Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Nia's State of the Wonderland - September 2014

Hey, guys, what's a crack-a-lackin'? Everybody still alive? I am! As you may have noticed, I didn't post much in August due to college and all. By the way, college is great. I'm busy, but it's great. Well, these last few days haven't been so great. I picked up some kind of cold this weekend, and there is nothing worse than getting sick when it's still hot outside. I've gone by the student health center though, and they prescribed me some medication! Hopefully that'll help! Back to being busy though, I have been extremely busy. I've barely had time to write; I haven't even checked my email for about a month now. But this month, things are finally calming down, and I'm developing a pattern with my study habits and such. I don't know how much time I'll have to write, but I'm hoping that I can publish more than just six posts. I've got some late stuff I want to review and some editorials I want to work on. Random question, does anyone know of any albums being released? I feel like I have zero albums to review this month, sans a potential Time Capsule Review. By the way, go ahead and vote on the Time Capsule Review poll! I think the five releases on this poll would all be fun to review!

17 & Touch Me Single Reviews
- I swear I am going to review these singles! Actually, I'm working on 17 right now, and I'm about a quarter through that single. Bad news is I haven't even started writing the review for Touch Me. I do have the apple ratings for that single done! So... progress? As much as I'm pumped to review both these singles, it is challenging to write about so many songs at such a length. I mean, I want to, because they're singles and all, but both these singles are basically mini-albums. As a listener, I'm not complaining at all, but as a reviewer, it takes more time for me to get through these long singles. Just know that I'm doing my best!

Bukiyou Taiyou PV Review
- Technically, we're still in summer; trust me, it's hot enough where I live that fall seems like a long, long ways away. So that means I'm still going to try and review Bukiyou Taiyou! I have the full music video saved to my computer, although the quality isn't as good as I'd like it to be. I really wish SKE48 would get back to releasing the full versions of their PVs in HD. The DVD rips aren't quite as good of quality. Still, I can work with this PV, and I think Bukiyou Taiyou is the AKS summer single I can talk the most about. At least I can talk more about it than I could the dog shit that is Labrador Retriever- okay, sorry, back to non-Blacklisted groups!

Campanula  no Yuuutsu PV Review
- I'm so happy that Yufu's sticking around! Or at least I assume she is. Usually when an idol releases a second single, that's a pretty good sign that they're not going to drop off the face of the planet anytime soon! I had this under August's State of the Wonderland, so you all know more-or-less that I really want to review this single. I just haven't had the time. I've got the PV in my computer, the draft for the review in my Blogger account, all I need now are some words to put into it and some screencaps to upload! Sadly, I have neither at the moment. Like with Bukiyou Taiyou, I will try finishing this review before the first day of all gets here!

Himawari Single Review
- Agh, I keep forgetting about Passpo. Like, I know they exist and they're all doing stuff but... It's like everything they've released lately is good but not great. Take Himawari! Well... I'll get to Himawari in more detail when I actually review this single. That's the problem though; everything Passpo feels more like a burden to review then something I want to put my heart and soul into. But they're not terrible enough either that I want to throw them on the Blacklist. Maybe after Himawari, I'll take a break from reviewing Passpo, devote some energy to some groups I have more motivation to review. But I will at least make an effort to get this single review done. It is just two songs so...

Mamma Mia! PV Review
- Anybody keep up with Kara Project? I didn't! I didn't even know who the new members of Kara were until I looked them up! And then I found out they'd just added one member. I have little thoughts about this, but since Kara's released a comeback single, I thought I'd see how well this Young Ji fits in with the rest of the group! Because this is a J-pop blog, I won't review Day & Night, but I will review the Japanese version of Mamma Mia! Hrm. A Korean-to-Japanese song that sounds like it would be an Italian song. Or the theme of the Broadway musical. No, Mamma Mia! sounds like neither one those; I'll get to what it does sound like in the review.

Plastic2Mercy Single Review
- Terashima Yufu isn't the only former BiS member getting her shit together and releasing new material! Saki's joined up with former soloist Izukoneko and together, they have formed their own duo Pla2me. Is it just me or have there been a substantial amount of duos popping up lately? I'm happy that all the members of BiS have been getting work, and I'm excited to see what this new unit will do! I've watched their live performance of Plastic2Mercy, and it's a pretty awesome song. Very technopop with a bit of that crazy BiS sound. I don't know what direction Pla2me plans on going, but if it's anything like Plastic2Mercy, I'm totally on board!

Unicorn Parade PV Review
- Ah, Cupitron, you're still around! I guess I thought they'd just disappear into thin air or something... I really should learn the names of the members because I keep referring to them as not-Nocchi, not-A-chan, and not-Kashiyuka. Maybe I'll get to that when I start writing the review for Unicorn Parade. This may possibly be a single review. As of now, I'm not sure; I do want to hear the B-side before I make a final decision. However, since the music video is out right now and the single is not, I've got Unicorn Parade pegged down for a PV review. I actually could review the music video for Unicorn Parade; there's a good deal of stuff to talk about in it!


  1. Too bad you put AKB48 on the blacklist since now you won't review the Kokoro no Placard PV. It's so original. I truly have never seen anything like it before.

    1. Yeah, hope it's not too much of a bummer since that PV is soooo groundbreaking. It's definitely not a 2014 version of Koisuru Fortune Cookie.