Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Nia's State of the Wonderland - October 2013

Do you know what the first thing I thought of when I woke up today? HALLOWEEN! Oh yeah, and I also thought about how I need to finish up my review for Level3 but that's beside the point! One of my favorite months of the year has arrived! October, a month of spookiness, pumpkins, cool weather, and fall things galore! I've already whipped out a lot of the decorations too! Did I mention that I have fall break this month? Ah, good times, good times. In the personal life of Nia that most of you probably don't care about, my college applications are coming along fine, and I'm just about finished! I just have to polish up my essays and get my teacher recommendations, and I should be good to go! Finishing those up will hopefully give me much more free time. September and August have been very stressful months for me because of school! My semester's pretty challenging, and I haven't had as much time as I've wanted to write on my precious Wonderland! But nonetheless, I still have some posts planned for October! Actually, I don't have too much planned right now, just a few reviews. We'll see what else adds on to it as the month goes by. I've also decided to start linking reviews I've written for Selective Hearing onto my State of the Wonderland, just in case anyone whose interested in my writing wants to read a slightly more professional type of review from me! I guess you could argue this is shameless self-promoting, but I can argue back that this is my blog and if I want to so much as write about toothpaste, I have the freedom to do so. So here's the one review I've done recent for Selective Hearing:

See? That wasn't so painful, was it? And now we can see what I'm going to write about on this blog!

Creepy Fans Editorial
- Well, I talked about Youtube idols around this time last year, I might as well tackle another black sheep of the international idol fandom this year! I think we're all familiar with the "creepy fan" stereotype that you often see or at least hear about in the idol fandom. You know, the fan that takes obsessing over an artist just a little bit farther than necessary, to the point where it makes other fans uncomfortable? Well, I'm gonna write about those fans and my personal viewpoint on them! I'll probably focus on Perfume444 since he's more or less the resident creepy fan of the Perfume fandom and hey, you gotta write what you know, right?

Growing Up PV Review
- I guess I could give the alternate title for this post as "Why has Passpo gotten so dull?" but that wouldn't be professional of me, would it? Honestly, the only reason I have this listed under my State of the Wonderland is because I don't have a lot of other PVs I need to review this month. And besides, the PV was up for download so I thought I'd at least give it a look to see if it was even worth reviewing. The various previews of the song didn't really grab me, but surprisingly, I think I actually might be able to formulate enough substance to make a full PV review of Growing Up. We'll see!

Idols, Beauty, and Vanity Editorial
- This is actually been an editorial that I've been wanting to do for awhile, I'm just a little unsure of how I'm going to go about it. It's mainly going to focus on a lot of the beauty standards idols are forced to hold themselves up to by the wota fanbase and how I personally feel about said standards as a teenage girl myself. I'm still a little iffy about writing this especially since I have several other editorials I want and need to write, but I thought I might just put this up here and see if anyone else would be really enthusiastic if I covered this topic!

Kamonegix PV Review
- So the latest single from NMB48 has a title that has twenty different spellings! Well, maybe not twenty, but their are many, many different romanizations I've seen for Kamonegix, and I have no idea which one is the correct one. But I do know that where there's a single, there's a PV to go with it, and after the amazing Bokura no Eureka PV, I'm looking forward to reviewing whatever PV is next for NMB48! At the moment, I've seen the short version of the PV, and I've downloaded the full version. Now all I have to do is find some free time to actually write the review and watch the rest of the PV!

Level3 Album Review
- Yeah, the album didn't leak until yesterday. But you know what the means, guys? THIS ALBUM REVIEW'S GOING UP TODAY EVEN IF IT KILLS ME! And should it not, I'm going to at least try and get this review finished by tomorrow, the actual release date for Level3. I do kind of have a really busy day today so it might have to be a review for tomorrow... At the moment, I have ranked all the songs on Level3 on my Apple Rating Scale and written about a little under half of them. I've got to think with my high-geared enthusiasm for all things Perfume I'll be able to fill out the rest of this review quite quickly!

Standard Album Review
- Okay, I'm not sure if I'm gonna review this album on Selective Hearing or on the Wonderland. At the moment, Scandal's newest album is more-or-less in the back of my mind thanks to the fact that its release date coincides with Level3... So yeah, Level3 kind of trumps Standard. But that doesn't mean I can't get around to reviewing it next week or even the week after! Really I'll have to see, and I'll have to listen to the entire album to see if I even want to review Standard. It's just I reviewed Scandal's last album, and I figured it's good in tradition to be consistent with my group reviews!


  1. Are you saying it's creepy to buy multiple tickets to handshake events just to tell an idol how much they hate her? Oh.

    Yes, that actually happened.

    1. Wait, what? Someone seriously did that? I mean I can't say I'm surprised but still... To think someone went to so much effort to do such a horrible thing is... well, horrible!

    2. I found out about it from Tokyohive comments, although all the comments were deleted when the site updated. Someone bought numerous tickets to denegrate an AKB48 member. Eventually he was kicked out by security and he threw the rest of his tickets at her while being escorted out. I looked her up and she was 14. Jeez.