Sunday, March 2, 2014

Nia's State of the Wonderland - March 2014

Man guys, I feel simultaneously lazy and busy. Lazy because I haven't posted much to the Wonderland these past two months. But also busy because I have been really busy and haven't had time to post anything to the Wonderland! I couldn't even post my usual State of the Wonderland on time! The reason I didn't post it on the first as per usual is because I was very, very busy yesterday. I didn't even get home until one in the morning due to a party and by then, I was too tired to do anything other than fall into bed! I do have many, many legitimate excuses though. Mainly being school. And senior stuff. Which involves school. Did I mention I have the suckiest final semester of high school a high schooler can have? I was also in a play and rehearsals were a little more frequent, especially in the past two weeks. So when I was't doing homework or running through scenes, I was too tired to do much on the Wonderland. I did conduct a nice little poll though for favorite Perfume PVs! Spring of Life won! Its prize is... well, nothing except being the gif on this month's State of the Wonderland. I have several February posts that are still going up that I just need to finish, and I also have some stuff in March I want to write. Hopefully, I'll be able to finish both and post a little more this month! They're not listed under here, but just know that they're coming at some point! Here are the other March posts I'm working on:

Hadaka no Hadaka no Hadaka no Kiss PV Review
- I did not review anything from Juice=Juice's last single because it was another goddamn double A-side. But since I now have a new policy of reviewing the most interesting A-side should there be two, that one so far looks like it's going to be Hadaka no Hadaka no Hadaka no Kiss. I can't even remember what the title of the other A-side is. But it's probably going to be really generic, because that's the current Hello! Project double A-side formula. I'm not sure if I'll review just this PV or end up reviewing this in single form. I can probably do a PV review out of Hadaka no Hadaka no Hadaka no Kiss, but the PV does border on the generic UFP music video format.

Kokoro no Sakebi wo Uta ni Shitemita PV Review
- While I'm not sure about Juice=Juice, I definitely want to review C-ute's latest PV. I'll say that I'm probably not going to review the other A-side (Seriously? Another double A-side? We're practically drowning in them!). Love Take It All is just a generic dance song and the PV's your run-of-the-mill Hello! Project PV! Whereas Kokoro no Sakebi wa Uta ni Shitemita has some more effort put into it! Pity that neither song features a PV involving abandoned buildings... I should mention I also planned to review the Berryz Diet Song (does the actual title even matter?), but I don't think I'm gonna have the time or effort to write that. So I'm moving on to C-ute!

Perfect Sky PV Review
- After Passpo's narrow veer from crashing and burning (somewhere in that phrase was an airplane pun I swear), I've been waiting to see what they'd release next. Jejejejet!! convinced me they were a group still worth looking into, so Perfect Sky has quite the bar to raise. What does intrigue me about Perfect Sky is that this is the first single where the girls will be playing as a band. Or some of them at least. I'm not quite sure how it's supposed to work. But it's a fun concept that could work! I doubt the members will be a Scandal-level band, but there's no way they could possibly be as much of a failure as the "band" from AKB48. Right? Right!?

Second Spring EP Single Review
- Oh yes, Curumi Chronicle!! I'm so happy she's releasing something else! I always get that nagging fear that an idol's going to drop off the face of the planet after one release. But Curumi appears not to be one of those idols, since she's releasing a single on March 19! One of the songs off the single is titled Prismic Step; there's a preview floating around on Tumblr. I like the song a lot, and I'm totally looking forward to hearing all the other songs on the single! I just hope information about the single comes out in a timely manner; I don't like following indie idols because sometimes it's so difficult to find information about their releases...

Who Killed Idol? Album Review
- Of course I'm gonna review BiS's possibly-last album ever. Okay, I'm sure they'll release a compilation album, but that isn't the same. I enjoyed the hell out of Idol is Dead, so I'm hoping I equally enjoy Who Killed Idol? Even if I don't, at least I know it won't be boring! I will try my best not to be biased in reviewing this album, because I feel like with it being a last-hurrah album, my judgement might be a little more lenient. And it probably helps that I'm a fan of BiS. So the reviewer side of me is going in critical, but the fan side of me is really excited about this album. But that still doesn't soothe the crushing news that BiS is disbanding.


  1. Psst, Nia...Kyary...don't you remember?

    1. Fear not, dear anon, Kyary has not been forgotten! I'm still working on that review ;)

  2. Looking forward to your Hadaka no Hadaka no Hadaka no Kiss PV Review ^^