Sunday, February 10, 2013

Let the Sexiness of Sexy PV Week Commence!

Ah, February. I think we all know what the month of February is associated with: Valentine's Day also known as Forever Alone Day! Yes, depending on your opinion, this romantic holiday is associated either with highlighting the love you share for a significant other or bitterly watching movies on your couch with a box of chocolates and your dog as your date. Despite being only one day of the flipping month, the entire month of February pretty much revolves around Valentine's Day in many countries including my own. You see a lot of commercials focused around the love and the romance of Valentine's Day with couples kissing, giving each other gifts, being intimate, you get what I mean. Suddenly everyone who's in a relationship seems to have hearts in their eyes as they wait for the big day dedicated to spending time with the person they love! Sweet, isn't it? It's a holiday associated with love and passion and romance!

Do you know what Valentine's Day is also associated with? SEX!

Why not? Love tends to be associated with sex... and procreation! But that's science and I didn't create this blog to talk about science! I write about idol music so in to celebrate the holiday of romance and sex, I thought "Why not do a whole week of sexy PVs?" And thus the idea of Sexy PV Week was born! Actually, the idea stemmed from a comment on my Review Index of how I should review more fanservice idol PVs so then I thought why not just do a whole week of reviewing fanservice PVs? I decided that I could review one PV a day for an entire week! And then since February was approaching I thought why not do this week of reviewing sexy fanservice PVs on the week of Valentine's Day. It fits! Kinda-sorta... So yes, after hinting at Sexy PV Week for over a month now, we have finally reached it along with the week of Valentine's Day! And the week the Mirai no Museum PV airs. And the week Passpo releases their new single. Oh boy, this is going to be one hell of a week, huh? Unlike last week which was pretty slow in terms of news and releases, I feel like there's a lot more idol stuff happening this week!

But what I'll try to do is put that news aside this week so I can try and review one PV a day until I hit Saturday! The way I've planned to do this is starting tomorrow, I'll review one fanservice PV a day, each PV from a different idol group. I'll start with the one I consider to be the least fanservice-y/sexiest then build up to the PV that I found to be the most fanservice-y/sexiest! I'll set up the reviews themselves much like my normal PV review except I'll spend less time looking at the song and more time looking at the PV! Unfortunately, I'm not reviewing a sexy PV today because there are just a few things I have to say about my views on fanservice in the idol industry before beginning. I just feel like you should know where I stand on idol fanservice and how I react to it considering I'm going to spend all week looking at PVs that many a wota have fapped to.

I could probably write an entire editorial on fanservice. Not that I intend to any time soon but the subject of fanservice in general sparks a lot of debate and a melting pot of different opinions on it. Is it a cheap shot to gain views? An expression of sexual independence? A demeaning and sexist ploy to appeal to the opposite sex? The bestest thing ever? Like I said, there have been articles dedicated to analyzing fanservice. Now as for my own personal opinions on fanservice, I know that it's a huge part of the idol industry and I can deal with that. Fanservice doesn't really bother me but can get annoying if it's done too much and too gratuitously. As for PVs entirely based around fanservice and simply appealing to horny wotas... there's a reason you don't see stuff like that reviewed on my blog. I don't know how many readers pay attention to my PV screencaps but do you ever notice how I don't really screencap many body shots? I mean, I sometimes do if I want to point out the gratuitous fanservice in a PV but most of the time, I tend to shy away from shots like that and focus more on the costumes/sets/effects/personalities in the PVs. Don't get me wrong, I'll still comment on how an idol looks in a PV but fanservice is just something I don't really feel the need to focus on.

Not only that, but I'm not even really the demographic for fanservice; I'm a 16-year old girl with little to no interest in sex. I'd almost call myself asexual but since I'm still relatively young, I don't wanna put that label on myself until I'm 100% certain that is my sexual orientation. And frankly, I think fanservice is kind of silly, especially really overdone fanservice. There's just something about how over-the-top it is that makes me laugh; take the movie Showgirls. That movie was loaded with fanservice (or fan disservice) and it was hilarious because over time, that fanservice just became silly. So yeah, since fanservice doesn't do much for me, I tend to shy away from fanservice-y idol groups. Hence, spending an entire week looking at sexy PVs is definitely going to be... interesting.

I really can't believe I went through with this idea. I just kind of thought it'd be something I'd drop but nope! Six sexy PVs later and here we are! I have no idea how this is going to turn out but I hope you guys like it! What am I saying? Of course there's going to be someone who likes it... if you know what I mean. See what I did there with the double entendre? Eh heh... By the way, because this is sexy PV week I figured that I needed a sexy rating system in lieu of my typical Apple Rating System so I created the Legs Rating System.

Because Perfume legs are the best legs of all.

It's like the Apple Rating System only SEXY! And so with this out of the way, prepare yourselves, readers. Because starting tomorrow, Sexy PV Week is a go. And it will be sexy. Maybe. Kind of. You'll see!

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