Thursday, February 14, 2013

Sexy PV Week: Sexy All Sisters

Well, it's Thursday and we're over halfway through Sexy PV Week. Just barely though. I still have three more sexy PVs to plow through, today's included! So yesterday I looked at a pretty well-known fanservice group, the now-defunct SDN48. Well, today I'm doing a 180 and taking a look at a ridiculously obscure fanservice group! But I think they're still around... Anyways, without further stalling, let's talk about Sexy All Sisters.

Just to give you an idea of how obscure this group is, I had never even heard of them until someone commented on my blog about how I should review some fanservice PVs. He requested two fanservice groups: one which we'll get to later and Bakunyuu Ouenka by this Sexy All Sisters group. Now that I mention it, that one comment was pretty much the entire reason I decided to do Sexy PV Week... Anyways, even once I got the idea for Sexy PV Week and was searching around trying to find sexy PVs to review, I still couldn't find much about this fanservice group. They had a channel but it was in Japanese and I could find little to no English articles or reviews about them. I couldn't even find lyrics to any of their songs. Speaking of their songs, I can't even find a lot of their songs but from the looks of it, this group has a somewhat expansive discography. Luckily, I did find one article that gave allowed me to read about just how the hell this group came to be and what their concept is. Sexy All Sisters originated from a Japanese B-movie titled Bakunyuu Sentai Pai Ranger (think of it as a parody of Power Rangers only with more boobs). The film featured a group of big-breasted idols decked out in sexy Power Ranger outfits singing about boobs ... because I guess people find that part of the female anatomy to be extremely hilarious. 

So what started out as essentially a one-shot parody group eventually started expanding into other parody groups that sang satirical songs focused on sexual humor. Mainly boobs. Sexy All Sisters really seem to have a strange fixation on boob-related humor. Anyways, the little expanded groups cover a variety of different fetishes from cheerleaders to maids to Yankees to your typical bikinis. I do have to give them credit for the sheer amount of different fetishes and parodies they've managed to cover. Some of their music actually even sounds half decent and pretty catchy for a fanservice group. They kind of remind me of a much more perverted and colorful Brand-new Idol Society! I will admit I'm not a huge fan of more sexual humor since I live in a country surrounded by bawdy humor left and right. But I'm an open-minded person so I will give this group a chance!

Now the song I'm reviewing today is Bakunyuu Ouenka which is done by the group's Koshien-themed unit (Koshien means "baseball" in Japanese). I think the title means "Big Boobs Something" but I'm a little unsure if that's the definite translation. Then again, I wouldn't be surprised if it was considering this is Sexy All Sisters I'm talking about. Like I said before, for a fanservice group, a few of the Sexy All Sisters songs I've heard actually don't sound that bad in terms of sound. They're nothing groundbreaking or beautiful but they're fairly catchy and the vocals aren't appallingly bad. In fact, they're pretty decent. Still, how does Bakunyuu Ouenka hold up as a song? Well... it's not my favorite song I've ever listened to. I'm never going to feel compelled to put in on my iPod or listen to it late at night or jam by myself to it. However, it's not a terrible song either. It's kind of catchy and the vocals aren't bad and it has a pretty loud, almost marching-band style beat. 

That being said, the song does get very repetitive pretty fast and sounds a bit long at times. Then there's this bit in the middle where the music just stops and you hear some of the girls talking about god-knows-what followed by chanting. Oh yeah, there's a lot of cheerleader-style chanting in this song but it's not as annoying as I thought it would be. The girls aren't exactly shouting or shrieking during the chant (by the way shouting and/or shrieking during a song really irritates me... just saying) and they really do sound like cheerleaders. Other than that, there's not much I can really say about this song. It's a decent song but it's never going to win any awards. I think what really serves as a disadvantage to me and my critique of the song is that I don't know the lyrics. Since Sexy All Sisters is a "parody fanservice group" I've got to think that these lyrics tie in to that parody in some way shape or form. But without a translation, I'm very left in the dark on just what this song is about and I think knowing the context of Bakunyuu Ouenka would help.

The only thing I can go off of for understanding this parody is the PV. So with a group name like Sexy All Sisters, surely this PV's gotta be pretty sexy, right? Okay, so remember how I described SDN48's Sato e Wataru PV as an expensive fanservice PV? Well... if that PV is an expensive fanservice PV, then Bakunyuu Ouenka's PV is a cheap fanservice PV. Like... cheaper then Hello! Project. You'll see; onto the sexy screencap!

The PV starts out with a friendly reminder that women have boobs.

And just in case you didn't realize that, here are more women who have boobs!

See what I said about this being a cheap PV? It looks like it was shout on the top of somebody's apartment building!

As you can tell, the dancing in this PV isn't exactly Perfume-level complicated.

Oh my goodness, I think I'm starting to see where the "parody" element falls with this group.

So I think this chick's like the "leader" or the group? Does Sexy All Sisters even have a leader?

Okay, this is really bothering me but why do the four girls in the front not get pom poms!? Did they run out of money or what?

Look! Look! The girl next to me has BOOBS! BOOBS! IT'S A MIRACLE!!!

I have to ask... what in the hell is going on with the background props in this PV? There's some flags and a statue of some guy... what does it all mean?

Nice camerawork. What, did you not have enough money to film them at a more upright angle?

Oh yeah, very sexeh.

I love how this girl's not even trying to be sexy, just bouncing up and down!

Weeeee!! Let's all bounce up and down like we're on a trampoline!

Wow, there's even boob-squeezing in this PV! I wonder how they're gonna top-

WHAT THE WHAT!? HER FACE! MY GOD LOOK AT HER FACE! Does the breast massage feel that good!?

