Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Level3 Details Finally Released!

Is my timing good or what? Yesterday I was all "Boy golly gee, I really hope we get a bunch of information about Level3 soon! Preferably the tracklist and the album covers! That's be gosh diddly doodly amazing!" And today? A LEVEL 3 INFORMATION OVERLOAD!

I don't even mind if I had a violent stomach bug this morning, because oh my god, Level3. Now I'm excited. Well... I've been excited since the announcement of the album, but now have more information about said album to fuel my excitement! I mean, I don't even know where to start with all this news. Not only did we get to see the promotional image for Level3, we got the album covers, the tracklist, the DVD tracklist, and a full rip of 1mm, the leading track off the album. If I hadn't had the energy of a snail with the flu today, I'd probably be running around my room doing some spazztic equivalent of a happy dance. It's been nearly two years since JPN was released, and I think I'm more excited about Level3 than I was JPN. For starters, just look at the visual concept for Level 3. I really like the patterns on the outfits the girls are wearing for the promo. It fits with their image nicely, being very geometric and all. Someone pointed out that Perfume has this pattern with their album outfits of switching from black to white, which I didn't notice until now.

Like Complete Best had white, Game had black, ⊿ had white, and JPN had black. So now I guess we're back to white! I have to say, of the two album covers for Level3, I think my favorite is Regular. I like the paneling used for it because it gives off a very futuristic vibe. That and the white outfits fit nicely with the light color scheme. Annnd part of the appeal I see in the Regular is the fact that for the first time in year's, Kashiyuka's full-on forehead has graced us with its presence! I kid, I kid, but I'm serious, it's so refreshing to see Kashiyuka push her bangs back. I don't even know how she constantly keeps them trimmed from falling over her eyes... The Limited Edition looks decent too but I think it's one of those covers that looks better in physical form than digital. The Limited also has a slipcase that's either clear, yellow, or pink. Huh. Reminds me of the Limited cover for JPN that also had a slipcase. Of course, the covers and outfits being released only brush the tip of my ecstatic ecstasy regarding Level3. Not only were the covers revealed for Level3, but so was the tracklist:

1. Enter the Sphere
2. Spring of Life (Album-mix)
3. Magic of Love (Album-mix)
4. Clockwork
5. 1mm
6. Mirai no Museum
7. Party Maker
8. Furikaeru to Iru Yo
9. Point
10. Daijobanai
11. Handy Man
12. Sleeping Beauty
13. Spending all my time (Album-mix)
14. Dream Land

DVD Tracklist:
1. 1mm -video clip-
2. "Zutto Suki Dattan Jakee~Sasurai no Menkata Perfume FES!!" Memorial ♡
3. "Perfume no Tadatada Radio ga Suki dakara Radio!"

I love the tracklist. I just had to put that out there before I start commenting on it. First great thing about the tracklist for Level3 is the number. We get fourteen songs! Fourteen! And what adds to that great tidbit is that of those fourteen tracks, seven of those tracks are new! So we get half old songs and half new songs, which I think is a perfect balance. I stated before in my album review of JPN (from many moons ago) that one of my main gripes with it was the lack of new tracks. Thankfully with Level3, I don't see this problem, which is wonderful! And you know what adds to that wonderfulness? The old tracks that did get included. I was really hoping that Spending all my time was getting an mix for the album after I heard the remix the girls used for their Cannes performance in France. And what do you know? It is getting an album mix! Personally, I'm hoping it's along the lines of the Cannes mix, because I really liked what that did with the song. It give Spending all my time, a song I detested when I first heard it, some life, along with a chance for me to finally get into this song.

Among the other album mixes, both Spring of Life and Magic of Love are getting album mixes, back-to-back too! It makes me wonder if what they'll do is have one mix transition into the other, like Laser Beam's mix smoothly transitioning into Glitter's on the JPN album. I know there was a mix of Magic of Love used for Perfume's Ultra Korea performance so I'm wondering if it's going to be similar to the mix on the album? I guess I'll have to wait and see, but I look forward to hearing it! I'm a tad weary towards Spring of Life for getting an album mix because I enjoy the original, and I'm a little nervous about how the mix is going to turn out. Still, Nakata's one of those producers who seems to handle song mixing very skillfully, so hopefully I'm just worrying over nothing! Oh yeah, and Mirai no Museum's somewhere in this album, but I won't touch on that song too much. I mean, it kind of had to be included on the album, so I don't see much point in complaining talking about it.

