Monday, December 1, 2014

Nia's State of the Wonderland - December 2014

It's the most wonderful times of the year! Christmas! It's also the most stressful time of the year! Finals! The last two months have been kind of a mess on the Wonderland. That's partially because of college- actually no, it's completely because of college. I have been busy. Extremely busy. And not just with schoolwork, with friends and a relationship and other commitments. I've been having a blast, but I haven't had much time to blog or even keep up with the idol news. However, once I'm done with finals, the clouds will part and I'll have a month off from school! I'll have other things to do like get Christmas presents together and spend time with people, but I'll have a lot more time to write than I do now! And December's a big month for the Wonderland: this is when I start publishing the year-end posts! Hopefully, I'll have time to work on those, along with the many other reviews I want to publish this month... So just what do I have planned for this month? Album reviews. Lots and lots of album reviews. I have no idea why so many artists are releasing albums this month, but oh well! I don't mind! I love albums. Speaking of...

Dengeki Princess Album Review
- Would you look at that! Himekyun Fruit Can's releasing an album at the very end of the month. Knowing the rate at which Himekyun Fruit Can's music leaks, I probably won't be able to review this album for a good two months at least. I can still hold out hope though! Even if Dengeki Princesses leaks in a timely manner, I'll probably be too wrapped in year-end posts to complete the review before 2015. Don't worry though; there are lots of other idol albums being released in December I can review! I guess to make up for that dry spell...

Good bye, Good girl PV Review
- Tentenko's alive! And she's released a music video! And she has a Youtube channel! Seeing former BiS members embark on other projects brings such joy to my heart. Or maybe that's just the Christmas season. Tentenko was one of my favorite members of BiS, so to see her active on her own is great! I know that Tentenko is releasing an EP soon, so I'll probably review that too if I can get my hands on it. For now, I have ready access to the PV for Good bye, Good girl, so I'm focusing on that.

Hello World Album Review
- Because December is apparently the month everyone decided to release albums, Scandal's getting in on the action too! I debated reviewing the PV for Image, because it was actually a cute little PV. Then I figured the release of Hello World was close enough. I can kill two birds with one stone, and just review the entire album. Less work for me, especially since I have so much to catch up on! I do hope Hello World is a decent album; Standard didn't grab me, and I'm a little worried Hello World is shaping up to do the same thing.

I miss you/The Future Single Review
- I should have figured out a long time ago reviewing Hello! Project singles are easier than reviewing Hello! Project music videos. So that's what I'm doing with C-ute! I really want to talk about I miss you, but the music video is kind of dull. Not terrible by H!P standards, but I can't make a whole review out of that music video. I can review I miss you on the single along with The Future. Gosh darn, aren't I clever? It only takes me three years to figure things out! So yeah, this review is coming. At some point.

Nia's Best (and Worst) of 2014 ~A Year-End Megapost~
- The end of the year brings about the year-end posts! The biggest one of course being my year-end megapost! I actually need to get my shit together regarding my best and worst picks. Some categories, I don't even have anything in them yet. I just need time to gather my thoughts together and figure out what releases warrant Best A-side, Worst A-side, Best PV, Worst PV, and the hodgepodge of other categories I do. You guys know the spiel! Or do you? I might change things up this year; not sure how yet but it's a definite maybe!

Nia's Best of the Blogsphere 2014
- This seemed like a pretty popular blog post last year, so I thought I'd bring it back! Besides, I like giving all the other idol blogs some love. Since I haven't been keeping up with the idol blogs as actively as last year, I'll probably have to dig a little deeper for blog posts. I don't mind though; there are a lot of great writers in the blogsphere, so it'll be nice catching up on all the happenings! The hardest part is sorting everything by date, and linking stuff. I don't know how the staff at Idolminded does that everyday!

Nia's Hopes and Dreams for 2015
- Everyone has hopes and dreams, right? My current one is making it through finals with my grades intact! Then there are hopes and dreams for idol groups next year. I haven't given much thought to my hope and dreams for 2015. I think once I'm on break, I'll give the topic deeper thought. For now, I have a few things on my mind, but nothing that I've written down yet. One of my big ones got filled for this year, one that I thought would never happen! Can you guess? Give you a hint: I'm about to make a big post about it.

Perfume World Tour 3rd Concert Report
- I'm almost done with this! And I mean literally. As soon as I'm finished writing this State of the Wonderland I'm hitting publish on the concert post. I wish I'd been able to publish this post sooner, but I had so much to write about. I'll say right now my post about the concert is a long read. I go through pre-concert stuff, the setlist, my impressions before and after, then reflect on everything at the end. But fear not! I took pictures! So I've got writing, pictures, eyewitness accounts, and a good memory. At least I hope so; I tried to remember the many details!

