Friday, March 1, 2013

Nia's State of the Wonderland - March 2013

YES! We're finally done with my least favorite month of the year! I can't stand February; I know it's short but man does it feel long. Or maybe that's just because starting today... I'M ON SPRING BREAK! Time to throw myself a one room disco!!! Okay, remember how I said that I was going to have a bunch of stuff going on in February and didn't know how it would affect my blogging schedule? Well, it didn't affect it at all because I had nothing going on in February. Well, I did help out backstage with a play but that was only for a couple days. Turns out the plays I'm auditioning for have dates in March, early March to be exact. In fact, I'm auditioning for the Sound of Music in a couple days! And then I'm auditioning for another play a week after that! So this time I seriously do mean it when I say that I've got stuff going on this month. If I get into Sound of Music, I don't know how vigorous the rehearsals will be and if they'll leave time for me to write on the Wonderland! The other play is for a summer program so getting into it wouldn't really affect my blogging until the summer. And that's only if I get into either play; I may not get cast in either one! I may suck at auditions and there might be a bajillion more talented people than me! But at the moment, I don't know what's going to happen so things are pretty open. And besides, if I don't get into either play, I can spend more time writing stuff on the Wonderland! Who knows? If I break 50K in the next few months, then I would have lots of time planning some little celebration thingy to go along with that! But that's a long ways away and every is highly ambiguous right now. So here's a tentative schedule of what I'm working on and what I plan to review in March so far!

Asian Celebration PV Review
- Okay, so I could have reviewed this PV closer to when it came out but there are two main reasons for why I wanted to wait. The first reason is a little frivolous but... I wanted to wait until the HQ covers of the single came out. Call me compulsive, but I had to have an HQ cover at the top of my review! It's traditional! Kind of. The other reason is I want to see if an HD link for Asian Celebration would pop up since I feel like I can get better screencaps with a better quality video. Now that both those things have emerged onto the Internet, I can finally get around to reviewing Asian Celebration!

Get You Single Review
- You know, I think there must be some celestial, Lovecraftian force that doesn't want me to review this single. The good news is... the single leaked! The bad news is... only the Dorothy Little Happy version leaked! So I guess I could review half the single but I really wanted to review the BiS songs on it too. I don't know what I'm going to do but I have half a mind to just buy the BiS version despite the outrageous price it'll cost for me. And then I'll have to deal with the long shipping and at the rate I'm going, I'm not gonna get to review this single until my birthday in June!

Sugar Rush PV Review
- Is it ironic that at the beginning of Feburary I'd planned not to review So Long! and review Sugar Rush instead yet at the beginning of March, I still haven't reviewed Sugar Rush and I ranted about So Long? Oh well, I still do want to review Sugar Rush a lot, especially since the song was played for a Western audience in Wreck-It Ralph! There's a lot I can say about this sugar-y burst of energy and it's equally sugar-y PV! Think of all the sugar puns I can make in my screencap! I can see it now! Puns, puns everywhere of the corniest kind! And now that the full PV's out... LET US JUMP INTO OUR RACING CARS!!!

The Ups and Downs of Idol Forums
- Oh yay! I actually came up with a slightly cool title to this post! I think I'd originally titled this draft "My Love/Hate Relationship with Idol Forums" but I like this title much better! It has a better... ring to it! And it sounds more positive. This is one of those posts that doesn't really have a set date I'll release it; it's just something I work on here and there! But like I said before, this post is pretty much about the pros and cons of participating in idol forums and my own personal opinions on it. I also compare blogging to forum-ing since there are both similarities and differences between the two activities!

The Writing Process of a Neurotic, Half-Crazed Blogger
- Again, another post that really doesn't have a set date that I can release whenever the hell I want to. I admit, I haven't really worked much on this post because I've been busy writing stuff relevant to idol news (like Perfume!). And there's also the fact that it's a personal post and I don't always feel comfortable writing more personal posts on my blog. I'm actually thinking about making this post a page that anyone can have access to at the top of my menu bar but I don't know. First I have to actually write this post...

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