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Nia's State of the Wonderland - August 2013

Oh god, how embarrassing is it to have your State of the Wonderland for July back-to-back with your State of the Wonderland for August?

But to be fair, I have legitimate reasons for why I literally posted nothing in July. I stated in my July State of the Wonderland, that I was going to be really busy with my summer activities. And I was! Rehearsal was very grueling and physically taxing! By the time I was done with practice, I was too tired physically and mentally to do much beyond stare at my computer. Not to mention the place I was staying at while doing said theatre program had no Wifi! I also did a lot of shopping... so yeah. Again, I mentioned all this before but I felt the need to mention it again. I didn't get home until July 30th and by then, July was nearly gone and so was my summer. About that... school starts in five days for me. You heard me: five days. As a student in a "non-traditional" school that means school starts ridiculously early for me. On the up side it ends ridiculously early too but right now, the end of school seems very far away. Speaking of school ending, I'm about to start my senior year so this is quite literally my last year of school. Then there's college and postgrad, but I'll worry about that when the time comes. As a senior, this is my last chance to get it right (get that reference?) and very soon, I'm going to be drowning in a boatload of college applications alongside my regular school work and extracurricular activities. Not to mention my schedule this semester is a bit more challenging than last semester. At the moment, I have no idea how things are going to pan out for me this semester, or how it'll affect The Wonderland. I hope I'll still be able to post frequently, but keep in mind that I'm probably going to be under a lot of stress and pressure in the following months. For now, here's an always-tentative schedule of the posts I'm working on for this month! Maybe I'll actually be able to post some of these drafts, hrm? Let's hope so!

A Cheapskate's Guide to Buying Idol Merch
- Yes, this editorial is still happening. I just have to find the drive and motivation to write it! Write now I've bulleted all the points I want to talk about in this editorial; I just have to elaborate on each of them. I'm also kind of playing around with the formatting for this post. With most editorials I do, it's just blocks and blocks of text with a picture or two thrown in for good measure. I might keep the bullet points for this editorial; I kind of like them and they work for what I'm writing about. Now all I have to do is write the damn thing and depending on my mood, that's either going to be a breeze or a royal pain...

Ai no Gundan/Wagamama Ki no Mama Ai no Joke Double PV Review
- When am I going to learn that doing these double PV reviews are unhealthy for my state of mind? Oh, I kid, I kid, but like with any double PV review, this is gonna take awhile. It requires double my input, and what usually tends to happen with double PV reviews is about the time I'm done screencapping the second PV, I'm too exhausted and end up half-assing the last part of the review. But nonetheless, I really want to talk about the first single post-Reina, and it's really more convenient to review these A-sides in one review. It feels... I don't know, more efficient? Neat? Tidy? Even if it drives me insane, I'm reviewing these in one post!

Kagen no Tsuki Single Review
- You know I just noticed... not a lot of idol bloggers review Scandal stuff, do they? Well not a lot of the idol bloggers follow do... maybe I'm looking in the wrong places! I'm sure there are some great review blogs that cover Scandal's music! Much like with Scandal's past single, I'm reviewing this one because there's not much to talk about with the PV for Kagen no Tsuki. It's not a bad PV but I can't cover my opinions on it in like a paragraph. Besides, I wanna talk about the B-side for this single! It's actually really easy to review Scandal singles since they only tend to have two songs!

Kill Bill PV Review
- Okay, before you ask, no I am not referring to the movie Kill Bill. I'm not a movie review blog, even though I do have a wide and passionate love for film. So those of you who only listen to J-pop might be scratching your heads as to just what in the hell I'm reviewing. Well... I'm reviewing a K-pop song. Or, I'm reviewing the song and PV for a K-pop song. Because frankly, I probably wouldn't give Kill Bill the song two cents had I not watched the PV. Now that I have though, I have quite a few things to say about it, especially since I happen to be a Tarantino fan... but you'll have to wait til the review to see!

Koisuru Fortune Cookie PV and/or Single Review
- So last year I did a separate PV review and single review for Gingham Check, the Senbatsu single for AKB48. I'm contemplating if I should do that again for this year's Senbatsu single, Koisuru Fortune cookie. I haven't really talked much about the song, since I've been off the face of the planet. I've seen the short version of the PV though, and I have formed an opinion of the song. At the moment, I'm debating whether or not to review the short PV or wait to screencap and review the full one. Part of me also wants to review the single but hot damn, there's a lot of songs on it. Still on the fence about taking that on...

