Monday, July 1, 2013

Nia's State of the Wonderland - July 2013

Well, the month of June passed and Nia has been a lazy little blogger!

I mean, I'm not gonna try and come up with some BS excuse, I was just really lazy last month, hence the lack of posts. Okay, I'm not dead but even I can admit that I was a tad bit lacking when it came to writing stuff this month! I think that might be because after this summer I'm going to have to go into working overdrive with college applications, SAT crap, schoolwork, senior... stuff. I just want to be able to relax a little before spending another 9 months stressed out of my mind. Not that idol blogging is stressful (believe me, I love doing it), but it can be a little mentally taxing at times! And technically something did come up in the last part of June that kept me incredibly occupied. I mentioned this in my June State of the Wonderland, but I started a theatre program last week that goes from 9 to 5 Monday through Friday. By the time I'm finished a day at the theatre, I'm both physically and mentally drained, making the writing process very difficult for me! Even if I did have time to write after my strenuous day at the theatre, I'm staying at my grandmother's Wifi-less house. I'm relying on a combination of Starbucks, Barnes and Noble, and the public library for free Wifi and even then I can only get access for two hours tops. I can still work on posts at home if I keep the draft windows open but I can't save drafts and I can't upload pictures until I get back to a location with Wifi. Needless to say, publishing posts is a little more challenging. Not impossible, just challenging. Still, I like a challenge, and I was able to handle idol blogging last year even though I still had that theatre program going on! For now, here's a tentative list of a few posts I plan on at least starting this month!

The AKB48 Hierarchy Conundrum
- I swear to god, I am going to get to this editorial at one point or another! I should have gotten to it in June but again, being the lazy shit I am, I barely even wrote about this! Come to think of it, I should probably say something about my impressions of Koisuru Fortune Cookie... meh, I might just wait until the PV comes out for that song and then talk about it. Still, this post is still in my list, I just have to work that editorial magic that I somehow manage to stoke up and get to writing it! Agh, that's the tough part about being a writer: motivation! Or lack of it some times...

A Cheapskate's Guide to Buying Idol Merch
- You know what I am? A cheapskate. Okay, I'm not a full-blown Scrooge McDuck but I am still very stingy when it comes to deciding what to spend money on. So I like trying to find bargains on things, especially idol merch. As I was reflecting on my money-spending habits, I thought why not write a post about my own buying process and how to buy idol merch if you're someone like me who, for whatever reason, is stingy with spending your money on physical goods. I can't say I've really started writing this post but I think if I can just draw up some enthusiasm within me to write it, I'll be able to!

Kanashiki Amefuri/Adam to Eve no Dilemna Single Review
- Okay, so I'm not sure if I'm going to just review both PVs for C-ute's latest single or just review the single in its entirety when it's released. Part of me just wants to do a single review, but then again, I also have the subtitles-less PVs... So I feel like I should at least try and take advantage of that, you know? I'm not sure yet, because I do feel like I can talk about the PVs, I just don't know if I can say much about them. What I might try and do is start a PV review for one of the two songs and if that doesn't go anywhere, I'll just took what I wrote for that review and put it into a single review! Sound good?

Utsukushii Inazuma PV Review
- Damn, when did I last review something by SKE48? I think it was the Kataomoi Finally PV... Well, as the summer PVs keep on coming, I might as well add this PV to my review list! After all, the image in this PV is rather... different for an SKE48 A-side. And not Kataomoi Finally different either. But I'll elaborate on that in the actual review. The only thing that's preventing me from actually starting this PV review is the fact that the full PV isn't available yet... just the short version. It's a little surprising since I feel like AKS PVs usually come out pretty early but this one's coming out rather late...

Weather Girls Album Review
- Wow! What an original for the first original album from... Weather Girls. Well, lack of originality aside, I've liked the music from Weather Girls so far, and I am interested to see what musical directions a full album by them will take. Maybe it'll be a good listen, maybe it'll suck, who knows? I always gets a little bit excited when an idol group releases a debut album! If this weather-themed group's past music is any indicator, I suspect this album will probably be just a bunch of easy-listening, upbeat hyper pop in lieu of say Idol is Dead 2.0 but who knows? Maybe the Weather Girls will take me by storm! Get it? Storm? Eh heh...


  1. Good to know I'm not the only cheapskate with idol merchandise ;) I buy my akb48 cds off ebay for $10 tops - I don't care if some are a little damaged since the cds and their packaging aren't total works of art and it's the only way to get their music in the UK! Kpop cds are generally better packaged etc but since their songs are usually available on itunes ol' Scrooge over here just downloads em rather than splash out XD

    1. All right, another cheapskate! Yeah, $10 is about my limit for singles, and $25 is my limit for albums. Unless it's a really good album like GAME by Perfume (I spent $30 for that album). But I digress. I think as long as the CD is still listenable, a slightly damaged copy is still worth it too. I've heard K-pop CDs have better packaging but I'd have to listen to more K-pop to buy anything...