Friday, December 28, 2012

Nia's Hopes and Dreams for 2013

It's that time of year again! Yes, as the year 2012 approaches its end, bloggers around the world are all preparing themselves for the idol madness that 2013 will bring! I myself am joining up with this madness and placing bets on who graduates, who debuts, etc. etc. Like last year, I also have a few hopes and dreams that would make the year 2013 simply perfect for me. Does that mean they'll all come true? Nope. In fact, I don't expect a lot of these to come true but still! I'm excited to see what's going to happen in 2013! So let's take a look into my mind and see what I would love for 2013!

Aki-P Makes Matsui Jurina or Watanabe Mayu AKB48's New Ace 

- I think 2013 as a whole is going to be a very interesting year for the most popular idol group in Japan and hopefully it'll be a little more unpredictable than this year! One thing is for certain about the future of AKB48: it will find a new ace to replace Maeda Atsuko. It's inevitable; the group thrives on having a ace girl that can fill the center spot and everything. Post-Acchan singles have had Oshima Yuko and Matsui Jurina as a W center and Paruru was center for the Janken single. Now I loved Jurina as a center in Uza and in general she just seems like she would make a really boss center. It works for SKE48 so why not? Hell, they should just up and transfer her to AKB48 as the new center already! Anyways, if Jurina as a center doesn't work out then my other pick is Mayuyu the Fantastic Creeper. We got a little hint of her possibility as future ace in Manatsu no Sounds good! when she took Acchan's center spot about halfway through the PV. She also ranked #2 in the Senbatsu election so it clearly shows that she's popular! If either girl gets center, then that would make me very happy since they're both capable of carrying up such a heavy position!

BiS Gets More Fans

- Honestly, I've been pretty happy with the output we've gotten from Brand-new Idol Society. The only thing I really didn't like was the Idol is Dead song and PV but the album... it's slowly becoming one of my favorite idol albums. Like, ever. It's such a diverse and interesting collection of genres and has such a distinctive sound for an idol group and... okay, I'll stop praising the album. But you should all totally listen to it if you enjoy alternative or rock music. PPCC was also an awesome song with a really cool PV! And the Dorothy Little Happy collaboration seems like it's going to turn out well too! I swear, going major label has actually been really good to BiS. So honestly I'm just hoping that the good streak of stuff they've been releasing continues! I know that their sales aren't stellar so I hope Avex doesn't drop them either. If anything, I just want them to get more fans and less haters. I feel like people interpret their image the wrong way and just get really weirded out by their gimmicks. But I think if a lot of people just took a moment to forget about their image and listen to their music, they might actually find themselves liking the unconventional idol group!

C-ute Continues Selling Well

- 2012 was a really good year for C-ute. 2011 was also pretty good in terms of music for C-ute but their sales were still meh. This year, they had the highest single sales for both Kimi wa Jitensha Watashi wa Densha de Kitaku and Aitai Aitai Aitai na, each single selling nearly 50,000 copies. I think it was because the promotion was better this time, especially with all the PVs released for Kimi wa Jitensha. As happy as I am, I'm also a paranoid person and I'm a little worried at how long this good streak of success is going to continue for C-ute in 2013. Will their sales diminish again? Or will they get even higher? I'm really hoping that C-ute's singles sell higher and higher with each release and I also hope that they release more then just two singles next year! And I guess I'll just tie this other hope to the one about C-ute since they're both related but another hope I have is that I'll finally review something by C-ute. I was going through my archive and I realized that I have not reviewed anything by C-ute. Literally nothing. I planned to review both Kimi wa Jitensha and Aitai Aitai Aitai na but the times were inconvenient and unfortunately, I never got finish either review.

