Friday, January 11, 2013

Is Mirai no Museum Going to Be VOICE 2.0 for Nia?

Boys and girls, prepare yourselves because The Wonderland is entering Perfumania.

Finally finally FINALLY we've gotten some information about Perfume! Do you have any idea how long I've been in Perfume withdrawal? At least 2 months. I haven't reviewed anything by Perfume in 2 months! I've barely even gotten to talk about them! Do you know what that does to me!? I start going... crazy. Crazier than usual anyways! I start getting this urge to bring them up in every post on this blog and talk about them to anyone with ears. I know it annoys the crap out of everyone but I can't help it! It's Nakata's fault that he can't release Perfume material on a more frequent basis... I'm joking, I'm willing to wait for new Perfume content even if it takes longer than usual because I know that whatever Perfume releases I'll most likely enjoy! With a few exceptions of course. So yesterday it was announced that Perfume would be releasing a new single on February 27 and that the A-side in question was Mirai no Museum.

Something else to note is that Mirai no Museum is going to be the theme for a Doraemon movie, a children's film to be released in March. The B-side. And I am really excited that we finally get some specifics about Perfume's new single and it's released date! Well... at first I was excited. That's the thing about Perfume withdrawal: when Perfume does finally give information about a new release, I'm automatically excited regardless of the quality of what they're releasing. That's why I refrained myself from writing about the news until today, so I could have a chance to look the news over with a more critical eye. Like I said, as much as I adore Perfume, I try not to let my fangirlishness get in the way of my critical opinion on their songs and other releases. Again, just because I love the group doesn't mean I'm going to blindly accept everything they release with enthusiasm.

Now I had a very mixed opinion on Mirai no Museum. Personally, I was hoping that Mirai no Museum would be the B-side to the new single. I'd only heard a teensy bit of Mirai no Museum but it didn't grab me. Then again, neither did Point and that was one of my favorite songs of 2012. I guess I find it more fun when the A-side is mysterious and unknown which was part of the intrigue of Spending all my time. Of course, anyone who reads my blog will know how that anticipation fantastically backfired in my face when I didn't like the song. I was a little worried that Perfume's next single would be something I didn't like too and I was a little worried that I was going to dislike Mirai no Museum.

When Mirai no Museum was announced as an A-side, I guess I wasn't that surprised. After all, with such a big tie-in to a prominent franchise, it would make sense to make Mirai no Museum the A-side as it would get a lot of promotion from the Doraemon film. Still, I was bummed that something else wasn't going to be the leading track. However, being the open-minded fan that I am, I held out my opinion of Mirai no Museum until a better preview came out. Besides, at least Perfume was going to release something in the future! When, I didn't know, but they were releasing something! I was excited to hear new material from Perfume. And so yesterday, a longer and more clear snippet of the song was released, about a minute and a half long. In it, I heard the chorus and part of the verses too. So now that I have a better idea of what the song is going to sound, what do I think of Mirai no Museum?

Well... I don't hate it...

But I sure as hell don't have an enthusiastic reaction toward it. I admit, Mirai no Museum didn't garner the same sucker-punch reaction I got to Spending all my time. No, when SAMT was released and I didn't like the song, I felt awful; it was like I'd been punched in the stomach. I didn't want to dislike it but no matter how hard I tried, I couldn't bring myself to like the song. On the opposite end of the spectrum when Dream Fighter came out in 2008, I adored it; I more than adored it. I thought it was the greatest song in the world. On the spectrum of like/dislike, Mirai no Museum sort of falls right in the middle. I don't dislike it but I can't bring myself to like it that much either. The biggest problem I found with Mirai no Museum is that it sounds like... idol music. I'm serious, I really think if you replaced the Perfume vocals with the vocals of an idol group like C-ute or Dorothy Little Happy, I would totally think it was a C-ute or Dorothy Little Happy song. I wouldn't ever think for one second that Mirai no Museum is a Perfume song.

"But Nia!" hypothetical you cries out "You review idol music! Isn't an idol-y song from your favorite group ever kind of in your element?" Well... yeah, I guess so but the thing is... Perfume isn't really an idol group anymore. If you'd asked me if indies Perfume was an idol group, I'd say absolutely. Even their first few major label releases were somewhat idol-y. By the time GAME was released, I'd say that they weren't really an idol group any more. Perfume's style of music and the topics they sing about are just so un-idol-y that Mirai no Museu is kind of a mood whiplash. I swear, this song sounds like something I'd hear from the Complete Best era... I think it might have even been able to pass as an indies song. But for the current Perfume now this is a huge downgrade in the level of musical maturity the group has reached.

Honestly... Mirai no Museum so far has triggered the same reaction out of me that VOICE did. Remember how I said that was one of my least favorite Perfume songs? I have the same problems with Mirai no Museum that I do with VOICE. Both songs are rather bland and forgettable, make me want to go sleep, and they even have that same soft and dragging tone. But unlike VOICE, I don't think the instrumental for Mirai no Museum is going to be better than song. However, I've said this about VOICE and I'll say it again: the PV is freaking awesome. I'm not even exaggerating, it's an incredibly creative and fun and visually appealing PV to watch. My best hope for Mirai no Museum is that the PV will be interesting; after all, that's what softened my harsh opinion of Spending all my time. Perfume always seems to have well-done PVs but I'm a little curious as to just what exactly they can do for the Mirai no Museum PV. The promo pic features them all wearing ridiculously cute detective outfits so maybe the PV will be centered around mystery? I wouldn't be surprised and I actually think that would be a really fun concept to go with! Have Perfume going on their own little mystery adventure, finding clues and solving mysteries, like Nancy Drew!

But as for now, the PV for Mirai no Museum has not been released so all I'm left with now is my opinion of the song and Mirai no Museum is far from the best that Perfume can do. Nakata is so much more capable of doing more creative songs and I think the negative of Mirai no Museum is that it's being used for a children's franchise. Doraemon is very clearly meant for kids so obviously Nakata can't really pull out an edge-type song or even a Spring of Life type song. The song fits perfectly for a kids anime but it fits terribly for a Perfume song. It doesn't feel like something I'd hear from the current Perfume and it's ridiculously light, even lighter than all the tracks on JPN combined. The sound is cute but that's it; there's little substance to Mirai no Museum because it's being used for a kid's film. It's a shame too because I've heard really good songs in kid's films but this is bland and looking back now, I wish Perfume hadn't decided to collaborate with the Doraemon franchise.

Still, this is what we're getting for the next Perfume single and I intend to bask in the Perfumania that comes whenever Perfume releases something new  regardless of the quality of Mirai no Museum. There's nothing more fun than waiting for the song to be released and then when you finally get to hear the whole single, you get really giddy with anticipation. Besides, even if Mirai no Museum turns out to be a lackluster A-side for me, I always have the B-side to look forward to! Speaking of the B-side, the one for this single is entitled Daijobanai which roughly translates to "I'm not okay." Perfume has described the song as a song showing a cooler side to them and the minute I read the words "cooler side to them" I got excited. I think we're very overdue for a darker and cooler Perfume single; the last dark song I can remember from Perfume was Fake It and that was released all the way back in 2010.

That's over 2 years of light, happy Perfume songs. I am totally ready for a more hardcore single... or just something different in general from Perfume's usual musical output lately. I wouldn't even mind a ballad; they haven't done a true ballad in ages and I loved Seventh Heaven. I just hope it's not like 23:30 because I'm not too fond of that song... The title itself indicates a truly sad song and I would actually really like to say that by Perfume. I don't think they've ever tackled a sadcore-type song and I think they'd could do well with that. If this B-side turns out to be really good and so much better than the A-side... Mirai no Museum's going to be like VOICE all over again. I'm serious, I dont' like VOICE that much but I love 575; it's an amazing and experimental ballad and so unique for Perfume. Is this how Mirai no Museum is going to turn out? I don't know yet; I'll get back to you in about a month or so! Still, I don't want to get too eager for Daijobanai in case it sucks but I can't help but be excited. Even though I'm not a huge fan of Mirai no Museum, I'm still excited!

For now, I'm not going to give my final verdict on Mirai no Museum just yet; I'll wait until I get a clear full rip of the song and then we can talk about Mirai no Museum. But right now I have a pretty lukewarm opinion of the song. Still, there's lots more Perfumania to come this month and I totally can't wait!


  1. After seeing this video: I believe it's a cute song for an anime and the girls look adorable but I'm looking for something more appealing to me like Spring of Life, Natural ni Koishite or 575 (not sure that's the right title >_<) was like.

    1. It's cute and everything and it'll definitely appeal to little kids but I too am going to wait for something more Perfume-y. Hopefully the B-side will be the redeemer of this single!

  2. I haven't heard it complete, I guess I'll wait until they release it :)
    VOICE? I love that tune!!!!! XD I've used it as my personal cellphone for a year and half.. but I think that Mirai no museum and voice will be too different... and omg, 23:30, well I use to listen jazz so I found that song amazing, anyway tastes are tastes ><

    1. Voice is an okay song but it's just not one of my favorites (but the PV is AWESOME). I compared Mirai no Museum to Voice because although the songs themselves are different, they garnered the same reaction from me. I find neither song bad but they're both rather bland and uninteresting. And then with 23:30 I'm not a fan of jazz so that makes sense!