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Nia's State of the Wonderland - February 2014

So it's February. Yay. On the plus side, that's great because February is when the releases start coming back in at full force, and I have stuff to actually review! But... ugh, it's February. This is my least favorite month of the year for a number of reasons. Mainly because it's still winter and everything is cold and dead. Also February is always the slowest month of the year for me. School isn't going to be over for several more months, and February is the agonizing month before my spring break. But when spring break does come in March, oh, what bliss that will be! Until then, I'm just gonna have to drudge through February. But hey, now I know what college I'm going to! Which is totally awesome because now I can get to registering and applying for dorms and scholarships and all that college-y stuff! Honestly, I'd prefer to just graduate right now, but I can't slack off this last semester, so I just keep telling myself, "I just need this last class to graduate, I just need this last class to graduate..." But enough of my personal life, how are things going for the Wonderland this month? Hopefully better than the last. Last month's was one of my slower months thanks to adjusting to new classes, rehearsals, and... yeah, pretty much classes and rehearsals! Also there wasn't much I could review in January. I did start writing some editorials and list posts which hopefully I'll be able to finish before March! And fortunately, there are more idol releases for me to talk about this month! So here's all the posts I've planned to start working on in February!

For the record, I'm not doing Sexy PV Week this year. Actually, that was probably just a one-time thing. It was a fun one-time thing though!

Count Zero/Runners High Single Review
- I may write this. I'm not sure really since it is a collaboration single between Scandal and TM Revolution. Then again, the songs I've heard from TM Revolution are pretty cool, and the guy's got a great voice. I thought about reviewing the PV for Runners High, but it's a concert PV. It looks nice, but there's not much I can say about it. I also thought about writing a post about why Scandal's Runners High PV works better than Morning Musume's What is Love? PV, but again, I'm not sure how much I could write about that before sounding redundant. As of now, I'm still not sure. I may wind up not doing either post idea!

Front Girls I am Still Okay With
- This one is from last month's State of the Wonderland, and all I can really say is that I'm still diligently working on it! Thing is, I have a lot more front girls in this post that I did the original one! Ironic considering some of the front girls in that post have graduated since then! But there are still some familiar faces from the last post on this one! I should say that I don't plan on doing a Front Girls I am Still Not Okay With post. The only front girls I'm not really okay with are Sayashi Riho and Watanabe Miyuki, so yeah, not much material to write a post with.

Mae Shika Mukanee PV Review
- I may as well review AKB48's latest music video. It's not like I have anything better to do. Well, actually I do. But still, maybe AKS will step up their game and create an actually interesting music video! Surely for Yuko's last single with AKB48 they would, right? I can only hope so. Even if not, I'm reviewing this PV because this is the last time I'll get to screencap Yuko in an AKB48 PV. I think given her impact on AKB48, reviewing her last Senbatsu PV is the honorable thing to do. And... and... I kind of like the song. You did not read that. And even if you did, that doesn't get AKB48 out of the hate corner. Yes, I have a hate corner. No, it isn't real.

My Top 10 Perfume Music Videos
- In honor of Perfume's first DVD collection of music videos being released this month, I figured the best thing to do was write a list of my personal favorite PVs the lovely technopop trio has released over the years! And I've got some great music videos to pick from; narrowing down a top 10 from the thirty-four PVs Perfume has released since their debut definitely won't be an easy task! But part of the fun of Perfume is that they've released some really great music videos ranging from robotic and futuristic to quirky and artistic! I think I pretty much know which Perfume PV is my favorite: Omajinai★Perori! I'm joking, of course. You'll have to wait for the list to find out!

Partition Love PV Review
- I will go ahead and say I hate the music video for Partition Love. I absolutely hate it. Now why do I say this now and spoil the review? Because my reasons for hating it are very specific and personal. The song is different, but since more than half this review deals with the PV, I just think you should all know that as of now, what I have written of this review is incoherent, passive-aggressive ranting. If you liked the music video for Partition Love, then that is perfectly okay. I however, do not like it, but I still feel compelled to talk about why I do not like it. It's just one of those music videos filled with so much rant-bait. Is that even a thing?

Second Spring EP Single Review
- Truth be told, I probably won't be able to review this single until after March 19, its release date, but still!! I'm so excited! Another Curumi Chronicle release! I'll admit, I probably could have reviewed White Sweet Cake, but I was distracted by Christmas and year-end posts. Still, that was a quality song and just the techno Christmas song I was craving! It gives me hope that Curumi's next single is going to be every bit as delightful as her debut album was! I just wish the release date for this EP wasn't so far away... I'll probably have to spend all of February with no new technopop to review save for Kyarypamyupamyu. I can wait though! I'm sure I can!

Unconventional Idols Editorial
- I'll admit, writing this editorial just sort of... happened. I think it started with me getting into Togawa Jun, and from there, the idea just kept blooming. I think as a fan of more unconventional idols, I've wanted to explore their appeal and why I like them for quite some time. I guess this editorial is less and analysis and more of a... justification of why unconventional idols keep popping up in Japanese idol culture. And more importantly, why this archetype still keeps getting fans. I feel like unconventional idols sometimes get a bad rap, so I guess this post is more-or-less a defense of why this type of idol exists and why I personally like it.

With You/With Me PV Review
- I made a promise last year to review something by 9nine, and I intend to hold on that promise! Actually, I've got to peruse through quite a bunch of 9nine's music considering they're performing with Perfume in May! But a good starting point is reviewing their upcoming song. Whether I'll review the single or PV for With You/With Me, I'm not sure yet. At the moment, I'm leaning more toward the PV. But who knows? Maybe the B-side for With You/With Me will be so astounding I'll end up reviewing the single! I do hope the PV's released this month though; I'd think it would be around mid-to-late February since the release date's March 12.

Yume no Hajima Ring Ring PV Review
- Welp, Perfume doesn't look to be releasing a single any time soon, so it's time to turn to Kyarypamyupamyu and see what latest insanity she's dabbling in! Said insanity will very likely consist of the music video for Yume no Hajima Ring Ring. Even though the PV has not been released yet, I can pretty much expect by now that it will feature some degree of adorably creepy weirdness found in every Kyarypamyupamyu music video. After the thoroughly enjoyable PV for Mottai Night Land, I do wonder what direction her next music video will go. Hopefully the PV will maintain the same quality and budget Mottai Night Land's had though!

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