Monday, April 1, 2013

Nia's State of the Wonderland - April 2013

Happy April, guys and girls! Ah, April. It's a month of spring and flowers and rain and actual warm weather! Or at least I hope so. Seriously, I don't know what the hell was going on with the weather in March; spring came and I'm still throwing on sweaters to head to school! I'm so sick of the cold and the wind; I want to be able to wear shorts outside again! Yeah, when it comes to August, you'll probably hear me bitching about how hot and humid it is and how much I want it to be cold again. Why can't it just stay like 75 degrees all year? Anyways, I hope wherever you are you're not freezing or sweating too much! April's not only an important month for the weather but also because it's basically my last month of school! I have like one more week in May and then I'm out! Of course, because April is essentially the last month of school for me, that means the exams and papers are gonna start piling on and furthermore that means I'll probably have less time to blog. I'll try my best but I don't have too much planned for April in terms of blogging so I can focus on making sure I do well in all my classes! Not to mention rehearsals for Sound of Music (I got in by the way!) are gonna start picking up more now that we're out of the blocking stage so I'll probably be at the theatre more this month than in March! AND I'm auditioning for another play in mid-April! So yeah, busy times in the life of Nia! For now, here's a tentative list of what posts I'm working on and what reviews I plan on releasing this month:

5th Dimension Album Review
- I can't believe I'm saying this but I'm really excited to hear Momoiro Clover Z's second album! I still need to listen to Battle and Romance but I think I'm going to wait until after I review 5th Dimension, just because I don't want to compare these two albums just yet. As you all read, I enjoyed Neo Stargate's song and PV a lot even if it wasn't quite as weird as some of MomoClo's other material. The sound of Neo Stargate and the concept of this album make me really curious as to what the song are going to sound like. Like will it be a less quirky album? Will it be more electronic? The possibilities are endless when it comes to Momoiro Clover Z!

10 K-pop Songs I Actually Listen To
- I know what you're all thinking: "WHAAAAAT? Nia listens to K-POP!?" Well no, I'm actually not an active listener of K-pop but there are a handful of K-pop songs that I actually do like listening to. There's not really particular artist I listen to or anything, just a random mish-mash of songs that just happen to be in Korean instead of Japanese! As I was writing my review of Kara's Bye Bye Happy Days I just started thinking about if there were any K-pop songs I liked listening to. I realized there were a handful of K-pop songs I liked so I thought I'd do what I do best and write a list about it!

Brainstorming vs. Kimi Sae Iraba Nani mo Iranai
- Get ready guys for the ultimate standoff in idol music history!!! Except not really because all I'm doing is a double PV review of Morning Musume's two A-sides from their 53rd single. Both PVs came out at pretty much the same time so I thought why not review them in one post? So you guys get two PVs in one review! How sweet is that? Of course, since I'm reviewing two PVs instead of just one, this review might take a little bit longer to finish than my typical PV reviews. But I promise it'll be worth it! Besides, I really would like to compare these two A-sides and a great way to do that is reviewing them at once!

Jane Doe Single Review
- There's not really much I can talk about with Takahashi Minami's Jane Doe PV that I can't do in a paragraph so I think I'm just gonna review the single as a whole! Besides, it'll give me a good chance to see how all of Takamina's songs turned out on her debut single! I know that reception's been pretty lukewarm of Jane Doe (personally I think it's a pretty good song) and I'm curious as to how the B-sides on the other tracks sound! Then again, I'm gonna have to look at six songs on the entire single to finish this review... yeah, there's a reason I don't do many single reviews of AKB48-related singles!

The Ups and Downs of Idol Forums
- Yep, here's my token post that always ends up in my States of the Wonderland! I can't help that there's so much more news and releases that I have to put this aside! I guess that is the nice thing about editorials though; there's no deadline! I can publish this whenever I want and it won't be old news! I always think one of the hardest parts of being an idol blogger is staying on top of new releases and music videos! But hey, who knows? Maybe April will be the month that I finally finish this editorial! But I get the feeling it might be May since I'll have a lot more down time in May...

Watashi ga Iu Mae ni Dakishimenakya ne PV Review
- Oh yeah, you know that I'm gonna be reviewing Juice=Juice's debut song! Well, technically it's not really their debut song if you don't count indies but it gives a good idea of how this group is going to be marketed! I'm just really pleasantly surprised that their first song is getting a PV! I'd heard that a music video was being filmed but I wasn't 100% sure when or if it was going to be released! The PV came out on the group's channel yesterday making both myself and lots of other anticipating fans very happy! Now I get to take a good look at Juice=Juice as a group and estimate how much potential I think they have!

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  1. Happy April to you too! I can't wait for the "10 K-pop Songs I Actually Listen To" post :)