Thursday, December 19, 2013

Have a Holly Jolly PV Week!!

♫Have a holly jolly PV week!!
It's the best time on my blog
Yes, I know there won't be snow
But we'll talk about idols!

Have a holly jolly PV week!!
And in case you didn't hear
Oh by golly have a holly jolly PV week
This yeeeaaaaaar~♪♪♪

And have a picture of Santa Nocchi while you're at it! Well guys, I'm out for Christmas break, my finals are done, and I'm completely ready to break out my oversize sweaters and hot chocolate and celebrate the holidays! Well... maybe not the sweaters since the high temperatures where I live are in the seventies for this weekend. So... I'll break out my Christmas shorts, I guess? Whatever, the weather isn't what Christmas is all about! It's about giving and spreading kindness to others! In the idol world though, it's a time to cash in on the holidays by making Christmas-themed singles and music videos! Ah, where there's a trend, there's a profit, right guys? It's no surprise that idol companies do everything to milk the spirit of Christmas; hell, that's what everyone in the US does. I have to say I don't really mind that much though. Honestly, I think the whole thing is kind of fun. I think as long as idols are spreading the sentiments of Christmas, there's no harm in making money off of it. And what a better way to look at some of the most Christmas-y of Christmas idol PVs than to do review them all over the course of one week?

That's right guys, starting tomorrow is Holly Jolly PV Week! No, not Sexy PV Week, Holly Jolly PV Week! I went over this in my December State of the Wonderland, but what Holly Jolly PV Week consists of is me reviewing one Christmas PV a day for seven days, the last and most Christmas-y one (in my opinion) being published on Christmas day! It's basically the same thing I did for Sexy PV Week only with less sexiness and more ornaments and snowmen. But hey, what I made a Sexy Holly Jolly PV Week? Wouldn't that be something? Yeah... on second though, that's probably not the smartest thing to do. If you were around for Sexy PV Week, then you know that this post just serves as a preamble of sorts explaining how this week is going to pan out. As you may have noticed, I won't be reviewing any PVs in this post; the first PV for Holly Jolly PV Week is queued up to publish tomorrow.

I do want to take this time though like I did for Sexy PV Week and explain my stance on Christmas-themed idol songs and PVs. Just so you guys have an idea of my personal opinions about them! I'll be honest, I've always been kind of a Scrooge about contemporary Christmas songs. I love the classics, but most of the post-80s Christmas songs are corny at best to me. Except for Christmas Wrapping by The Waitresses. That song is awesome even when it's not Christmas. When I started getting into idols, my opinions toward contemporary Christmas songs weren't that different. I was surprised though that idol Christmas songs even existed. But they did and in droves too! Still, I usually skipped over idol Christmas songs and merely glazed over the accompanying PVs. I wouldn't say I outright hated the idol Christmas PVs, but since it's such a widespread holiday, I never felt inclined to look at even more Christmas music.

Luckily, it didn't take the Ghosts of Christmas Past, Present, and Future to soften my outlook toward idol Christmas PVs. It was really the release of one particular idol Christmas song that managed to accomplish this. I won't say which one because it's featured in Holly Jolly PV Week, but if you know when I got into idols, you might be able to narrow it down! Anyways, when I listened to this song and watched the PV, I slowly started looking at more Christmas PVs. But I still feel like there are several Christmas PVs I haven't thoroughly analyzed and reviewed, including some really good ones. Which is why I'm taking this following week out of December to review seven Christmas PVs that I always find myself watching around the holidays. Now I said these are PVs that I consider to be Christmas PVs. Admittedly, one or two PVs on the list are very loosely Christmas-y. But I think that if they're songs that get me into the Christmas spirit, I have every right to include them on Holly Jolly PV Week! It's my blog and what I say goes! Not that I don't mind whenever you guys suggest things for me to look at...

You might be wondering what a picture of five fruitcakes is doing on a blog about Japanese pop music. Well, the above picture is the rating system I'll use for Holly Jolly PV Week. Yes friends, I have replaced my Apple Rating System with a Fruitcake Rating System. It was actually kind of difficult to figure out what I was going to use to rate these PVs with. I knew it was going to be Christmas-y, but I still wanted it to be kind of... you know, offbeat. Sort of the same way the rest of this blog is! It was easy with Sexy PV Week because all I had to do was crop five pictures of Perfume to show off their legs. But the choices for Holly Jolly PV Week were much more overwhelming. Could I do a Jingle Bells Rating System? A Santa Hat Rating System? An Ornament Rating System.

Then it hit me: I would use a Fruitcake Rating System! It's perfect! It basically works the same way as the Apple Rating System does, only with fruitcakes. Of course, I'm rating more on how each PV stands as a Christmas PV than the overall quality of the PV. Don't worry, quality isn't completely disregarded when I'm rating! As usual, five fruitcakes means it's perfect, four means it's good but not perfect, three means it's okay, two means it needs work, and one means it's god-awful. You get the gist if you know how I roll with my Apple Rating System! All right, everyone clear? I hope so, because starting tomorrow the Wonderland is turning into a Winter Wonderland of idols and Christmas cheer and warm-and-fuzzy Christmas PVs!

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