Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Albums and Concerts and Awards, Oh My!


Well, all right, I didn't know know but you get what I mean! And a new album announcement isn't the only thing to grace the wonderful Perfume fandom! I always feel like Perfume's management does this thing where they just info dump a bunch of news on the fans and then go a really long time without announcing anything. I can't be the only one who feels that way, right? But hey, right now, I'm not criticizing that management decision because holy smokes, Perfume is planing on doing a boatload of stuff for the rest of 2013! New concerts, awards, mind-blowing live performances... egads, I don't even know where I'm supposed to start!   Well, how about the fact that Perfume is releasing their fourth studio album yet despite that fact, the album is still called Level 3. You'd think it'd be called Level 4 but fans have been speculating that the levels refer to the stages of exposure Perfume has. Like Level 1 is local, Level 2 is national, Level 3 is international, you get what I mean. Whatever the album title means, I am ecstatic that Perfume is finally releasing another album! Their last album, JPN was released in late 2011 and the release date for Level 3 is going to be some time in late 2013 so it's been a good two years since the last album from Perfume. Too long in my opinion but as long as the album deliver the technopop amazingness that I expect from the glorious techno trio of Japan, I can't complain too much. Of course, since the release date is set to be in autumn, that means there's going to be a good deal of time in which the fans will be left sprawling around, grasping at straws, and trying to figure out just what kind of direction Level 3 will take. One of the biggest speculations right now for me is what B-sides are going to make it onto the album and which ones will be cut. I don't want another A-side/B-side overload like JPN; I say the more new tracks, the better. However, it's only logical that Perfume would probably include one or two of their B-sides. Personally, I'd be happy if Hurly Burly, Point and Handy Man all made it into Level 3, but that's just my opinion.

I know that Spring of Life, Spending all my time, Mirai no Museum and Magic of Love are all definitely getting onto the album, but I can't help but wonder if any of those four A-sides are getting a remix a la Laser Beam or Glitter. My money's on Spending all my time getting an album mix, mainly because of the performance of the song at Cannes used a mix in lieu of the regular song. We'll talk about that performance in a minute, but I could see SAMT getting a remix. It's a very... mix-able song! There's also the matter of how many tracks there will be on the album. I'm hoping for 14 since the more the merrier, but what I mainly want is a nice balance of new songs and old songs on the album. Like I said earlier, my biggest problem with JPN a small amount of newer tracks. It probably doesn't help that the JPN ear had a ton of A-sides, something that thankfully the Level 3 era doesn't have. A perfect balance for me would be six new songs and six old songs. I think that's a nice mix of old and new. Part of me also wonders what the concept for Level 3 is going to be like, especially in terms of visuals. I usually tend to love Perfume's visual aesthetic, especially with their albums, so I expect something pretty interesting for Level 3. The question is whether the album will continue in the lighter direction that JPN went in or if it'll draw back to the more experimental ⊿ or Game. I wouldn't mind if Perfume got a bit edgier for Level 3, but that's just how I feel. What's so exciting is that I really don't know what to expect for Level 3. The singles in this era aren't that cohesive so I can't think much of an image or concept for this album. That partially gets me excited but another part of me is also dying for more information and details about the album. Oh well, I guess that will come in due time and for now, I'll just have to suffer and wait. If only there was some way I could transport myself to the Perfume concert in London to pass the time and satisfy that Perfume craving I'm bound to get eventually.

I kid, I kid, but there is some exciting news about the London tour as well! It's going to be broadcasted in several theaters around the world including Los Angeles in the USA and Mexico City in... well, Mexico! Pretty exciting for people with access to those locations, pretty depressing for people who can't. Such as people who live in The Sticks. But enough moping from me, I can't wait to hear about just what Perfume plans on doing in each location of their 2nd World Tour, especially for the London concert! Who knows? Maybe the end of this 2nd World Tour will feature an announcement of a 3rd World Tour! But I highly doubt an announcement like that is coming yet, mainly because Perfume has announced two huge concerts in their home country. On December 7th and 8th and 24th and 25th, Perfume will be holding two dome concerts, the first one at the Kyo-sera Dome and the second one at the one and only Tokyo Dome! Personally, I am extremely excited to see both concerts when they're released on DVD, especially the one at Tokyo Dome! Their first Tokyo Dome concert was incredible, and I can only imagine just how the Perfume team is going to top the next one! Anyways, because Perfume plans on releasing an album in fall of 2013 and embarking on two dome concerts in winter 2013, I doubt that Perfume is planning on doing a 3rd World Tour this year. Which means... there's a possibility that next year Perfume might hold one. Like in the summer. When I graduate. Let me tell you, if Perfume performed in the United States in the summer of 2014, that would make my freaking year. I know it's a little too early to get idealistic about stuff like that happening but ugh, you guys know how much I adore Perfume. If there's even the smallest of a chance that they might perform in the US, I'm doing everything in my power to be able to see them.

And then to add the wonderful pile of Perfume news, the motion capture used in Perfume concerts and developed by Daito Manabe won the Silver Award at the Cannes Lions International Festival of Creativity! For good reason I'd suspect; the incredible technology incorporated into Perfume concerts is one of the many elements of what makes their live performances so jaw-droppingly memorable. What made the event even better was that Perfume actually got to perform at Cannes using the motion capture Manabe won an award for! You see that video I linked above this paragraph. Click it. Don't question me, I swear you absolutely won't regret. That, my readers, is a remixed live performance of Spending all my time and holy shit is it amazing. You know who I posted a list of my top fifteen Perfume lives a few months ago? Well, had I decided to publish that post now instead of then, this performance would totally be on there. I hate to sound so praise-y, but this performance is just.... perfect. The visuals are the best part, the technological effects are absolutely entrancing. With the motion capture, Perfume managed to take a small stage and briefly turn it into a technological spectacle. Seeing these effects used to smoothly really makes me appreciate that Daito Manabe won an award for all the hard work he put into these visual effects. And that's not the only thing that impressed me about this performance. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I think this live of Spending all my time actually got me to start liking the song. Yeah, you heard me, Spending all my time, the Perfume song I expressed excessive amounts of disappointment towards, has slowly become a song that I can actually enjoy listening to. I know, right!? For that reason, I really hope this mix of Spending all my time is included in Perfume's new album. It is way too awesome not to make it to the album.

Whew. That's one hell of an info dump, huh? I can't complain much though; I'm freaking excited! Especially in regards to Level 3.... not like that's obvious by the word vomit I just typed, right? So Perfume fans, how are you holding up with this amazing dump of news? Are you ripping your clothes off and praising the lord? Hiding under your bed and counting the days until the release of more news? Or something completely sane and normal?


  1. I remember watching that performance and then thinking "i have to see what niaswonderland is going to write about this!"..I love the way you write and that performance left me literally speechless. it was PERFECT, and it felt to me like it was such an important moment for their careers, the beggining of the real crossover into the world music market (i knew about the asian tour, but that doesnt really count to me...) and I didn´t know about the london concert broadcast!! that is awesome- should consider journalism or something like that as a future career..

    1. Really!? That's so flattering! I always get this warm glow-y feeling inside me when people like what I write so much they can't wait to see me write more! I really think Perfume delivered in this live of SAMT, and I think they also left a really amazing international impression. It gets me excited for what they're doing in the Europe tour!

      I am considering journalism as a future career! Thank you for saying that! I'm a rising senior so I'll be in college in a little over a year! Hopefully at least...

  2. Nia, I know you love Perfume and hope you check my post about my experience of their concert!

    1. Of course I will! I'll bet the London concert was amazing! Hell, the whole tour was probably amazing...