Friday, August 1, 2014

Nia's State of the Wonderland - August 2014

Another month gone by, another State of the Wonderland! For the first time in ages, I'm actually very excited for August! Usually, it's one of my least favorite months of the year. But do you know what happens this August? College!!! Nia goes to college! I move in to my dorm in a little over two weeks and then classes start a few days after that. I have to admit, I've been so excited all summer for college. But now as the date gets closer, I'm starting to get a little nervous. I guess that's normal. But over the next two weeks, I will be scrambling to get everything together, like dorm stuff, books for class, etc. And tomorrow I'll also be leaving for the beach (and doing college stuff down there). So in all this craziness, I hope I'll still be able to blog! I didn't get quite as much written in July as I had hoped, so I'd like to take full advantage of these last few weeks before college! As I've said, I have no idea how college is going to affect my blogging, just that it will to some degree. So please bear with me in these next few months. I love the Wonderland and everyone who stops by, but as always, I do have other priorities. And I want to spend my first few weeks of college getting acclimated and making new friends. So with that, I don't know how much free time I'll have. Nonetheless, these are the reviews I'd like to write before September!

17 & Touch Me Single Reviews
- So Curumi Chronicle's two upcoming singles got pushed back a week which is kind of a bummer. Plus side is the date's only a week ahead but still. Her singles have a tendency to leak a week or two after they're officially released. Had 17 and Touch Me been released July 30, I'd have likely reviewed them on August 6 or later. So already I'll probably end up reviewing this single towards the late middle or even the end of August. I can work with that though! I've already heard previews of many of the new songs off both singles, and I'm extremely pumped to hear the full songs! And I think 17 is getting a music video too, so I may review that!

Bukiyou Taiyou PV Review
- This PV is one of those PVs I'm not sure I'm going to review. I think I can talk about the song, but I'm having a hard time coming up with much to say about the PV. That and the only high quality version of the PV is the short version. Actually, I've noticed SKE48's doing that with all their recent PVs. I guess for promotional purposes, but that makes screencapping their PVs inconvenient. The full PV for Bukiyou Taiyou is available on the DVD version, but the quality isn't as good. So basically, I'm in quite the pickle. Then again, I have been kind of lax on reviewing summer PVs this year, so I'll probably end up reviewing this PV...

Campanula no Yuutsu PV Review
- I kind of regret not reviewing Terashima Yufu's debut single. But in my defense, the PV was kind of basic. There's a little more going on with her second single's PV! And it's a summer PV! August is pretty much the last month for idol summer PVs, so this and Bukiyou Taiyou will probably be the last summer PVs before we slowly start transitioning in to fall. By the way, I love that Yufu's producers release her PVs in full HD on her Youtube channel. That helps a lot when I'm trying to screencap PVs. And I don't have to deal with that pesky M-ON!/SSTV watermark! HD idol PVs are practically a blessing, so I may as well review Campanula no Yuutsu!

Cling Cling Single Review
- I sorely wish I could have gotten around to reviewing the entire Cling Cling single in July. I did get to reviewing the PV though! As of now, I've gotten about a quarter of the review written. Luckily, there's a lot to talk about with Cling Cling, especially since the single has three different B-sides! Downside to reviewing a single with three different B-sides is that it takes longer. Why else do you think it takes awhile for me to review Curumi Chronicle's singles? Anyways, I kind of like spreading out my Perfume reviews. Cling Cling will probably be the only single Perfume releases this year, so I'd like to enjoy reviewing their stuff before the they go months again without releasing anything!

Himawari Single Review
- I had such hope for Passpo after Jejejejet!! but Perfect Sky turned out to be another blah single, despite the promising inclusion of Passpo playing as a band. I don't know if they're keeping the band concept after Perfect Sky, but Himawari is their next single. I've seen the short version of the music video, and it's pretty dull. The song doesn't do much for me either. So I guess I'll review the entire single. Maybe. Thing is, Passpo's starting to feel more like something I review out of obligation. And I've got a lot more singles I want to review this month. In the end, Passpo might just end up getting cut from my review list. Nothing personal, their new single just doesn't impress me so far.

Idols and Performance Editorial
- I feel very hesitant putting editorials in my States of the Wonderland, because I feel like it takes months for those editorials to ever come to fruition. Sometimes I never even end up writing a few of them. It feels like I'm letting down my readers by saying I may write something then end up not doing it... Still, I don't want to not put potential editorials under the State of the Wonderland. So here we are. Anyways, I've been thinking about idols as performers and the similarities between idols and actors. Since I've got theatre experience, I kind of want to go over the parallels between performing as idols and performing in plays. So I'll have to see if this idea ends up going anywhere.

Koboreteshimattamizunoyouni Single Review
- Thank god I will never have to say the title of this single out loud. Do I have any Faint Star listeners on the Wonderland? They're a new group, and this their debut single! I've been kind of following them for the past year, and I thought I'd check out their debut single! And maybe get some other readers into this group as well! So I thought that this was going to another Kus Kus situation where the single wouldn't ever leak, but it turns out I can buy this single on Amazon's MP3 store! And that's exactly what I did. Like with Cling Cling, this single's got three different B-sides, so it may take some time for me to finish this review! But I'll get to it!

Rip-offs Editorial
- I mentioned in my Cupitron review wanting to write an editorial about rip-offs, and that desire still stands! I feel like I read so much about idols ripping off other idols, and I think it's a very interesting topic! Now I have to actually start writing this editorial. As I was saying earlier, I feel a little guilty putting editorials under my State of the Wonderland then taking months to actually publish said editorials. I do wish I could write more editorials, but they're a little bit trickier to write than reviews. What I really need to write a proper editorial is the drive to do so along with being able to sort out all my ideas. Whether I'll be able to do this with the rip-offs editorial, I don't know, but I'll try!


  1. Have you heard about it? Berryz Koubou is going to suspend their activities starting from next year.

    1. Whoa, I had no idea until you told me. Damn. I think I'm gonna have to write about this too...

  2. I'm surprised you're not reviewing the "Ibiza Girl" PV since it's such a cinematographic masterpiece.

    1. I actually kind of like that PV! But I have nothing to say about the song. So no review.