Some moments these girls look less like they're dancing and more like they're directing traffic.

And this chick went from looking like a perv to looking adorable!

Wow! These girls aren't just doing peace signs! They're doing peace signs over their boobs. That. Is so. Edgy.

..and the PV goes from boob-squeezing to this odd scene.

And then she's thrusting her body against Aristotle... because... BOOBS!

This part is spoken which is why I really can't tell what the hell this is about.

And then it cuts to more body-thrusting against... some historical figure!

I guess we'll never see or figure out what that scene had to do with the rest of the PV. Oh well!

Jesus, if you squeeze your boobs any harder, they're gonna pop out!

The rest of the PV is pretty much just dancing and more boob-shots.

And one last word from Sensei boob-lady!

...and finally one last reminder that yes, boobs exist

So kids, what lesson have you learned from this PV? A key element of the female anatomy that differs women from men is that women have breasts! Personally, I've always wondered why guys find women's breasts to be so smoking hot especially if anything, they just make us living, breathing drink dispensers. But yeah, as you can tell from the boob-tastic screencap Bakunyuu Ouenka's PV is filled with boobs. Lots and lots of boobs. Looking into this PV is like looking into the mind of a twelve-year old boy. I almost thought about counting how many boob-shots were in this PV but stopped after the first minute because there were so many. And honestly, the more I was looking at and screencapping all these boobs... the sillier they looked! I don't know if that was the intent of the PV but I think it's the Showgirls Effect taking over when I watched this PV. A lot of times, the boob-sploitation is so gratuitous and blatant that I can't help but chuckle at how over-the-top it is. 

The more I think about it, there are actually a lot of little scenes that were really cheesy and over-the-top in how they were trying to present the fanservice. Like the part where one girl is slowly and dramatically tossing tissues at the camera to the part where one girl wearing this incredibly serious expression is groping another girl whose acting like it's the greatest thing to ever happen to her. The little scenes like that were what I found to be the most entertaining in lieu all the boob shots. And in that respect, Bakunyuu Ouenka feels less like a fanservice PV and more like a fanservice PV disguised as a parody PV. Don't get me wrong, at its core, this is a fanservice PV but the way it's presented feels more comedic and tongue-in-cheek than some of the past PVs I've reviewed this past week. Oddly enough, the fact that this group is parodying fanservice makes me think again of BiS; knowing what BiS will do, I could see them doing something like this. Overall, what caught my eye the most about Bakunyuu Ouenka was that it was a parody PV with a lot of sex jokes in it.

However... I've seen this type of parody before.

In fact, I've seen the sex-jokes in parody songs a lot. Remember, I live in America, a culture that revolves around sex and sexual humor. We have thriving raunchy comedians, raunchy shows like Saturday Night Live, and even Youtube shows that derive from sex-related humor to get laughs. A parody PV centered around parodying sex appeal isn't that new of a concept to me and I would be lying if I said Bakunyuu Ouenka's concept didn't get old fast. Although there were the small scenes here and there that made me laugh, most of the humor in it revolved around boobs and as someone over the age of twelve, I don't really find it to be that funny. Again, I think it would help if I knew what the lyrics were talking about but due to the group being too obscure, there's no translation I can find for Bakunyuu Ouenka. The little talking bit between the second and last chorus was when I was really left in the dark on what the hell was going on. I think it was something humorous but it got incredibly lost in translation and the scene came off as more confusing. 

And as I've said before, boob humor can only be so hilarious and nowadays I don't really find much of it that funny. The PV also has some pretty poor production values with a series of cheaper-than-UFP sets and costumes that look like they were picked up in the adult section of a Halloween store. But I think what saves this PV from being not very entertaining for me is how into it the girls look. Bakunyuu Ouenka feels like a very affectionate parody on fanservice and the girls look like they're having fun being so melodramatic. They all look really enthusiastic and the enthusiasm is what saves the PV from being forgettable. However, even with that and mind, this sexy PV isn't for everyone. It's pretty much 100% fanservice with a few random bits thrown in the side and the PV itself is really cheap. If you want something classier and fancier, go to SDN48. If you're looking for a cheap laugh, I'd check out Sexy All Sisters. Their humor isn't for everyone but I have to give them credit for completely going with each concept they tackle.

So overall, I'd give Bakunyuu Ouenka 3.5 Perfume!Legs. It's a pretty straightforward fanservice PV filled left and right with boobs and it can get very over-the-top. The production values are also poor and the boob-parody is a very tired concept. However, the girls in the PV are what make Bakunyuu Ouenka entertaining to watch simply because of how melodramatic they're acting. So yeah, you won't miss much if you decide not to watch this PV but if you're, I don't know, a twelve-year-old boy, this PV's for you! Oh yeah, and happy Valentine's Day everyone! I hope you're enjoying it whether it's with a loved one or your cat! See you tomorrow with the next sexy PV for Sexy PV Week!


  1. Bakunyuu Ouenka means "Big Breasts Cheer".
    Basically,they are telling to cheer with your boobs.
    The first verse,the one of the wave-and-point,they are saying "Shake your boobs!Shake more!"
    The last line on the chorus actually says "Everyone gets excited with a lot of boobs".

    Well,they are just saying to use your boobs to entertain someone.

    1. Thanks for the translation! I had a feeling the song was about boobs considering the massive amount of boobs in this PV... And here I was hoping it was a social commentary on the divide of political parties! Just kidding! Again, thanks for the translation!

  2. Here's one of their songs with subtitles: