Sunday, September 1, 2013

Nia's State of the Wonderland - September 2013

You know guys, I'm really happy August is over.

It's probably my second least favorite month of the year behind February. It's just so hot and muggy and school's started and ugh, August is such a depressing month. But that wretched month is behind us as we are now in the month of September and hopefully cooler days and cooler idol releases lay ahead of us! I mean it, there are some singles and albums coming out in the next month that look very promising. Of course, at the top of Nia's Exciting Releases is... Level3! Oh man, I am so excited now. The album comes out in nearly a month! A MONTH! I'll be jamming to Perfume's newest album in less than a month!! To commemorate the release of Level3, I have started a countdown until the released date, October 2nd. As you can see, we still have a ways to go until Level3 is released, but I'll try to keep my sanity in line as we near the release date. In other non-Perfume news for the Wonderland, I've gotten most of my backlog from July and August cleared! I only have about four or five posts I need to write, and then I can fully dive into the upcoming September and October releases! I should mention that in my life outside of idol blogging, I am auditioning for a play. If I get in, I'd probably only make it to ensemble though, so hopefully that wouldn't be a huge commitment. You know what is a huge commitment though? School! And college applications! I've started writing all my college applications and I'm hoping to have them all submitted by December. How much of my time these will take up is... unknown at the moment. I've just started and the whole process is a bit overwhelming. But I shall prevail through them! My post-high school career depends on it! Anyways, I don't know how this and the rest of my schoolwork will effect my blogging the Wonderland. As always, I hope I can balance both! For now, here is my always tentative list of posts I'm working on at the moment!

1mm PV Review
- Surprise, surprise, huh? I think it's a given that I'm going to review just about any Perfume-related material I can get my hands on, especially their PVs. I already love 1mm, and I'm really pumped to see what the PVs going to look like. A making-of teaser was posted on Perfume's official Youtube channel, and from those little clips, the PV for 1mm looks very promising. I really love that they used the color-changing panels you can see in the Regular Edition of Level3. It gets me excited to see what the rest of the PV will look like! Man, I just love that Level3 has 1mm as the leading track off the album...

Fly/Hi Single Review
- You know what sucks about being a fan of BiS? Their stuff never leaks on time. It's like, four months after the release that their singles/albums get leaked online, sometimes one month if we're lucky. You know their last single, DiE? It's been out for over two months now and that still hasn't leaked. All right, all right, enough bitching about problems being a leech. I just really, really want to review a bunch of BiS songs, but I can't do that unless I know what the songs sound like. I've heard Fly and I have the music video for it, so if the entire single doesn't leak in a timely manner, I'll probably just review the PV for Fly.

Get the Star/Last Forever Single Review
- Yay, I finally get to review something by Tokyo Girls' Style! I should probably clarify that I'm not sure if I'm going to review the PV for Get the Star or the entire single, including Last Forever. If Last Forever also gets a PV (which I never know with a group like TGS and an agency like Avex), I'll just review the two PVs separately. Thing is, I don't know; the full PV for Get the Star hasn't been released yet. Still, the 30-second of the PV looked good; I just don't know if I want to spend a whole review going into it. Either way, I'm really excited for this upcoming TGS single; I think it's one of my favorite singles from them! I'll get into why it's one of my favorite singles from them in an actual review though!

Kill Bill PV Review
- Okay, I swear this PV is at the top of my review list. I mean, it's literally at the top of my review list. The PV review for Kill Bill is unfortunately from my backlog that I've almost cleared. I would have reviewed it in August, but my priority was getting all the summer PVs out of the way before September. Now that I've accomplished that task, that finally leaves me to review Kill Bill! I've already started writing this review; I've reviewed the song. Now I just need to do the screencap and review the PV itself. And considering this PV is based off a movie I happen to love... I have a lot to say about it. A lot...

Koisuru Fortune Cookie PV Review
- I haven't gotten to this PV review for many of the same reasons I haven't gotten to my PV review for Kill Bill: summer PVs! Gosh darn those summer PVs getting in the way of all the other idol releases. I think I've decided to just review the PV for Koisuru Fortune Cookie. I've listened to the entire single, and I don't think I could thoroughly review the entire single without losing my sanity. That and it's too time-consuming for an idol single that's already been released. But I do want to at least review the PV for Koisuru Fortune Cookie, since it is the big Senbatsu PV, and there are many elements of the PV I need to talk about.

