Sunday, June 1, 2014

Nia's State of the Wonderland - June 2014

Finally, the best month of the year has arrived! Why is June the best month? Because this month is my birthday! It's also the month in which I have many, many things going on which may or may not effect blogging. Luckily, I've caught up on pretty much everything I wanted to get caught up on last month. Maybe I can do an editorial or something this month! Now that I've graduated, I've also started compiling the things I'll need for college, like figuring out stuff for my dorm, sending in my final transcript, you know, things like that! And I go to orientation June 11-12, so I obviously won't be blogging then! And I'm taking a family vacation to New Orleans, so again, don't know how that will effect blogging. I think the place we're staying at has Wifi, but I don't think I'm going to want to spend much time on the Internet in New Orleans. Not when I can explore the St. Louis Cemetery! Also, I auditioned for a play yesterday. I'll know if I'm in the cast or not by early next week. If I do miraculously get into this play, I'll probably just be in ensemble! So that won't be such a huge commitment over my summer, but it'll still give me something to do! This month, I don't have anywhere near as many reviews I need to complete as I did in May, so I might be able to work on some editorials this month! If my brain lets me. For now, these are the releases I plan on reviewing, and hopefully I'll be able to!

Final Dance/nerve Single Review
- Well, I reviewed the PV for Final Dance last month, but I didn't have time to write a review for the single overall! Since this single was released in May, it's at the top of my list to review right now, along with the new TGS album. I'd like to get this out before I leave to go on vacation, but whether that's possible or not, I don't know. I should have free time (when I'm not packing) to write, and Final Dance/nerve is a single with just two songs on it. How hard can it be? I probably shouldn't say that... There have been some two-track singles that have been a real challenge to eke through. I think I've got stuff to talk about with this single though, especially since it's the last one for BiS. Sigh.

Fuutsu, Idol 10nen Yatterannai Desho!? PV Review
- No, you aren't hallucinating, this is a Berryz Koubou PV on my State of the Wonderland. When was the last time I reviewed them? A year ago? I think it was. It isn't my fault that Berryz has been getting singles that have ranged from weird to terrible! Admittedly, their upcoming single isn't a complete miss, and I actually like the other A-side. I've got... opinions about Fuutsu, Idol 10nen Yatterannai Desho!? Enough opinions that I think I need a whole review to comb through them. I may do a single review of this release if I find that I can't say as much about Fuutsu, Idol 10nen Yatterannai Desho!? as I thought I'd be able to. I need to start working on it at least!

Killing Me Softly Album Review
- I will actually be on a plane to New Orleans the day this album comes out, so that means I will either be listening to Killing Me Softly on the plane or typing my review on the plane. Possibly both, considering the length of the flight. For better or worse, Killing Me Softly has a lot of old songs on it, so I've pretty much got most of the apple ratings figured out. I even thought about reviewing the music video for Killing Me Softly. But I've got enough stuff on my plate to review this month, and I don't really think I could find much to talk about with the music video. I mean, it's pretty and all, but not enough for me to write a full-length review of it.

Koi Moyou Single Review
- Kus Kus is back! I was so worried Universal Music Japan had forgotten about them after Suteki na Takaramono, but they're back with a new single! Koi Moyou will be released in mid-June, but the PV is already out. I've been torn on whether to review the PV or the single for Koi Moyou. I've decided want to review the single a little bit more, just because there are three different B-side on it, and I'd really like to review them all. If I have time, I may review the music video as well, but that all depends on how much time I have. As of now, I've got four PVs planned for review this month, but who knows what other PVs will pop up along the way?

Nettaigyo no Namida PV Review
- This was actually a request from one of my lovely readers! Nettaigyo no Namida is by Flower, a group I have never reviewed before. So this will be quite the learning experience for me! Technically, I think they're a dance group, not an idol group, but so many groups I review now aren't considered idol groups. I may as well add one more to the mix! I've watched the PV for Nettaigyo no Namida by now, and I will say I'm looking forward to screencapping it. I won't say directly why, just that there are a lot of opportune shots to screencap! I've got the Berryz PV to work on first, but both are saved to my computer, so I'll start on this around the same time I do Koi Moyou!

Magi9 Playland Album Review
- Tokyo Girls' Style isn't the only five-member group that isn't considered an idol group that's releasing an album this month! 9nine is releasing Magi9 Playland, their fifth album and the only one with a forced inclusion of the number 9! There's actually a surprisingly large amount of new material on this album. Of the sixteen tracks, only three are A-sides, and none of this era's B-sides made it to the album. And some of the tracks on Magi9 Playland have some strange song titles. I'm not trying to keep any preconceived notions, considering how off mine usually are, but some of those titles are definitely... interesting. In fact, I'm very curious as to how this album will turn out.

Urahara Temptation PV or Single Review
- Speaking of idols that I haven't reviewed in a long time, hi, Kikkawa Yuu! Technically, it's not my fault on this one. Kikka hasn't released anything new since Two You, save for those two collaboration singles with a bad I can't remember. Urahara Temptation if one of two A-sides off her upcoming double A-side, but I'm not really feeling Ii jan, the other A-side. That opinion might change when I hear a better rip of Ii jan, but right now, I'm more into Urahara Temptation. However, should the PV be too cheap and/or boring to review, I may end up reviewing the single. At this point, I'm still not sure; the cover images have just been released for this single, so I still have a wait.


  1. I'm looking forward for your review on Flower's PV XD

    1. All right! I'm working on it right now!

    2. Are you going to review the single too? I would love it you do that :D

    3. If I have time, I will! I've got some other reviews to type, but I promise I'll keep this single in mind!

  2. Nogizaka46's summer PV, just in case you're interested ^_^

    spoilers: There's no plot like the previous PV's, it's pretty though XD

    1. Thanks for the link! I'll review it at some point, either the end of June or beginning of July, depending on how much time I have! First impression though: the PV's very vibrant.