Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Nia's State of the Wonderland - January 2014

Happy New Year my Wonderlings!!! I hope you are all leaving 2013 behind and happily breezing into 2014! I know I am! 2013 was a crazy, crazy year both in and out of the idolsphere, and I'm certain 2014 will offer just as much craziness! Hell, it hasn't even been a day and already some shocking news has popped up! I'll talk about that a little bit later, but for now, I would like to go over the things I've got planned for January! At the moment though... it's not that much! It's always kind of weird starting a new year on the Wonderland, because there's not much to review at the start of the new year. And after all the year-end stuff is over, I always feel like there's not much for me to do in the first week or so of January. I will admit though I feel like I had more stuff to review last year in January than I do this year. But I'm sure as the month goes by, more things will pop up! And it's probably for the better there isn't too much stuff for me to write about this month! I start school back up, and this is my final semester of high school! So I'd rather not start things off on the wrong foot, you know? That and I've got several other things starting this month! I start rehearsal for a play I'm in (but the rehearsal dates don't get hardcore until February). I'm also starting some volunteer work back up again, but that should be only a Saturday obligation! It's nothing too strenuous! So these are the few posts that I have planned this month, but hopefully I'll find more topics to write about!

A Maltine Girls' Wave Idol Smackdown
- I actually thought about doing this in December, but I didn't have all the PVs at that time. I really needed to review StupiG as well, so I decided to save this for January! So Tokyo Girls' Style released five solo PVs, one for each member, and I just want to do what's fun and compare them against each other! As of now, I have four of the five PVs, and I'm just waiting for the chance to nab Nakae Yuri's PV! I might just use the music video on Avex's Youtube channel if it doesn't show up soon enough. Either way, I do want to talk about these five different songs, since it's a pretty interesting thing for TGS to do!

Disney Rocks!!! Girl's Power! Album Review
- An album chock full of Disney song covers!? And not to mention Disney song covers by idols!? Yes absolutely yes am I reviewing this! I'm a fan of Disney (as are many people my age), and I always love hearing covers of classic Disney songs! There's also the fact that some of the idol groups featured on this album are some of my favorites (like BiS and Tokyo Girls' Style!). Of course, there are also some idol groups I could care less about (-cough- Dorothy Little Happy), but how wrong can you go with covering Disney songs? I'll hold out my preconceived opinions of this album until I actually hear it, but at the moment, I'm excited!

Egao no Kimi wa Taiyou sa PV Review
- Another reason why Hello! Project PVs have become such a pain to review is become of those goddamn subtitles. What I'm doing now is waiting until those PVs are released on an alternate domain (i.e. M-ON! or Space Shower) in lieu of using H!P's Youtube channels. The alternate domains have the PVs without subtitles, which makes screencapping much easier (and less annoying) for me). As of now, Morning Musume's PV for Egao no Kimi wa Taiyou is only accessible through their Youtube channel, but I think an alternate domain PV will leak before the end of the month! If not... oh well! I can't say I'll be crushed.

StupiG Single Review
- I'll be honest, I don't know if I'm going to review this single or not. It's already difficult finding BiS's singles online, and I have no idea when it will actually leak. I've also already reviewed the PV for StupiG, and I feel like I said everything I've wanted to say about the song. Really it all depends on the B-side. If the B-side for StupiG is worth talking about, I might review this single. If not, I'll probably just let it slide past my review list. I love reviewing BiS's songs, but I have a general policy that if I've already reviewed a single's PV, then I won't exactly strive to review the entire single as well. Unless it's Perfume. But they're the exception.

Front Girls I am Still Okay With
- What is this? A re-write of one of my older posts? Why yes it is! Kind of. This is more or less an update of my older post Front Girls I am Okay With. I've been wanting to do an updated version of this post for awhile, actually! One reason is because I follow a lot more groups now, and I have a lot more front girls I'd want to put on the list! I also feel like my writing is a little less shoddy than it was back in January 2012 when I wrote this. I mean, I was just starting out, and I had no clear voice or structure. I still have a lot to work on with my writing, and writing an update on this post is just something I've really wanted to do for awhile.


  1. In Disney Rocks!!! Girl's Power!, TGS are covering Chim Chim Cher-ee (from Mary Poppins) and it's amazing! If you haven't heard it, check these: (2nd song)

    1. Thanks for the links! I've been really curious to hear their cover of Chim Chim Cher-ee, along with all the other songs on the album! TGS's cover sounds nice though; a little dark but still very distinctly having their own spin on the classic song!