Say long goodbye Single Review
- About time Tokyo Girls' Style released another single! I'm debating whether to review the music video for Say long goodbye or review the entire single. The tracklist of the entire single looks a little more promising, especially that GAME track. And no, not because GAME is a cover of the Perfume song. Sadly, that's not the case. Then there's Himawari to Hoshizuku -English Version- so I can review that too! If the full music video for Say long goodbye gets released before the single, I might just review the music video.

Sennou Album Review
- Would anyone care if I reviewed an Oomori Seiko album? I'm really excited about Sennou, and I think technically Oomori Seiko is an idol. Maybe she's more of an anti-idol, but does it really matter? Half the idol groups I review on this blog aren't even idol groups! I may as well add Oomori Seiko to the mix! Her latest album sounds especially idol pop-sounding. I've listened to all the previews off Sennou, and I'm really excited to hear the full album! And it should be out in a few days now! The hard part will be finding a time to review this album!

Undo the Union Album Review
- And what's this? Bellring Shoujo Heart is also releasing an album? About time! I was wondering when they'd release a follow-up to Bedhead. I just hope Undo the Union is a good album. The singles post-Bedhead have had good and bad songs on them. Still, Bellring Shoujo Heart's a fairly consistent. Maybe this time around, Undo the Union will have better production qualities than Bedhead! Like with Himekyun Fruit Can's album, this album may leak months after its release. I hope not since I'm excited to hear what's on it.

White Sweet Cake Single Review
- On hiatus, and Curumi Chronicle still gets more done than when my blog goes on unintentional hiatus. White Sweet Cake was technically released last year, but now it's a full-fledged single and not just a digital release! I need to review something Christmas-y and White Sweet Cake looks like the most promising release to deliver some holiday cheer! There are just two other tracks on White Sweet Cake, and one is a remix while the other's a mash-up. So not much new material, but since Curumi's on hiatus until spring, it's more than I expected!

Year-End Introspective
- As with tradition, the end of 2014 brings out a year-end introspective on all the happenings in the idol world while also reflecting on all the happenings on the Wonderland. This is just me going over the highlights of 2014 while also going over blog highlights. And considering there weren't as many highlights to 2014 as 2013, this may be a pretty short post. It didn't help that I got extremely busy toward the end of the year, so a lot of the idol news from October onward, I've been vaguely keeping up. Oh well, we'll see.


  1. Are u going to include e-girls for your mega post this year? They have some decent songs in2014

    1. Flower will definitely be in the mega post. I don't follow E-girls very closely, so probably not.

  2. Ohmori Seiko! I didn't pay much attention to her at first but now...I must say that as idol/pop rock singer she's very original. When it comes to music,genres are not what they used to be 40 or 50 years ago...I mean...people think that that 'anti-idol' tendency started with Babymetal,but that's not quite the truth. Maybe because this whole wave of idol music is new (at least for this part of the world) people don't realise that in Japan nowadays idol music is not was at was! (well,even in the 80's there were idol singers who mixed pop,electronic,alternative music in one song!)
    Seiko is the perfect example...she said in a interview she followed the idol path thanks to her eternal favourite member from MoMusu,Michishige Sayumi)
    If she chooses to mix it with rock...I don't least as the result is listenable
    As for SCANDAL,I assure you the last album isn't that bad!
    I don't why...but after "Departure" release...they seem to be taking a more active role in composing their songs lyrics and music
    I like that,it's time for them to explore different things if they want
    I was glad to know 'STANDARD' success wasn't arbitrary (got dissapointed after hearing 'Queens are Trumps' and realising that only four or so songs were quite decent..within of course Pin Heel Surfer wasn't included haha)
    P.D: Good blog...keep writing honestly about what you like ;)

    1. I got into her around the time she released Mahou ga Tsukaenai Nara Shinitai, and her sound over three albums has been amazing. Babymetal is definitely seen as the "face" for anti-idols, but you're totally right, they're not the first to do it. I really am curious about the history of idol music in the 1980s. The sound is probably both different and similar to the idols of today.

      What I love about Seiko is her vocal love for idols; you can hear it in her music. She even covered a Tanpopo song on her Zettai Shoujo album!

      I did listen to Hello World... I actually liked it better than Standard. There were still some duds on Hello World, but the better songs stood out more. I do applaud them for taking more creative control over their music. I'm still not as jazzed by them as I was in their earlier days, but they seem to be doing fairly consistently!

      And thank you! I will do my best!