Level3 Album Review
- Oh yeah, like you guys couldn't figure out this is coming? I've already decked out the Wonderland with a Level3 theme in case you couldn't already tell how excited I am for this album. Now I'm not sure if I'm going to be able to review Level3 in September or October; it all depends on when the album leaks. The album is officially going to be released October 2nd (trust me, I'm counting!), but typically, most Perfume material tends to leak a few days before this date. If the album leaks over the weekend, I'll probably rush to review it before October, but if not, then guess what the first post for October is going to be?

Nia's Idol Blacklist
- Ohoho, what's this? An idol blacklist? What on earth could this possibly be and why do I have one? I don't want to say much about it since I'm writing an entire post about it, but it's basically a list of idol groups that I never intend to review. What I'm hoping this post will accomplish is elaborating on the reasons why I never review some certain idol groups. I have to admit, this is probably a more idol blogger-oriented post than an idol fan-oriented post, but I think it's important to lay down the law with topics like this, especially since I review a somewhat wide range of idol groups.

Professor Honda's Dying Message PV Review
- Any of you Wonderlings heard of Starmarie? All I know about them is that they're an idol group that likes to tell stories through their music, which is a pretty creative idea for an idol group. Leaves a lot of directions and styles for the group to go. Anyways, I thought about reviewing the first PV I saw by them, but I couldn't really find much to talk about it since I couldn't find a translation of the lyrics. Just recently did I stumble upon this other PV from Starmarie, and while it's been out for a good period of time now, I still would like to take a look at it. There's a lot to talk about with Professor Honda's Dying Message; the title alone is intriguing!

Romance no Tochuu Single Review
- Yay, an official tracklist came out for Juice=Juice's major debut single! Despite the fact that it's a triple A-side, I'm just calling this single Romance no Tochuu from now on; the full title takes up way too many lines of text than it should. I have to admit, in August, Romance no Tochuu wasn't really at the top of my list of things to review since the single isn't even going to be released until mid-September. And I wanted to wait until the full tracklist was out to know specifically what I was reviewing. I'm glad I waited too now that music videos for Watashi ga Iu Mae ni Dakishimenakya ne and Samidare ga Samidareru have been released!

Standard Album Review
- So I'm looking forward to Scandal's latest album being released. I really am. Even if I don't always like their music, their albums are at least worth a listen from me. But the thing is... Standard's getting released on the same day as Level3. And which of those two albums do you think I'm more excited about? If you guessed Standard then... what the hell are you on? Bottom line is I'm not sure when I'll review Standard, if at all. I think I'll review Over Drive once the PV is released, but I'll have to listen to the entire Standard album to determine if I'm going to put it on my list or not. I'm thinking this review will be an October review...

Wagamama Ki no Mama Ai no Joke/Ai no Gundan PV Review
- Eek, why do I keep torturing myself by doing these double PV reviews!? I mean, they're totally worth when I finish them but man alive, they're not easy to write! Then again, writing one is just so gratifying... And it's very efficient for when you're reviewing two PVs that make up a double A-side. Speaking of which, can Momusu's next single please have just one A-side? Just so I only have to review one PV instead of two? I've barely started my double PV review for Wagamama Ki no Mama Ai no Joke/Ai no Gundan, but I will try to work diligently to get it released, especially since it's from my backlog...


  1. Uwwwwaaaaaah!!!!!! I'm so excited for Level3 tooooo!!!!! 1mm sounded awesome!!! And STANDARD will be amazing too!!!!!!! YAAAAAY I'M SO EXCITED!!!!!


      I just... it's hard for me to contain my excitement for Level3. But we're so close now! Less than a month to go!

    2. Yup!! We gotta stick it out!! We can do this!!!

  2. psst: DiE leaked a while ago, and Fly/Hi is out now too - you should use Hello! Online's tracker for idol releases, it's generally pretty good

    1. Ahhh that would explain why I can't find it. I use Jpopsuki for torrenting instead of H!O. Their torrents never work on my computer for some reason so yeah... still in a pickle about BiS stuff.