H!P Gets a New Soloist and/or Group

- All right, as much as I love all the groups in Hello! Project right now, I think it's about time they introduced a new group. My main reason is the fact that they have all this untapped talent in the Hello! Project Kenshuusei and it's a shame that a lot this talent is going to waste! Sure, every once in a while one gets into Morning Musume or S/mileage but most of the time these girls are stuck languishing in the limbo state of H!P. Why not make a new group like Tsunku did with S/mileage? It'd be nice to see some fresh faces and with a lot of the Kenshuusei getting older now, a new group feels due. Hell, it might even be nice to have some soloists from the Kenshuusei debut in H!P. Just something new! I want to review a new group and Up Up Girls doesn't really grab my interest! Put those trainees to use already UFP! And of course when I say I want some Kenshuusei to debut I think you know which particular Kenshuusei I'm talking about. Yes, my other hope for H!P is that...

Miyamoto Karin Debuts

- Look, I'm not ashamed to admit that I'm a Karin fan. I know everyone hates her because of her obsessive and rapid fans but I like her a lot because I think she has a lot of potential! She has a great voice that's she already used for her digital anime singles and she also has the Egg training. She's young enough that she can last for several years as a solo artist in H!P. With Mano graduating, I have to think that. And besides, if she debuts or does something then all those fans everyone hates will stop bitching and moaning about her not being used! Everyone wins! Well... except the Mano fans. They'll just have to deal with Mano's graduation in their own time. And if Karin doesn't debut as a soloist in H!P, then I at least hope she'll release more of the Copinku digital singles because I do like the way they sound! As long as UFP keeps Karin doing something, then I'll be a pretty happy camper! But still, the ideal thing I want for her is for a solo debut and I feel like there's a strong possibility of that happening for her this year!

Naaboudoufu@nana Releases More Stuff

- You know, at first I had mild interest in Naaboudoufu@nana, the idol whose name I finally learned how to spell. Chiima had been highly enthusiastic about her, even linking KuneKune Bravo! to me but I didn't really start taking interest in her until Magical Lip Kiss. Hence my decision to review it! At first I just liked the song but over time I really started to love it and I started to really get interested in Nana herself. I'm not even sure why I like Naaboudoufu@nana so much... maybe it's her flexibility. Whatever it is, I'm looking forward to seeing what Nana does next year! She has a lot of promise as a soloist and the capability of holding her own in PVs. Her voice isn't the strongest but if she continues in the electropop direction, that shouldn't be much of a problem!

No New Member Auditions for Morning Musume This Year

- So ever since late 2010 (the time I got into Morning Musume), there's been a total of three auditions over two years compared to the stagnant lineup that lasted for over three years! So unlike the Emo Musume fans who had problems with the constant lineup, after seeing all these auditions I've kind of felt like maybe Tsunku and UFP need to throttle back on the constant auditions. I do like how it gives some variety to the group but as fun (and emotionally exhausting) as the auditions are, I feel like Momusu is getting a little crowded. After Reina leaves, they'll still have ten members and I think that's more than enough for a group. Not to mention that despite having such big numbers, UFP is still stupid enough to shaft everyone whose name isn't Reina or Riho! I want them to give Oda Sakura some time to adjust as the newest member of the group and I also want to see the other newbs grow and improve and hopefully find their places in Morning Musume! Right now everything just feels a little chaotic so for at least year I want the group to have some time to settle!

Passpo Releases Stuff as Cool as The Airline Trilogy

- So as much as I love The Airline Trilogy, I'm secretly a little worried that whatever material Passpo releases next is just going to pale in comparison to it. I'll be reviewing their next single and I'll write something like "Yeah X is good but it's just not as good as that Airline Trilogy..." One World gave me a pretty good taste of what the group's musical style is so it's not like I expect anything as hardcore as Wing or Next flight; I just don't want anything that sounds really bland! Like the single before Next flight, Kimi wa Boku wo Suki ni Naru, was incredibly dull; I don't want another song like that! I looked into the group's past singles before The Airline Trilogy as well and I'm pretty confident that they'll release some pretty fun music even if it's not as interesting or diverse as The Airline Trilogy. Oh well, I think as long as the group sticks to the rock-pop style they've been using for their past singles, I shouldn't have to worry about this!

