Monday, July 7, 2014

The Dumbest Youtube Comments on BiS Videos

Well, the end of BiS draws nearer. I don't know why, but now I'm strangely tranquil about their disbandment. I guess I've had such a long time to come to terms with it and rationalized that they've had a good run. They've released more than sixty songs over the course of four years. So while I'm sad that they're going out now, at least they're going out with a trail of weird music and unconventional idol antics.

And naturally, BiS has stirred up a shit-ton of controversy along the way.

They're promoting their compilation album as sex dolls, and I'm barely phased. The unconventional is conventional for BiS, and that's the way it's been from near the get-go. I know that because I've been a fan of them for awhile. However, someone who's just discovered them may be more than a little shocked. Who knows, they might even strongly dislike BiS if they happened upon one of their music videos like say, My Ixxx. And then they might feel compelled to express their dislike. But woe, what platform could they possibly use to show people how much they dislike a BiS video?

Oh, that's right! They can use Youtube!

Coming up with a simile to describe Youtube is like picking strawberries in April. There are so many deliciously perfect ones, I'd never be able to decide. I think almost everyone with a computer has a love-hate relationship with Youtube. They nearly monopolize the video-sharing platform; a lot of idol groups and other music agencies from Up-Front to indie idols like Curumi Chronicle use Youtube. Youtube is where I primarily watch PVs for the first time before waiting for Jpopsuki to upload them. But the price of watching videos on Youtube is a load of frustration. From the forced linking of Google accounts to the increasingly tight copyright measures to the shitty loading quality and all the other unnecessary upgrades, Youtube can be a real pain to deal with. And yet we have to because no other video sharing website has the scope and dominance Youtube holds on to. Of the many infamous aspects of Youtube, one that's always retained infamy is the comments section. I get shivers up my spine just typing that! I don't really need to explain why a website where anyone can conceal there identity and type whatever the hell they want into a box has an infamous comments section. But I guarantee you, if there's a weird video, the Youtube comments section is even weirder.

So weird videos... BiS... you see where I'm going with this?

Yeah, some of the Youtube comments on BiS videos have made me want to bang my head against a wall. Especially for My Ixxx, DiE, and Primal.2. You'll see what I mean. Back when I first got into BiS, some Youtube comments even upset me. I just wanted more people to like BiS. I wanted people to see past their crazy, strange music videos and appreciate what they were trying to do. But this is Youtube. It was only inevitable that BiS videos would get dumb Youtube comments, and now I'd like to think of them as one more facet of BiS's divisive image. Besides, some of them are actually kind of funny! In a stupid kind of way but still! So I decided to compile together all the dumbest Youtube comments on BiS videos that I could find. Actually, you probably figured that out by now considering the title of this post... I just don't want to write something that's going to be sad and bittersweet about BiS just yet. Doing this post, I can have a laugh, hopefully someone else can have a laugh, and we can all go into the upcoming disbandment with a little more humor. Besides, there are so many dumb Youtube comments; how could I possibly let them fade away into obscurity!?

With the whole, "You now need a Google+ account to leave comments, also Google may require your soul for future activity," pandemonium, finding Youtube comments on older videos was a little bit harder than I would have liked. In fact, I'm pretty sure some comments got lost. That's kind of a damper, but I will survive. As I can't read Kanji or Hiragana, all the comments I found are in English. I'm certain there are just as many dumb Japanese Youtube comments on BiS videos, but someone else will have to compile them. There are no usernames attached to the comments, and I ask you all not to try and track down any of the original posters. If you happen to be the poster of one of these comments, please understand that I hold nothing personal against you and this is just a fun little post to make light of BiS's disbandment. We all do stupid things, and sometimes those things get stuck on the Internet forever. I've had my fair share of dumb Youtube antics that you will never see or hear about so don't bother asking. All I ask is that everyone maintain politeness that the Youtube comments section is lacking. This is a mature blog. That's why I write in casual, breezy first person and barely edit anything! See? Mature. Now let's take a trip down memory lane...

The first PV BiS ever uploaded (on their original Youtube channel too!), with the song being from their debut album, Brand-new Idol Society. You can even see UK and Rinahamu before they jumped ship! This was before they'd started doing a ton of crazy antics and is one of their more normal PVs. I honestly thought this PV wouldn't have any dumb Youtube comments on it. But to my surprise, the PV for BiS had a few!

Here's something a little less normal! Paprika's PV is much more like the BiS we know and love (or hate) today! Actually, I'm not a huge fan of Paprika or this PV. The song kind of creeps me out, ditto for the PV. Again, this is from BiS's earlier days before the controversial My Ixxx so there aren't too many dumb Youtube comments on Paprika's video page.

