Friday, February 1, 2013

Nia's State of the Wonderland - February 2013

Happy February, everyone! To celebrate our transition into the month of love and Valentine's Day and sex, have a sexy GIF from Perfume's live of Take me Take me! Yep, February's an interesting month, especially in terms of releases. Mainly because Perfume's releasing their next single! Along with Passpo, Weather Girls, AKB48 and C-ute! Lots of good idol releases this month! Then we hit March and releases slow down but still! February should be one hell of a month for idol releases! It's funny because I feel like everything I want to review hasn't come out yet! I guess it's for the better because February/March is usually the time I start getting busier with extracurricular activities. Like starting on Monday I'm helping out backstage with a show and later this month I'm auditioning for The Sound of Music. Not to mention that as a junior I have to take the SAT and the ACT and then I have classes to manage on top of all that! I'm capable of handling all that but it might take a toll on how much I blog. Hopefully, I won't have to go on writing break like I did last year but in case I do, I just want my readers to know there is a reason for it! But right now here's a tentative list of what I'm going to write about in the future!

Get You Single Review
- Much like BiS' Idol is Dead album, I really want to review their compilation single with Dorothy Little Happy. And just like their Idol is Dead album, I can't find this single anywhere! I know it'll probably take like a month for the single to finally leak but ugh, I wanna review this single so badly. I listened to snippets on iTunes Japan of the songs I hadn't heard and I've already reviewed the A-side itself along with the covers each group did. But those two elusive B-sides are the only thing preventing me from reviewing the single. I know I sound like a no-good leech when talking about how badly I want a leak of a single but it's only because I can't find any other alternative. If the single was available on iTunes, I'd buy it in a heartbeat but it's not and I don't have money to spend on the physical copies. So... I guess I'll just sulk around and wait.

How I Got into Idols
- After I finished writing my post on how I got into Perfume, I thought why not do a post about how I got into idols? My blog is mainly focused around Perfume and idols so I think it makes sense to write about my first encounters with idols! Except this post won't be anywhere near as sappy and melodramatic as the Perfume post! Nope, this post will also be set up more like a timeline with smaller chunks of paragraphs elaborating on each date. Now the real challenge is trying to remember when I got into a certain idol and what particular song garnered my interest! Some songs I remember crystal clear but for others I think "Was it this song or was it that other song I heard first?"

Mirai no Museum PV Review/Single Review
- The month is February and do you know what that means? PERFUMANIA IS A GO! Okay, even though Mirai no Museum isn't the best Perfume song in the world, I'm still excited! Do you have any idea how much fun it is to wait for the PV and the full single!? It's so exciting! And nerve-wracking too because I'm always afraid that Perfume's latest PV or song is going to suck! I really hope Daijobanai doesn't suck and provides a nice contrast to the lightness of Mirai no Museum! But for now, that'll just have to wait and let us celebrate the Perfumania in The Wonderland with much zest and cheer. HUZZAH!

My Love/Hate Relationship with Idol Forums
- Well, my post about How To Successfully Navigate a Forum has now evolved into me bitching and moaning about forums in general. Hence the title change. I have a tendency to lurk around forums to keep up with the news and find out anything about upcoming releases but the only forums I'm really active in are Perfume City and this Mizuki Nana forum. And that's because those are the only forums I feel comfortable posting in and the only forums that have a friendly environment that I want to be a part of. As for the rest of the currently unnamed forums? Well... you'll find out how I feel about them when I post this.

Sakura Komachi Single Review
- This is something else I want to review but surprise, surprise it hasn't been released yet! I was originally going to review the PV when I got my hands on the full version but seeing as it's still not out yet, I think I'm gonna review the single! What I'm thinking about is maybe reviewing the PV on Selective Hearing along with the latest BiS PV! Besides, I think a great way for me to get further into Passpo is to... to... darn it, I can't think of an airplane pun to put here! Anyways, I think reviewing the entire Sakura Komachi single will be a good thing for me to do as I can review more of Passpo than just their PVs!

Sexy PV Week
- Mark your calendars, boys and girls, because Sunday February 10th is when we kick off Sexy PV Week and it... will be... sexy. Or something along the lines of sexy. Either way, I hope you all enjoy it (I know there's at least one demographic who will!). I will say, that Sunday is more of an... intro to Sexy PV Week and I'll elaborate on just exactly what I'm doing for it and how this event is going to work. For now, you'll just have to keep guessing until February 10th!

Sugar Rush PV Review
- I'm sorry, I just can't review So Long. Actually... I can review it right now. It's a bland piece of shit that has so little substance that I don't have the enthusiasm to review it. But you know what I do have boundless amounts of enthusiasm? S-U-G-A-R JUMP INTO YOUR RACING CAR SAY SUGAR RUSH- okay, you get where I'm going with this. I was going to review Sugar Rush after watching Wreck-It Ralph but couldn't find the PV because there was no full PV. Now since it's being featured on the So Long! single, I am really looking forward to finally reviewing this song and the sugar-sweet PV that'll go with it!

The Writing Process of a Neurotic, Half-Crazed Blogger
- Aka my writing process. I admit, this is pretty unrelated to idol music (and... music in general actually) and is pretty much going to be a personal post. I figured since I've been blogging for over a year, it might be helpful to give my more frequent readers an insight into how I post, what I like to post, why I like to post these certain things and not other things, etc. It won't be a terribly long article, just an outline of how I write and the obstacles I try to overcome and how I pick what I want to write/review. Think of it as a look into the mind of Nia the Blogger and all the crazy mental antics she gets tangled up in!

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  1. Hi Nia; Just a quick note to say that yours is still the best idol blog and forum around and one of the few I feel happy about participating in.Sweettomo is also a terrific site for me and I also visit it daily for Tomomi Kasai news and to leave comments.I am writing a book for her by the way. Don't worry if you do not make new posts while you are busy, It will give us all a chance to catch up with your editorials we have not had time to read as yet.