Sunday, July 15, 2012

Berryz Covers Thai-Pop!

You know, I really love Berryz cover of Dschinghis Khan. It was fun, catchy, and silly. In other words: totally not like the first one! Seriously. They pretty much had to cut out the rape and graphic violence but even so I still enjoy the cover. And now once again, Tsunku has come to his senses or just got too lazy to write an actual song for Berryz and this time they get to cover the music of Thailand! And guess what? I know NOTHING about Thailand! Yay for ignorance! I do know that the original song is called "Row mah Sing" and it's by some guy named Thongchai McIntyre, an artist who has a surprisingly American sounding last name. I hesitated on listening to the original of this song because it's always been hard for me to listen to covers since I either latch on to the original or latch on to the cover. Occasionally it's both but in this case, Berryz pulled off an extremely fun, extremely awesome cover! I'm always a little wary when it comes to covers (mainly because covers by most American artists tend to really, really suck) but it's nice to know that once again Berryz has pulled off in covering a song and adding their own style to it.

The first word that comes to my mind when I think of this song is catchy. Like really catchy. Like so catchy I can sing despite not knowing the lyrics. Because 50% of said lyrics is "CHA CHARA CHARA CHA CHARA CHA CHARA CHA CHA!!!" And I am perfectly okay with that. The song works well in Berryz favor because it's so high in energy and peppiness which previous singles like Aa, Yo ga Akeru were lacking boatloads of. The instrumentals are highly upbeat and have a lot of Thai styles/influence in them but the song is also modified enough that it fits with Berryz. The girls themselves all sound amazing. Even Risako and Momoko who usually tend to be my least favorite singers of the group aren't that bad. Okay, I admit Risako's voice gets a little shaky at times and Momoko can sound grating but most of the time they fit with the peppiness of the song. And it's nice that everyone else gets some lines too unlike some H!P groups right now. Overall, it's just a really fun, really catchy cover! Maybe Berryz should just start doing cover songs from now on since they're so good at them...

Oh well! On to the PV!

Oh UFA, your cheapness rivals Mr. Krabs.

But at least it's a Miya center! I love Miya centers almost as much as Yurina centers!

UFA: LOOK! Now it's DARK so it's like a SEPARATE dance shot only not because we can't afford another one.

The dance and the members are pretty much the highlights of the PV considering the cheapness.

Oh Chinami, never stop being... well, you.

Is it just me, or does Miyabi's new hair remind you of Hermione Granger's?

Meh, who cares? Hermione's awesome anyways!

Cheap, CGI letters don't deserve the grace of Captain.

One of these days I'm going to sneak into Momoko's dressing room and snip those wretched pigtails off when she isn't paying attention.

Then again, at least her hair isn't fucking purple.

That's right Yurina! Protect your hair from Risako's purple hair dye!

Maasa, Maasa, Maasa never stop being the epitome of cool.

Nooo! Bring back the Miya center!

These effects. They've more groundbreaking than Avatar.

Still, I can't help but love them.

No, Risako. You are still not sexy. Though I appreciate the effort.

Leave sexiness to Maasa!

Best. Screencap. EVER!

Yurina must be praying for a center position again

It's around this point I realized that I was never ever ever going to get this song out of my head.

I really love the parts where Berryz are just fooling around with each other. They've always been good at that.

Oh Saki. Or should I say Captain of Hello! Project?

This is probably the best dancing I've seen from Berryz in a while! I love it!

Every time I see this shot, I think Momoko's flipping me off. Eh heh... LOOK! Thai text!

And so the cheap PV of cheapness ends with Miya back in her rightful place. Take THAT Risako!

I don't have much to say about the PV because there isn't much to it. It's pretty cheap, even by UFA standards. But you know what? I'm okay with that! The only reason why is because Berryz always looks like they're having so much fun when filming. All the little interactions and chemistry the members have on screen is what makes this such a fun PV. Unlike One Two Three where the cheapness was much more blatant and exposed, in Cha Cha SING, I don't really notice it because I'm so busy paying attention to the members having fun. I think a good PV is one where it makes me want to be in it, and Berryz succeeds where Momosu fails: group chemistry. I think that only comes with time and since they've been together for what? 10 years? Point is, they've been together so long they know how to play off each other and how to wow the audience with their crazy, silly antics. But because Momosu's constantly changing, they can't ever really reach that level Berryz has. So yes, the PV is cheap. However, the members catch my attention so I could care less about that. Besides, the Thailand-inspired costumes are really pretty along with the draping. And the dance is one of the strong points of the PV also. It's also inspired by Thailand dances (golly, who would have guessed!?) which might be one of the reasons it's so polished. Are all Thai dances like that? I don't know... maybe I need to start listening to Thai pop more... Or research...


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