Thursday, April 3, 2014

Nia's State of the Wonderland - April 2014

I'm back! Now who's ready to review some boy bands? Ha, you all know I'm joking! I hope you all enjoyed my little April Fools' post! As many of you probably figured, I will not be reviewing male groups any time soon. Nothing against them, they're just not something I have much interest in. Besides, I've got too many groups I already follow that need my attention! Most of the posts I've got planned for this month are just reviews. PV reviews, single review, maybe an album review (but I can't think of any idol albums coming out this month...), reviews, reviews, reviews! And possibly an editorial or two if I have the time and desire to work seriously on one. And I don't even know if I'll have time to do everything on this list. I have a lot more reviews than I'd care to admit that I need to do, and not anywhere near enough spare time to do them. I wasn't completely lying when I said I was tired in my April Fools' post. I am tired. My classes are horrid, but I can't slip up in them because my future depends on passing those classes at the moment. The things I'm doing outside of class are simultaneously relieving and time-consuming. Basically, I'm on an all-carb diet of stress and fatigue. And that doesn't leave as much time as I'd like for blogging. And then my Easter break got cut in half... Guys, I just need to graduate already. I am so ready by now, and high school is just about to drive me even crazier than it already has. Still, I will do my best to at least get out a few reviews and maybe do the rest in early May. Anyways, here's everything I want to write about and hopefully will be able to do so!

Bitter & Sweet Single Review
- Sometimes I forget UFP has groups outside of Hello! Project. And that the Satoyama thing is still... well, a thing! One of the units that's come from UFP is called Bitter & Sweet featuring Mano Erina's spiritual successor Tasaki Asahi and Hasegawa Moemi. I know Asahi from her solo singles under the Satoyama movement, but the other girl I do not. However, I came upon their single via Chiima, and surprisingly enough, there's more to talk about the songs on this single than the other Satoyama singles! The PVs aren't too bad either, but not enough for me to write two different PV reviews for Bitter & Sweet and Install.

Hatred Editorial
- I have absolutely no idea what I'm going to title this as so this is a very generic title. I know I seem like a fountain of cleverness and puns, but titling some of my blog posts is more challenging than you think! I have to maintain my wit after all! Or what little bit of it I have... What is this editorial about? There isn't really much to deduce from the title. I'm not even sure yet; I'm only in very rough drafts right now. But it has to do with hatred! Eh... you probably figured that out though... I guess it's about both the unhealthy and healthy forms of hatred? And how hating something can get very exhausting? I hope the topic will be more clear in the actual editorial...

Hold Your Hand PV Review/Single Review/Stuff in General
- At some point in time Perfume is going to release a single. Unless the unthinkable happens, but let's not think about that. Somewhere out there is the full version of Hold Your Hand, a song created for J-drama Silent Poor. So surely that means a single announcement is coming soon, right? I keep thinking there is going to be; it's been over four months since Perfume released Sweet Refrain. Maybe they'll announce the single after Perfume Fes? Since everything surrounding Hold Your Hand is speculative as of now, anything about it will (unfortunately) not come until probably late April or early May. Right now I'm betting on May.

Kizuitara Kataomoi PV Review
- I've had like two different people ask me if I'm going to review Nogizaka46's latest PV and the answer is yes! I wanted to review this PV in March, but I didn't have enough time. There were also several other PVs I really needed to review (-cough- Mae Shika Mukanee). But don't worry, Kizuitara Kataomoi is #2 on my "PVs You Need to Review NOW" list! The music video is in my possession; all I have to do is get to writing the review! You know, it's harder to do PV reviews with my new computer. The print-screen option is more complicated than it was on my old computer. Oh well, it's nothing I can't work though!

