Friday, November 1, 2013

Nia's State of the Wonderland - November 2013

Well, the passing of October is both a sad and happy time. Sad because Halloween's over. Happy because Christmas and Christmas vacation are a-coming! Not to mention that November is a very special month for the Wonderland. Why? Because this is the month I posted my first post ever written ever on the Wonderland! Naturally, I'll be having metaphorical cake to celebrate such an event. Aside from that, the passing of October is also a relief; this was a rather stressful month for me. I'll give you a hint why: college. However, now I've finished all my college applications! So I'm just waiting now. January's either going to be the most wonderful or depressing month for me; that's when I'll get replies back from most of the colleges I've applied to. Other than that, things are going better for me in school; I dropped a very hard science class so I'm a lot less stressed than before! Rehearsals from the play I'm in are going well; we open in two weeks! And in the J-pop world, there are a lot of releases coming out this month and a bunch of PVs I need to review! Seriously, this State of the Wonderland mostly has PV reviews listed under it. I may not get to all of them, but I do hope I'll be able to write at least most of them! And with the end of 2013 approaching (can you guys believe it already?), I'm also working on putting together my Year-End Megapost! You know, sorting categories, picking possible contenders, the usual stuff! Anyways, here's my tentative list of posts for November!

2-Year Cake Day Celebration
- That's right, the Wonderland is turning two! Can you guys believe it? I still can't! Yes, in just twelve days my little Wonderland will have reached its second year! And like last year, I think that calls for a celebration of sorts! What I'm hoping is that this will coincide with another big landmark for the Wonderland, but I'm keeping this one a secret until it actually happens. Then what I want to do is make a double-celebration out of both accomplishments! All the details will come to light when the day comes though. For now, I'm just trying to focus on all the other stuff I need to review!

Barrette PV Review
- Surprise! I'm reviewing another Nogizaka46 A-side! Okay, I guess it's not much of a surprise since I very strongly implied I'd review whatever NG46 released next in my review of Girl's Rule. But the fact that I am going to review does at least imply that I'm motivated to review the PV for their latest single, Barrette. Sure, I'm a little miffed that they just have to release this single on the same day as Perfume's Sweet Refrain but that's beside the point. I've watched the PV for Barrette and emerged from it with opinions. Lots and lots of opinions. And whether you like it or not, you get to read them! If you want to. Your choice!

Chiisana Kiseki PV Review
- I'm really surprised that Tokyo Girls' Style is releasing a single so soon after Get the Star/Last Forever. Okay... technically, there's a two-month gap between Get the Star/Last Forever and Road to Budokan 2013 ~Chiisana Kiseki~ but that's still pretty brief in idol time. But hey, I can't complain too much; I'm a fan of Tokyo Girls' Style after all! So the full PV for Chiisana Kiseki is already out and it is saved on my computer. However, I probably won't get around reviewing it until mid-to-late November, since the single itself is being released on November 22.

Gounn PV Review
- It's about time Momoiro Clover Z released something new! It's been what, seven months? Eight months? What have they been doing, roaming the galaxy as space pirates!? I figure that I can always expect an entertaining PV from the batshit-crazy idol group that is MomoClo, even if the song accompanying that PV isn't quite as good. Naturally, this is one of the reviews at the top of my list, and I have to say, I'm immensely looking forward to screencapping this PV! And what do I think of the actual song? Well, you will have to wait and see! Not for too long I hope either!

Hey Boy ~Weishenme?~ PV Review
- Let me go ahead and say that if I end up getting to overwhelmed with PVs I need to review this month, this is one of the PVs that I might not get to reviewing. I like Weather Girls and I try to review each of their releases, but I'm not really feeling Hey Boy ~Weishenme?~ It's not that I hate the song or the PV, I just don't know if I can substantiate an entire review out of either one. Maybe a single review, but even then, I'm still iffy about that. I don't know, it really all depends on my load this month and how much writing gets done. Come December and it's still not written, I'll probably skip this review.

The Perks of Being a Blogger
- So I figured since my blog is turning two years old, it would be appropriate to write about some of the best aspects of being an idol blogger! I don't think I've really gone into how much I enjoy idol blogging, especially compared to other forms of media sharing that I've dabbled in. And I really want other readers to be able to see that love and passion too, and maybe even start up idol blogging themselves! Even if it doesn't spark a desire to idol blog, I still want to properly break down just why I do what I do on this blog, and why I've kept doing it for nearly two years. (The short version is because I love it though!)

Re: PV Review
- Eh, what the hell? I'll review something else by 9nine! You guys remember 9nine, right? I reviewed their Evolution No. 9 single back in... May? June? Some time around then! And their next single looked promising, so I thought I might as well review the PV for Re: And yeah, that's how the A-side is punctuated. Kind of awkward typing it out... But if there's anything I've learned, it's never to judge a song by its title! Like seriously, don't. It's lead to so many disappointments... Anyways,

Sweet Refrain PV/Single Review
- Oh yes, you guys all saw this coming. Even if I find this song to be lame, that isn't going to stop me from reviewing the PV and single for it! Besides, I'll probably want to talk about how the B-side sounds! I'm thinking the PV for Sweet Refrain will come out in the next two or three weeks, most definitely before the end of November. And obviously I'll just review the single on one of the last days of November. You guys know the drill with my Perfume reviews by now. And although I still think Sweet Refrain is a weak A-side, I am interested to see how the PV will look. Hopefully it'll turn out well!

Suteki na Takaramono PV Review
- For those of you who are cocking your head at this unfamiliar song title, this a new group I'm reviewing! One of my lovely commentators directed me to the PV for Suteki na Takaramono, and I knew after watching it that I just had to review this PV, or at least the song! Suteki na Takarmono is by a new group on the idol market named Kus Kus, and despite the fact that their name reminds me of a food condiment, I still feel inclined to thoroughly review their debut song! I'll elaborate into why in the full review but some of you who've already listened to the song can probably figure out why!

Tokai no Hitorigurashi/Aitte Motto Zanshin Double PV Review
- I'm gonna regret this, aren't I? That seems to happen with every double PV review I take on! I wasn't even able to get through my double PV review of Morning Musume's last single out of sheer exhaustion! But there's still something strangely gratifying about reviewing two PVs in one review. And I guess accomplishing that kind of makes up for all the stamina I put into writing such an extensive review! So I would very much like to look at the PVs for C-ute's newest single, especially since I neglected to review their last single. As I implied in my C-ute and Berryz editorial, I can talk about a lot with both PVs...


  1. Love your reviews, Nia! Your PV reviews are honestly hilarious, especially those screencaps XD Congratz on your college applications though!

    Btw, are you going to review Scandal's new album Standard? I was really anticipating it last month XD

    1. Aw, thank you! Screencapping's a ton of fun so I'm happy other people like it as much as I do!

      I'll be honest, Standard slipped right past my review list! I guess because I've been so busy, I haven't had a chance to thoroughly listen to the album. I'll try and get my review done this month though!

  2. How could anybody not love dem screencaps?!

    Sankyuu! It's an awesome album imo, but it's always good to get other people's opinions too... Especially yours~