energy! It actually sounds a lot like their first single but not so much that it sounds like a blatant rip off! I think it's because they both have that disco-y sound to them but U-19 takes it just a little bit farther! Who knows? Maybe this will even be their style! Which completely okay with because it's nothing like Oh My God! Let's just forget about that song, shall we? Anyways, I'm very happy with how upbeat this song is; it's definitely piqued my interest in the group!

But... that wasn't the only catalyst in my renewed interest of NMB48. The PV is also very, very good. So let's take a look at it!!

The PV begins with NMB48 and a clown


Isn't it always?

Can I just say this clown is terrifying? Then again all clowns are but this one especially!

Sayaka: We're not afraid of YOU!

Clown from Hell: We'll see about that *wink wink*

Oo!! Random sparkles make everything better!

Even though they accomplished absolutely nothing.

With the Clown from Hell gone, NMB decides to do the only thing left to do: DANCE!

Cool as these outfits are...

Don't think I'll forget Flying Ghetto so easily.

But who cares? Cue cool dance moves!!

I tried to tally all the ridiculously cool shots in this PV but I lost count

Eugh. Acrobatics look painful. But awesome too.

As usual, Sayaka looks awesome.

You look awesome too! (even though I have no idea who you are >.<)

I think I know where this is going...

WOW! That looks dangerous AND fun!!

Nurses? That's an oddly specific fetish to apply to...

NMB salutes the sailor fetish!

Along with Shojo Jidai.

That looks so terrifying. Can I do that too?

I have to admire NMB (or their stunt doubles) for doing all this crazy stuff.

Cliched but still a lot of fun.

I don't know why, but I find the crayon shots hilarious.

Yoga balls? I LOVE yoga balls!!!

I think this picture sums up my childhood quite nicely.

Silly NMB! It can't rain inside!

BWAH! She's going to fall, I just know it! Tell me when it's over!

NMB reminds you not to try this at home.

Shadows and funny poses make everything awesome.

Because I've been too distracted by the many amazing circus shots, I don't think I've pointed out how well done the dance is. It really looks polished and energetic!

I wish Sayaka had those pink hair streaks throughout the whole PV.

Holy crap! She's going to be shot from a cannon!! That just might be illegal where I live.

No idols were harmed in the shooting of this cannon.

Not having second thoughts, are you Sayaka?

Where have I seen these outfits before?

Oh! That's where I've seen them!

And so the PV ends... wait a minute! The PV ended with Sayaka not getting shot from a cannon!?

Thank god, I screencapped this before the PV became private because it is awesome. I know I've used that word like 50 times in this review but really that's the best way I can describe it. They really went all out for this PV and it shows. I wasn't really expecting a lot because of the circus theme and how many directions you can take that. So I knew what was coming but I never expected it could be done so well. I think it's because they probably had a nice sized budget for this (and maybe that's why AKB's latest PV looks so cheap) but even then I think they just crazy when making this PV. The main theme is the circus so obviously that leaves a bunch of ideas to be done for the video. Throughout the whole song, there's glitter, fire, unsafe stunts, cannons, a boatload of outfit changes, clever imagery, and just... really cool stuff. It's like everything I loved as a kid all piled together into one magnificent, over-the-top video! I really think if you grew up loving the circus, then you'll probably love this and if you didn't then I'll you'll still enjoy it! The great thing about this PV is that it just adds to the fun energy of the song and doesn't bog it down like Give Me Five! My only criticism? Sayaka didn't get shot from the cannon!

Actually... I found out in the long version, Sayaka does get shot from the cannon! Yay! Violence!! The long version itself doesn't really add much to the PV other than more screentime for that creepy clown but it's still pretty fun! To sum it up, NMB enters the magical through the circus through a broom closet. Yeah. It's like Narnia! I admit the long version isn't really necessary but it does add a weird kind of charm to the PV! So does this blow my mind like SKE48's Kataomoi Finally? Well... no, but I'm pretty okay with that. With Junjou U-19, what it lacks in substance it makes up for in energy and while it's not delivering a deep, meaningful message it's still a lot of fun! And the best part? I care about NMB again!! After Oh My God! I pretty much decided this group was not following but then I decided to give them one more chance and they redeemed themselves! So I very much look forward to whatever they're pulling for their next single!

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