Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Nia's State of the Wonderland - October 2014

October! My favorite month of the year has arrived! Break out the pumpkins! Hang up the cobwebs! Buy copious amounts of candy! It's October!!! First order of business, happy second anniversary to the States of the Wonderland! I've kept up these little progress posts for two whole years; that doesn't seem like a long time but feels like it. Also, I broke 200,000 views last month! That means the big 250K mark is coming up soon! I think I'll probably reach that toward the end of 2014, possibly early 2015. And it's all because of you wonderful, quality people! Go out and do something nice for yourselves. While I'm still not writing quite as much as I'd like to be, I am slowly getting the hang of balancing college academics with hobbies. I do have two exams this week, so there definitely won't be much writing until after Saturday. Fall break is coming up in a little over a week for me, so maybe I can get some writing done then! I've got a handful of reviews planned, but I need to dig around and see who else is releasing stuff. And news happens as always like Morning Musume's 12th Generation being revealed and Jessica getting kicked out of Girls' Generation the day I have to publish a review of Genie. Gee, SM, could you be a little more considerate? Awful timing aside, here's hoping nothing of that sort happens to any of the groups I'm reviewing this month!

3 Idol Groups I Respect but Just Don't Get
- This post actually came out of nowhere. That happens with some editorials, but I honestly have no idea why I started writing this post. I think maybe my befuddlement with these three idol groups brought this post to fruition? It was easy to write! I'm done with most of it, save for a few paragraphs in the introduction. This post is exactly what you think it is: 3 idol groups I can respect but will never understand their appeal. What are those three idol groups? You'll have to wait and see, or you can take a guess! If you've read a lot of my blog posts, they might be easy to figure out. A warning now, this post is entirely opinion based. And I get a little rant-y at some parts.

Nandome no Aozora ka? PV Review
- So nice to see Nogizaka46 releasing another single! Here's to Nandome no Aozora ka? offering something better than Natsu no Free&Easy! You know what's really nice about October? Nogizaka46 is releasing a single and AKB48 is not! I'm not just saying that because AKB48 is on my Idol Blacklist. AKB48's 38th single being released in October means for the first time in forever, I can put one of their music videos in the Time Capsule Review poll. Fun times! As for Nogizaka46, I'm reviewing this PV. I don't know when. I have it in my possession, but I haven't started the review. It doesn't help that there are no HQ pictures of the single covers...

Paradigm Single Review
- Any Himekyun Fruit Can fans that read my blog? And if there are, do you guys call yourselves the Himekyun Fruit Fans? Because if not, that is a total missed opportunity. I've been so on the fence about reviewing Himekyun Fruit Can, but I think I'm going to give Paradigm a try. It's been about a month or so since this single came out, but someone uploaded it to Jpopsuki about a week ago. I can talk about the A-side, and there are two different B-sides I can talk about as well! So I figure why not? I always like reviewing new groups, and I've been trying to fill the void BiS left when they... ascended to idol heaven. Sigh.

Plastic 2 Mercy Single Review
- I am so gosh darn happy the members of BiS are releasing things. Have I mentioned that? First Yufu, now Saki, and hopefully Megumi and Uika can get their Billie Idol group off the ground! For now, the only thing I can review right now is Pla2me's debut single! I now have the single which makes reviewing it a lot easier! Since this single is just two songs, and A-side doesn't have a music video, Plastic 2 Mercy should be one of the easier reviews for me to finish. I think I'm going to put all the former BiS members under a Post-BiS Projects in my review index once I've reviewed a few more things. Of course, I have to review things before that happens...

Shabadabadoo~ PV Review
- Sayumi's final swan song! Or swan squeak considering her voice. Hello! Station showing us the other two PV's on Morning Musume's triple A-side was so convenient. I wasn't sure up until now which A-side off this single I was going to review. I knew I didn't want to do Tiki Bun. For a song called Tiki Bun there are a lot less tiki torches and a lot more boring dance shots and unoriginal costumes. The other song sung by everyone except Sayumi is a little dull too. It's a pretty song, but the PV more-or-less revolves around Sayumi. So why not just review the A-side that revolves entirely around Sayumi? I think it's a good way to send her out!

Something Halloween-themed
- I wanna do a Halloween post this year, but thinking of something that relates to idols is kind of a challenge. I attempted to do something with creepy PVs many moons ago, but that backfired. But this year, I really want to do something. I'm thinking maybe I could do a favorite costumes post? I mean, technically idols wear costumes, and people wear costumes on Halloween (well, cool people wear costumes). Of course, I could do something different, like maybe do an idol smackdown between like Bellring Shoujo Heart and that Necronomidal group. I don't know, I've got potential ideas. Off topic, but is anyone dressing up for Halloween? I am!

Unicorn Parade PV Review
- So after much thoughtful consideration, I have decided to review the music video for Unicorn Parade in lieu of the entire single. Mainly because I feel like I've been reviewing a lot of singles lately? They are easier to do than PV reviews, but Unicorn Parade has too many B-sides. As a consumer, I enjoy more B-sides, but after reviewing Curumi Chronicle's 2 5-song singles, I am worn out on multiple B-side reviews. Besides, I gotta review Paradigm, and that single's got two different B-sides. My very abbreviated opinion of the entire Unicorn Parade single is this: they're sounding less and less like a Perfume rip-off which is good. But the Autotune still needs work.

Youtube Idols Revisited
- Anyone remember that editorial about Beckii Cruel and Youtube idols I did like two years ago? Well, I was kind of a bitch in that editorial. I mean, I'll stand by my writing, but I was still a bitch. And the topic still interests me to some degree. Not so much Beckii Cruel (has she even done anything since Oishii Project?), but more the concepts and advantages of being a Youtube idol. So if I end up writing this, it'll probably focus more on the positive aspects of being a Youtube idol and how social media is such a great marketing tool in today's society. I haven't even started this editorial though, so it may never even happen. Food for thought I suppose!


  1. I'm a huge fan of Himekyun Fruit Can so I'm very much looking forward to your review. Have you tried their sister groups; nanoCUNE and fruit pochette? Also happy 2nd anniversary!

    1. Good to know there are some Himekyun Fruit Fans on the Wonderland! I haven't tried either sister group, but I know of fruitpochette. Maybe one day in the future I'll explore them further. The Wonderland itself will have its third anniversary on November 13th; this second anniversary is just me celebrating the States of the Wonderlands I've written! The Wonderland's Cake Day will have more of a celebration!

  2. "Any Himekyun Fruit Can fans that read my blog?"

    I'm a big Himekyun fan, but i like so much all the bands from Mad Magazine Records label (Himekyun, Fruitpochette, Nanocune & Aicune).

    "and hopefully Megumi and Uika can get their Billie Idol group off the ground!"
    Nozomi and Uika ^_^

    This week i little gift arrive to my house from Japan...

    and Nia´s Wonderland on the screen, of course!! XD

    1. I forget one thing. Plastic 2 Mercy is really a very nice song!!

    2. Yeah, I knew that their were some other random groups on Mad Magazine Records relating back to Himekyun Fruit Can. I guess the company's overall image is kind of offbeat idol groups?

      Also I am SO jealous of your DVD!!! Also happy for you!

      I am digging Plastic 2 Mercy so hard. I need to get cracking on my review though...

  3. Flower is going to release their newest single "Akikaze no answer", since it is Muto Chiharu's last single in Flower (graduate from the group and E-girls to study abroad), would you please do a review on it?