Fast-forwarding past nerve's PV (because there weren't any really dumb Youtube comments), here we are at the PV that started it all! My Ixxx was the first PV that I saw from BiS and despite the controversy, I knew I was going to like BiS after watching this. And I suspect many other BiS fans also got into BiS through this PV! Still, with great controversy comes great stupidity. And hoo boy, are there some greatly stupid Youtube comments on My Ixxx's PV.

Contrary to my expectations, Primal and Idol's PVs didn't have anywhere near as many outlandish Youtube comments as I thought. Not enough to screenshot anyways. So we're at PPCC the first BiS PV under the Avex label and the first one not posted on their original Youtube channel. PPCC's music video has all the weirdness I hoped BiS would retain on a major label and all the dumb Youtube comments with it!

After PPCC, BiS took one step further to prove that nothing had changed being under the Avex label with the PV for Idol is Dead. To promote the titular album, BiS released two music videos, Idol is Dead being the first. Now I'm a wimp when it comes to metal music, and Idol is Dead is one of my least favorite BiS songs. And I'd be lying if I said I didn't find the music video at least a little freaky. So you could only imagine what kind of mature responses the video got on Youtube!

The other music video to promote Idol is Dead was Ash, one of my favorite BiS songs! The music video features semi-nudity, again, not a first for BiS. I actually don't remember that many people talking about this music video. But maybe that's because I never bothered to look in the comments section at the time... Looking back now, I found there were a handful of dumb Youtube comments on the video for Ash! Not a ton but enough.

Coming to the first single post-Idol is Dead, we've got BiSimulation! I still don't get this song and I especially don't get the music video. Not that I believe I'm meant to. Unlike the last PV, BiSimulation has no nudity, but in its place is blood! Lots and lots of blood. Even if it's fake blood (or at least I hope it is), if you're squeamish I'd steer away from this music video. And the Youtube comments section.

DiE is the most viewed BiS video on the Avex channel and second overall in most views BiS has ever gotten on a Youtube video. Like with My Ixxx though, responses were... not kind. This BiS video actually has more dislikes than likes along with a boatload of stupid comments. Considering the content of the PV for DiE, I'm not surprised. A little bemused and a little more disappointed but not surprised in the least.

Inspired by the Minegishi Minami head-shaving incident, of course BiS satirized that through Mura-Mura. There's also a bunch of other weird shit in this music video that has little to do with said incident. Compared to DiE though, reactions toward Mura-Mura were practically lukewarm. I guess Youtube commenters are more okay with a face coming out of an idol's crotch than artsy nudity.

Technically part of BiS Kaidan, this was BiS's noise cover of Suki Suki Daisuki! As a huge fan of the original, I appreciate what BiS was trying to do, but I absolutely cannot stand this cover. I can't really get through the music video either, unless I put the song on mute. And a lot of other people in the Youtube comments section share the same sentiment I do! Well, they put it a lot more crudely than I tried to...

In my opinion, StupiG is BiS's weirdest music video. Well, unless you count the joke version of Idol. Nothing in BiS's videography compares to that music video. There's just so much weird stuff in StupiG and the cyberpunk imagery is weird. Weirdly awesome but weird. And yet I couldn't find that many dumb Youtube comments on this video...

I thought for sure DiE would have the largest number of dumb Youtube comments on it, but Primal.2 turned out to be that contender! Seriously, I found nearly 20, and those were just the ones in English. I'm not even sure I'd want to read the ones in Japanese or Thai. Like with DiE, the negative comments for the Primal.2. video aren't surprising. Doesn't mean they're any less dumb.

Now for Final Dance, I want to do something a little different. These past several videos have all had some pretty negative comments on them, but I haven't shown any of the positive Youtube comments. I don't want to end this post with 100& negativity, especially since BiS is so close to disbanding. So for Final Dance's music video, these are the nicest Youtube comments I could find.

I know BiS has never been a well-liked group, but it's kind of touching that they still have enough fans that care about them leaving. And even though many of these Youtube videos invoked some pretty dumb responses, at least they left strong impressions! BiS raised some hell, and in their wake left some very shocked people who really wanted to express their shock. And here we are today, with a handful of interesting Youtube comments on BiS videos. Some of them are weird, most of them are completely dumb and just a few can be a little heartwarming.When years have gone by and BiS is long gone, I wonder what people will remember about them. Will BiS be remembered as the anti-idol group that ran around naked in the forest? Will they be remembered at all? I'd like to think that they will be. And I'd also like to think that in the future, Youtube will get its shit together. But I'm not that ludicrous. Until a better, more popular video-sharing website comes along, we're pretty much stuck with Youtube and all its lovely Youtube comments.


