Where To Find Me

Feeling interested in stalking me? Well, bad news for you! I am not going to give you my public address or phone number! However, if you have any questions you don't want to ask via comments or just want to chat, these are the following addresses and domains I am available on:

Email: niainwonderland@hotmail.com
Skype: nia__m

Keep in mind that I only check my email about every other day and can't always reply to emails the minute I get them! For Skype, I don't go on there too much anymore but I figured I'd put up my username just in case! Be warned that Tumblr is the place where I let loose and just reblog a bunch of stuff both related and unrelated to idols. And that's all I say about that! I don't Tweet very much, but if you have a Twitter, I'll totally follow you! It's always nice connecting with fellow overseas fans over a mutual interest in J-pop! Like I said, if you have questions, concerns, or anything that is relevant, feel free to pop by one of those four sites and maybe we can have an intelligent discussion about Perfume! Or something else!


  1. Hey Nia! I am a big fan of J-pop and K-pop (I'm not a Weebo) And I take the Japanese language. My interest inJ-pop began when I happened to be watching Fine bros (Youtube) And they reviewed j-pop in particular AKB. I instantly thought "wow they look like they're having fun," so I researched them. Now along with Flower, Morning Museum, perfume and other bands My favourite AKB48 song is Namida Suprise, It would bring me a lot of Happiness If you could Review it. Thanks!