Mousou no Hawaii PV Review
- As we reach the end of summer, I'm scrambling to try and finish reviewing all the summer PVs on my agenda. For me, the end of August marks the end of summer. By September, I'm in school mood and just waiting for cooler weather to come. Until then, I've still got Mousou no Hawaii on my list, and I'll probably get to reviewing it as soon as possible, since it is a summer PV. Is it just me, or am I reviewing a lot more summer PVs this year than I did last year? Granted, I didn't review that many in 2012 but still, I feel like I've got more on my plate in 2013. No matter, I can work through it! That's what journalists do!

Romance no Tochuu/Watashi ga Iu Mae ni Dakishmenakya ne (Memorial Edit)/Samidare Bijo ga Samidareru (Memorial Edit Single Review

- Hot damn, is that a ridiculously long single title! Despite the fact that I've already given one of these three A-sides, I still want to look at the other two songs on Juice=Juice's (very packed) major debut single. I never got the chance to review Samidare Bijo ga Samidareru because I was fuming over subtitles in H!P PVs so now I'll finally get the chance to! I thought about just reviewing the PV for Romance no Tochuu but I feel like with Aina' departure and the other two A-sides on this single, I'll do better with a single review. Now all I have to do is wait for the full tracklist... and the covers... and the songs... and the PV... drat.

Satoumi Groups Idol Smackdown
- That's right, it's time for another Idol Smackdown! YEAH! I think Idol Smackdown is a thing with The Wonderland now... if I use it for a third post, then I think I can officially declare it a thing. This time instead of pitting Morning Musume A-sides together, I'll be pitting the Satoumi group songs together! Of course, things will be a little different this time around. For one thing: I'm actually setting this post up to be more of a comparison than three reviews slapped into one post. I'll probably use my Apple Rating System and declare one of three Satoumi songs winner of the Smackdown!

Savage Heaven Single Review
- What's this? It's B-b-b-b-bump.y! Yeah! This idol group is still around! I'm joking, of course they are! It's just been awhile since they released Cosmo no Hitomi and their last album so it's nice to see them releasing something again! I've always liked Bump.y, even if for reasons I can't explain. I'm still kind of torn between whether I'll review the single or PV for Savage Heaven, but I'm leaning towards reviewing the entire single. You see, I currently have all the songs on the single, and I think I can write about them. And I'm also in talks with Chiima of Okay! Musume Time about maybe doing some kind of collaboration review... we'll see!

The Story of How I Created a Perfume Fan
- Oh, what's this? Nia created a Perfume fan? How!? And no, I didn't have to pull a Dr. Frankenstein and literally create a Perfume fan. Anyways, you'll hear all the mushy gushy details when I finish this post. I've actually been a tad hesitant to write about this incident in my life, but the more I mulled it over, the more I realized there was a lot I could write about it. I almost want to call this post an editorial because the context of my story leaves a lot to talk about. I guess it all depends how the rest of the post pans out but for now I'm labeling this as a pseudo-editorial. Now all I need to do is write about it... Anyways, stay tuned, readers!

Thank You Summer Love PV Review
- You guys remember Kara, right? Of course you do! And if you don't, then pay no heed to this review! I figured since I was a huge fan of Go Go Summer! (Kara's last summer single from 2011), I could review the summer single they released this year. I'm sure it won't be quite as amazing as Go Go Summer! but I always tend to enjoy Kara's output! I'm actually thinking about making this my last summer PV to review what with August being more-or-less the last "summer-y" month. And then I think I'll make a poll with all the summer PVs I've reviewed and ask which one was your favorite! Sound fun?

Weather Girls Album Review
- To be fair, I had a valid reason for not getting around to this review until now! Despite the debut album for Weather Girls being released in early July, the album didn't leak to the Internet until a few days ago. Hence I was unable to procure a copy to review until now. Call me a leech for not buying the damn album, but I'm a shameless cheapskate. Anyways, now that I've got the album in my possession, I will get right to starting on the review! I've actually managed to compile a few reviews of the A-sides on the albums already, so finishing the rest of this album review won't be quite as tedious!

Utsukushii Inazuma PV Review
- Good news! I finally have the PV for Utsukushii Inazuma in my possession! I guess the full PV was never released on a channel like Space Shower of M-On! so it wasn't leaked until the full single was. Either way, I'm happy that I finally have this PV in my possession. I swear, the more a PV or song eludes me, the more I want to get my hands on it, regardless of its actual quality. So yeah, I'm looking forward to reviewing Utsukushii Inazuma, especially as one of my last summer PVs to review. You know, it's kind of sad that the seasons of summer PVs is going to be over soon... oh well, there's always next summer!

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