Thursday, May 1, 2014

Nia's State of the Wonderland - May 2014

Guess what? I'M GRADUATING SOON! In a little more than three weeks to be exact, and I'm totally not counting down the days or anything... I am so enthralled that this semester is about to be over; it's been awful. I've had to deal with some really time-consuming classes and an even more time-consuming graduation project. Speaking of which, I'm presenting that graduation project tonight! The judges I'm presenting to will then determine whether I pass or fail, also determining whether or not I'm allowed to graduate! I just love having a single project hinder on twelve years of school work! I really am happy though to almost be done with that, and I really hope the judges pass me. I guess I'm kind of paranoid that they won't. Next week, I also have a majority of my exams. I've already had my biology exam, so that means I just have four exams left! My last exam is on May 16, and even then, all the other exams before that should be done by May 7. However I won't be blogging much next week. I may post one or two reviews this weekend that I planned to write in may though. Anyways, enough about my school life, what matters on the Wonderland are the J-pop songs I plan on reviewing this May! Ah, the month of May, it's often the month when the summer idol PVs start rolling in! It is not the month I thought Perfume would release a single. But oh well. I've got other groups I can review anyways!

Departure Single Review
- I've kind of missed reviewing Scandal. It's not my fault that they haven't released anything interesting lately! Departure had a music video, but it's just a live performance disguised as a music video with some decent angles. I don't know when Scandal's releasing their next single, so I figure I at least ought to review Departure. Besides, Scandal's already lined up to release another single in July. Before I know, they're going to be releasing their fifth album! Departure just has an A-side and a B-side, so reviewing it shouldn't be terribly challenging. The only difficult part is finding something to say about this single; I'm still very much on the fence about this review.

Family Party Single Review
- I'm not sure if I want to review the PV for Family Party, because that means I have to talk about the song in more detail. In contrast, if I review the entire single I can spend less time writing on just Family Party and more on Scanty Skimpy and Invader Invader -extended mix-. But then again, I probably could do a PV review for Family Party. It's weird enough, and thankfully it isn't terrible long either like Kizuitara Kataomoi was. Screencapping would be a breeze! I think what I'll do is re-listen to all the songs on Family Party. I've avoided the A-side like the plague and only listened to the other two B-sides once. I'll make a verdict after listening to all three again!

Final Dance/nerve PV/Single Review
- Me saying this will be my last review of something current from BiS just doesn't feel right. I haven't really gone into my feelings about their upcoming disbandment, but I'm think I'm in this weird state of denial right now. But after watching the PV for Final Dance it hit me that this is really happening. They're disbanding. So I am absolutely doing both a PV and single review of their last single. The Final Dance PV is already out, so I'll do that first then review the single either at the end of May or the beginning of June. Also I think the Nerve may get a new PV? I know the song's being recorded, and the Final Dance PV indicates a new PV for Nerve.

Juujika PV Review
- If there's one group I can always count on to release a quintessential summer PV, it's Tokyo Girls' Style. I mean, do you guys remember their last May single, Unmei? Such a great summer PV. And it looks like Juujika follows in the same vein of summer! In all seriousness, I am absolutely reviewing Tokyo Girls' Style's newest PV. There's a lot for me to talk about in it! I should also mention that I'll be reviewing the group's upcoming album, Killing Me Softly in June. I'd like to review Juujika before that though; I may also review the single, since it has all those song covers including Higurashi no Naku Koro ni by Shimamiya Eiko. I expect lots of creepiness.

Killer Killer EP Single Review
- I feel like just a few weeks ago I was reviewing Bellring Shoujo Heart's last single! I guess one of the nice things about an indie group is that they have slightly more frequent releases than some of the groups I follow. Seriously, a summer Perfume single? What the hell, UMJ, it's already been five months! But I digress. So yeah, I'm definitely reviewing Killer Killer EP, I enjoy Bellring Shoujo Heart's music, and seeing as they'll be pretty much the only alternative idol group I can review once BiS disbands... I figure I'd better get started on reviewing their stuff more frequently! Killer Killer EP was actually released in late April so I'll get to reviewing this soon!

Labrador Retriever PV Review
- I don't know about AKB48's newest A-side. I just don't know. I kind of wish I'd just recorded a reaction video the way Chiima used to on her Youtube channel, because I'm 99% certain my eyes popped out of their sockets. I don't want to say there's nothing I can talk about in the PV for Labrador Retriever, because there is. My god, there is. Labrador Retriever is being released later in the month, so I may review the PV around the time after a graduate and before the results of the Senbatsu election are revealed. Not that those are terribly important. I honestly could care less about the Senbatsu results this year, we all know who's going to win, so why does it matter?

Naitemo Iin da yo PV Review
- I may do a single review of this instead. I'm still debating. Because as much as I hate to admit it, I don't now if I can talk about much in the PV for Naitemo Iin da yo. Which is weird, because I usually never have that problem with Momoiro Clover Z PVs. But Naitemo Iin da yo's PV is strangely... not strange. I'd expect something like it from 9nine but Momoiro Clover Z? I'll explain more if I end up reviewing the PV. Even then, I'll briefly go over it in a single review of Naitemo Iin da yo. I think it depends on how much spare time I have this month. I'll have more in the second half of May so maybe if I get my writing juices flowing, I can write a proper review of this PV!


  1. I'll be anticipating your Tokyo Girls' Style review because, my god, the PV for Juujika is really something.

    and good luck on your studies!

    1. Awesome! Then I'll try and get started on it as soon as possible! I've already got the PV saved to my computer too!

      And thank you, I'm trying very hard to end this semester well!

  2. Gonna love Departure's single review! Don't know if you remember me, but I'm a big fan of your Scandal reviews :P

    1. Oh yeah, I remember you! You left that excellent comment on my Standard review, right?

  3. " we all know who's going to win, so why does it matter?"

    Yep, the election results are really predictable. Since Yuko predictably won in a landslide last year I'm sure Rino will have no problem winning this year.

    Congrats on almost graduating! You've probably picked a college by now unless you're in wait list purgatory. I'll give you a heads up if you're going to public college. Public colleges are legally required to block file-sharing sites, so be aware of how that may impact reviews.

    1. Yeah, I think it's gonna be Rino. Possibly Mayu. I think AKS REALLY wants Mayu to win, considering how much they've been pushing her lately. Ah well, it'll be slightly more interesting to see who's moved up and down in the other positions.

      Thank you! And yes, I've picked a college by now and sent in about half the paperwork. Thanks for the heads up about file-sharing sites. The college I'm going to is public, so I guess I'll have to find a Starbucks or somewhere like that for free wifi. I'll see when the time comes around!

    2. Reread the first sentence. I'm joking about how everyone thought Yuko would win last year and are doing pretty much the same thing this year.

  4. Promise you'll review the Hold Your Hand pv when it'll come out please!

    1. I promise! I just need to know *when* the single's coming out; Perfume's been kinda vague about it.