Something else I'm jumping up and down for regarding Level3's tracklist are the B-sides included on the album. Point, Daijobanai, and Handy Man to be exact. I absolutely adored two of three of those B-sides when they were released, and I'm extremely happy that they're getting included on the album! The biggest surprise for me was Point making it to Level3. I'd pretty much excepted that Point was going to get the boot when it came to the album tracklist since Hurly Burly was so popular and widely performed and Point was... not. In fact, I don't even think the girls have performed it live, that's how unused it is! But when Spending all my time came out, Point was my favorite song off the single, and my favorite song from last year. To see it being included on the album fills me with so much joy! And then Handy Man made it to the album as well! I wasn't sure if that song was going to be included either so this is yet another pleasant surprise I woke up to this morning!

Then there's Daijobanai. I have to say, I'm not exactly thrilled that Daijobanai is on the album, but I'm not that upset either. But if I'd had to pick between Hurly Burly and Daijobanai for Level3, I'd probably go with the former. On the subject of Hurly Burly, I wonder why that one didn't make it to the album. Is it because its sound just didn't match up with the rest of the album? Until Level3 is released, I can't really speculate as to why Hurly Burly wasn't included; I'd pretty much considered it a shoe-in for Level3 even before talks of the album itself were generating. Still, maybe the sounds of Point, Handy Man, and Daijobanai just fit better for Level3 for Hurly Burly. The other B-side that didn't make the cut was Communication but honestly... is anyone even sad about that? I know like one person who might be upset by the news, but I honestly am not upset at all that Communication wasn't included in Level3. Not that it's a terrible song by any means, but it can get irritatingly cute at times.


The only new tracks that we've heard of so far are Party Maker and 1mm. The former was aired in a CM for Chocola BB, and that was only a 15-second snippet. From the snippet, it sounded like a very upbeat, party-type song though. I can't really say much about Party Maker until I hear the full song, which probably won't happen until the release of Level3. As for 1mm, today on Perfume Locks! we found out that it was going to be the leading track for Level3. You know, kind of how I Still Love U was the leading track for ⊿ and Secret Secret was the leading track for Game? 1mm is also going to get a music video which will be included on the Limited Edition DVD of Level3. As you may have been suspecting already, I will be reviewing the PV for 1mm separately from Level3. And it's going to be awesome. But that's not the only juicy little tidbit regarding 1mm. On Perfume Locks! today, the entire song was aired. A full radio rip. And let me tell you, it was awesome. Okay, maybe I'm exaggerating, but at the moment, I'm really digging 1mm.

I'll elaborate my thoughts on 1mm when I actually review the song properly in a PV/album review but for the moment, it's gotten me excited for how the rest of Level3 will sound! And I think that's what a leading track should do. So good job, 1mm! The other five new songs on Level3 I know nothing about beyond the titles. And I try not to judge a song by its title because usually my assumptions are fantastically off. Still, they're interesting titles. Enter the Sphere sounds like it's going to be similar to The Opening from JPN and Take-off from ⊿. Sleeping Beauty and Dream Land sound like they're going to be very... dreamlike. Kind of like Point, actually! As for Clockwork, I really hope it doesn't sound like Toki no Hari or anything on the cuter side of Perfume's discography. Their cuter songs tend to wear on me pretty fast. As for Furikaeru to Iru Yo, I have no idea what to expect for that track... but I think that's part of the fun of waiting for a new album!

All in all, I'm really excited. I'm not sure what I'm more excited about; the fact that Level3 is coming out in a little over or a month or the fact that I get to review Level3 in a little over a month. The last (and only) Perfume album I've gotten to review is JPN, and that was my first album review back when I was just starting out as an idol blogger. Like I didn't even have the Apple Rating System back then. Now I feel like I've grown so much more as a writer, and for that reason, I've really wanted to properly review a Perfume album. With Level 3 coming out, I'm finally getting the chance! So yes, that's my top priority post for October. Who knows? If the album leaks in September, I might even review it then! For now though, I'll just have to wait patiently like all the other Perfume fans for Level3. I'm really hoping that this album is a step-up from JPN. So far, I'm liking what I see; now I need to cross my fingers and hope that the end results are just as promising! A storm is coming to the Wonderland, guys. A glorious, Perfume storm. So batten down the hatches, because I'm fairly certain I'm going to go progressively crazier up until Level3's release...

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