Perfect Sky PV Review
- So Passpo finally became a band; that's worth talking about! I'm just not sure if the music video is worth delving into. It's pretty basic, but it does show Passpo playing as a band. The concept alone is enough for me to talk about. Maybe I'll just do a semi-editorial about idol bands and weave my opinions of Perfect Sky into said editorial. I really would like to review Perfect Sky though, or at least talk about Passpo playing as a band! It's just one of those reviews I'm so on the fence about. Maybe if there was more to the PV I'd be more down with reviewing Perfect Sky's PV... Should I just review the single? Or try an editorial? I'll figure it out at some point.

Second Spring EP Review
- I'm not sure if this counts as a single review or an album review. Technically, I think Second Spring EP counts as a mini-album but...? Who knows? I don't! I think the hardest part about following Curumi Chronicle is that she's an indie artist so I never really get to listen to any of her songs (let alone know information about the release) until after the single's already been released. I didn't actually listen to Second Spring EP until March was almost over, and I had several other things I needed to review. My review of Second Spring EP may take a bit to finish since it's five tracks long, but I am working on it! Besides, it's Curumi Chronicle; how could I not want to review it?

Takane no Ringo PV Review
- I keep telling myself I'm going to review this PV, but then when I sit down to make a post for it, I'm just like "...I'll work on this later." I feel like I've been doing a really good job with reviewing NMB48's stuff though, and I don't want to break my streak now! But I feel like there's nothing I can really say about Takane no Ringo. Maybe I need to re-watch the music video. I haven't listened to Takane no Ringo as much as I should to write a proper review, so I may do that and see if that spurs my desire to get to working on this review. I have several other music videos I'd also like to review, and I'm not sure where Takane no Ringo stands among them.

Ten More K-pop Songs I Actually Listen To
- So you guys remember how last year (also in April!) I posted 10 K-pop songs I like to listen to? Well, guess what? I have ten more! Gee, before I know it I'm gonna wake up and find out my music library's been infested with K-pop! For now, K-pop remains a leisurely genre of music I only occasionally like to really explore, but I guess over the year I culminate a few songs that I just really like. I guess what's interesting about K-pop is that visually it's different from J-pop, but musically, both genres can get very similar at times? I mean, some of the songs on this list sound like they could be J-pop songs. And then others don't. And both are songs I enjoy!

Toki wo Koe Sora wo Koe PV Review
- Is it just me or is Hello! Project constantly releasing stuff? I think it's just me; every time I turn around, it's like every group has released something new! And Morning Musume's latest is another double A-side (thanks, Tsunku). I know I said that I was just going to focus on one A-side from now on to solve the stress of reviewing a double A-side, and that's what I've planned to do with Toki wo Koe Sora wo Koe. But I also feel like I could do a PV review of Password is 0... Right now, I'm not sure; the former is definitely on my list to review. I think if I have time, I'll review Password is 0. But methinks that I'll just have to do a one-word review of that PV...

Tomorrow World Single Review
- Weather Girls is still alive! I've known that for about a month, but I figured you all should know it too. And they've released a new single! I'd planned to review Tomorrow World for March, but I ended up not having enough time to finish the review. But I have most of it written out. I just need to write about the B-side and then my overall opinion of the single. My aim is to have this review out by this weekend. Maybe on Sunday? I always get a little fidgety giving dates to the stuff I write, since I have an irritating tendency to pass over those dates. Just know that I am working hard on the review when I'm not working hard on everything else!


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    1. I may do something with S/mileage and Juice=Juice... but I can't say what...

  2. I notice we have a lot of similar tastes. Do you listen to Fairies at all? Their first album came out about a week ago and it has all of their singles on it. I'm not asking you to review it since you're super busy, I'm just recommending it to people since their sales have been low and I'm worried they could get dropped but they are such a great group! Anyway, I'm looking forward to your upcoming reviews and what you have to say about Nogizaka. (they have really turned around, I think I get their appeal now. XD)

    1. Err, nm, I just remembered you blacklisted fairies, I think? XD

    2. Yep, Fairies is on the Blacklist... sorry about that! But if you're looking for a review of the album, Brett over at Kurayami Monogatari reviewed the entire thing! Here's the link: