Saturday, December 1, 2012

Nia's State of the Wonderland - December 2012

Break out your candy canes and your credit cards because it's Christmas time again! Ah, how could you not love Christmas? It's all full of holiday cheer and giving and other happy stuff! And do you know what that means for my little Wonderland? I get to break out my Christmas themes! Yay! Actually, Perfume doesn't really dabble in Christmas stuff and the closest thing they've had to something holiday/winter related is Twinkle Snow Powdery Snow. So I'm just using screen shots from that PV for my theme! I actually made three different ones and I couldn't decide which one I want to use for December... so I decided to use them all! I'm starting with my least favorite (the one currently at the top of my blog) and then I'll go from there! I'll probably change it up every ten days so they're evenly spaced out! In the idol world, Christmas is usually the time you see a lot of Christmas PVs but I probably won't be reviewing any of those. In fact... a lot of the groups I normally review won't be releasing anything! That's probably a good thing since I need this time to focus on exams and make up any missing work I have! Once winter break comes is probably when I'll start posting more and most of the stuff I'll comment on will be year-end musings, predictions, best/worst lists, you get the idea. Right now I'm just trying to make my way toward winter break with decent grades and my sanity still intact! Nonetheless I still do have a few straggling posts and reviews I'm going to work on just more during winter break! Including...

Lovely Fruit PV Review
- Ohohoho, what is this, you ask? A song by some obscure idol group you've never heard of? An indie idol that I'm taking the time to review? Well, only time will tell and you'll have to wait and see... unless you already know. And if you know what I'm talking about, please don't comment and spoil the element of surprise I feel like I have right now! All I can say is I'm really looking forward to looking at this PV and talking about the mysterious artist in it! I've already started the review and I've screencapped the PV so I'm really looking forward to writing about something a little different than my usual fare.

Seifuku no Mannequin PV Review
- You read that right, I am reviewing something by Nogizaka46. You know, that rival group to AKB48 that turned out to be less of rivals and more of annoying pests. I've criticized them on more than one occasion for their bland music, poor choice of costumes, bad choreography, and how overall they just really suck as rivals. I dislike them so much that I don't even have the heart to review them. So why now? Why this one PV? Do I find it really good? Really bad? I won't say yet, but I definitely have stuff I want to say about this song and PV so as soon as I can find the HD PV, you'll get to read about that!

The Best (and Worst) Line Distribution I've Seen in Idol Music
- How have I not done this yet!? Half my blog posts consist of bitching about unfair line distribution! I think it's about time I highlighted some of the extremes of that! What I'm thinking of so far is ten for each list combined into one post! So for the best line distribution, I'll probably have a combination of specific songs and groups and I think for the worst line distribution I'll only have songs (unless there's a group that just has all-around really disproportionate line distribution). I'm actually kind of excited about writing this post but if you have any examples off the top of your head about good/bad line distribution please let me know!

How I Got into Perfume
- This is coming along quite nicely! I've actually written several lengthy paragraphs but I'm still not even halfway through this post! However... the more I write, the more hesitant I feel to post this. The reason I keep delaying it is because it either sounds like a really sappy sob-story or a really creepy and obsessive story... I try to make sure the people who read my blog don't see too much of me fangirling over them and to write a post that is 100% fangirling about them just feels like something I shouldn't do. It's just a very personal story to me and the more I write, I'm not so sure I'm ready to share that with everyone.

How to Successfully Navigate a Forum
- I'm actually a little worried this is going to turn into a post that just consists of me bitching about things I hate seeing in forums. But no, I'm trying my best to keep it objective and professional... well, as professional as a teenage girl blogging about Japanese music can get. I guess what I'm worried about is inaccuracy; I'm trying to make the most helpful and accurate set of tips I can think of but I don't want to accidentally mislead anyone! But who knows? I might actually be able to finish this one day! I swear, it feels like it's been in my draft box for ages. Maybe over winter break I can really get my hands dirty and work on this post!

Nia's Best (and Worst!) of 2012 -A Year-end Megapost-
- Oh my god, I can't lie; I'm really excited about how this is going to turn out. I guess because I haven't really done one of these before and most definitely not in the style I've got this think laid out in. I've filled out a lot of the nominations but right now I'm trying to decide the winners. I'm actually thinking about just not having any winners and keeping it the way it is because picking one is really difficult! I guess I'll worry about that once I've actually finished the writing for this post; that's the big thing right now. I'll probably put more into this once winter break starts and I have more time.

So once again happy holidays to everyone who takes the time to read these little status update posts! We're almost done with 2012 and I am totally looking forward to reading other blog posts about this year in terms of idol music!


  1. I can't wait to see your posts The Best (and Worst) Line Distribution I've Seen in Idol Music, How I Got into Perfume and Nia's Best (and Worst!) of 2012 -A Year-end Megapost- on the most.

    I'm doing a year end post so I hope you will see it too when it gets posted on Idolminded :)

    1. Yay! Everyone's getting all these year-end posts ready and it's all so exciting! I loved looking at the year-end posts from 2011 and I'm even more excited to see what the ones of 2012 are going to be like! I can't wait to see what yours will be like!