  1. (sorry for my english...again )

    Oh, one of the latest coments you show is mine!! :З

    BiS without haters wouldn't be BiS. They always wanted to be a disturbing band, and all this coments show that they make a good job.

    Today is a bad day. I'm sad and a little depressed, but i pray for a Yokohama Arena's sold out.

    Thank you very very much for this entry

    1. Your English is fine! Very nice and grammatically correct!

      Wow! Small world! I thought all the comments on the last video were so sweet.

      Yeah, now that you mention it, I guess I couldn't see BiS without all the backlash they got.

      Today is such a bummer day. I wish I was able to attend their final concert... Unfortunately, there's the whole no-passport-no-money-no-fluency thing.

      Still, I wish all the best to the members of BiS.

  2. A great read!
    Also, this is a pretty nice method for summing up the whole of BiS's career. BiS have a great way of confusing and confounding both casual viewers and viewers devoted to the idol ascetic. Reading the comments makes one reevaluate their relationship with music and idols. I kept thinking "Am I much different than these viewers who are watching for titillation or fetishization or masochism?" and even "What draws me to this music when the comments are so negative?"
    It's easy to dismiss the comments as diarrhea from immature minds, but there must be some truth locked inside them. I suppose I should thank BiS for yet again forcing me to intellectualize my choices of entertainment!

    1. Thank you!

      BiS really is quite the enigma. I'm a huge fan of them, and even then they still confuse me sometimes! Or I guess I should say confused. Because they're... no longer around now. But I totally get what you're saying. I liked BiS because they were so different from idols, but at the same time, all those differences made me question if they were an idol group or not. At the end of the day, everyone has their own music choices, some that we may not even understand. And clearly, some of these Youtubers just didn't take to BiS! Which is totally okay!

  3. i love all your articles, and this is another well thought-out, well put-together article on BiS... thank you!

    my thoughts:

    to me, BiS' videos are all about social satire.

    e.g. in myxxx, by romping around joyfully naked through Japan's "sea of trees" (more infamously known as "the suicide forest" - the #1 destination in Japan for people wanting to commit suicide (#2 in the world, right behind sf's golden gate bridge)), perhaps they are just saying 'why so serious? just enjoy life!'.

    and in mura-mura, they slap you with the truth about wota vs. idol, a subject matter
    seemingly ignored by the masses.

    i think the same can be said about everything else they do - posing naked, love dolls, ticket prices ($1000 to see idols?), etc. - it's all a big joke and we're all part of it, they included - socially criticsm.

    this is well beyond the heads of most you-tubers, of course.

    but it's yet another one of BiS' appeal: they can be so shallow, yet so deep.

    but it's all for naught without their music. i just love their music. to me, that's what
    makes it all come together. their melodies is like nothing like i've heard before; but at the same same time, it's stuff i've listened to all my life. this coming from a californian who could care less about the idol scene and/or j-pop.

    3 albums in ~3 years (not including the latest 'best of'); each different; all covering such

    a wide musical spectrum... amazing!

    and it's a shame they're so under appreciated.

    and now that they're gone, i wonder who will continue their legacy?

    lfm, billie idle, others? perhaps no one.

    1. Thank you for the sweet comment!

      I absolutely agree BiS's music videos are satirical. Extremely satirical. I had no idea that BiS filmed My Ixxx in Aokigahara! Oh my gosh, that puts a completely different spin on the music video now! Wow, I think I actually appreciate My Ixxx even more than I did when I first saw it.

      Mura-Mura is a shockingly blunt music video, especially when you take into consideration the Minegishi Minami scandal.

      I think BiS all around is (was?) a blunt idol group. They could get too blunt at times, but they were always doing something that would turn heads. Their concerts, music videos, you're right, it was all a joke and a pretty entertaining one at that.

      Of course, you're also right in that very few Youtubers probably realize that.

      I love their music too, and that's still my favorite thing about them. Yes, they've got weird music videos, but the music is what sets them apart from other idol groups. They've covered so many styles in their four years of activity. It was so refreshing hearing a group like BiS on the idol scene. Now I'm just gonna have to deal with all the Babymetal-wannabe metal groups.

      I think they were very under appreciated in their run, but who knows? Maybe in the future, they'll gain a cult following. I'd like to think so.