Perfume Releases Something Darker and Edgier

- I really wish this had come true in 2012. But overall, this year was just as light for Perfume as 2011. Again, that's not a bad thing because they definitely released some enjoyable songs that were light but still! Can we get some variety? And with the childishness of Mirai no Museum, I just feel like Nakata's still going to take them in that same really light and natural direction next year. Seriously, Mirai no Museum is bordering on idol music. What happened to you, Nakata!? Did you put all your creative energy into Kyarypamyupamyu and not save any for Perfume's music? I just really want to hear something different from them in general; I'm getting tired of the same upbeat, happy songs they've been releasing since 2011. I'm not saying their next song has to be as hardcore as Metallica but could you shake things up just a little bit, Nakata? Do like a ballad? An edge or Fake It-like song? Something experimental? Just something different already!

Takamina's Solo Single is Awesome

- Can I just say that I am so excited to see how Takahashi Minami's solo debut is going to turn out? I mean, this is probably the first idol from AKB48 that I've been really anticipating from the get-go of what her solo song is going to be. Takamina's a great captain with an even greater voice and it's about damn time she got a solo single! As of now, nothing has been really announced about what the song is titled, the released date, a preview, or anything. And yet somehow we have information about Kashiwagi Yuki's solo single... ugh. Anyways, I'm thinking we'll get some more information about Takamina's solo debut in 2013, hopefully around January or February. I suppose I'm worried that Takamina's going to get a really generic and crappy song that does little to showcase her amazing voice. Then again, I worry about that for every idol group I follow so that's no surprise. Then again, I enjoyed her solo song from the series of Team Surprise PVs so I have hope that her solo single is going to be amazing!

UFP Stops Shafting Everyone in Morning Musume Who Isn't Riho/Reina

- Morning Musume was pretty bad in terms of line distribution this year... okay, they've always been bad but I thought this year was worse than 2011! After Gaki jumped ship, the only people who got pushed were Riho and Reina in terms of vocals despite the fact that there are nine other members in the group. As I've said before I'm not okay with either of those two as front girls. Now with the addition of Oda Sakura, I'm a little worried that the shafting isn't going to stop. I know she'll probably get pushed vocally because she a has a pretty good voice but if she gets pushed alongside shrieking Riho? Nia's not going to be a happy camper. I'm hoping that UFP will finally put the P in Promotion like their name says and start giving a little more attention to Morning Musume! It's frustrating to see the same girls at the front all the time and everyone else pushed to the back! Especially when some those girls have a lot more talent than the ace you're pushing at the front! Sorry to hope for the crushing of your dreams, Riho fans, but I have hopes and dreams too that just don't match up with yours! I know this probably won't happen but I can dream...

Watanabe Mayu Releases More Singles

- Last year when Mayuyu's debut as a soloist was announced, I was a little skeptical of how well that would work for her. Now, three good singles later, I think it was a great idea to give her a solo career! Her songs have a consistent cute tone and image to them and they're all enjoyable to listen to! My favorite single of hers this year has probably been Hikaru Monotachi just because the Vocaloid style works really well for Mayuyu and I loved the PV that went with it. Synchro Tokimeki and Otona Jelly Beans were also really fun singles too with equally fun PVs! What I love about Mayuyu is that she has a very specific presence in PVs and while that presence doesn't work for cool, dark PVs like Uza in her solo songs she looks so confident and comfortable on the screen! She doesn't look like she's trying too hard and how could anyone forget that lovable Creeper Smile? Her style is visually and aurally appealing and I'm totally looking forward to whatever material Mayuyu releases next!

Personal stuff for the Wonderland

I Get into Momoiro Clover Z

- I really want to get into Momoclo. I do! I don't really talk about the wacky and weird idol group but I can't help but give them a lot of props for standing out so much. They're on of the few idol groups outside AKB48 and Hello! Project that's managed to do really well for themselves and stand out. Their singles have started selling in the hundreds and I think that they deserve that attention. Momoclo has got to be one of the most creative groups on the market right now. Every song and PV feels like there's a lot of effort put into making them visually and musically stand out and the members themselves have a lot of on-screen and stage personality. They're such an energetic group and I commend them for having such a strong presence. But... I have a hard time liking their music. Yeah, the one thing that's hindered me from getting into Momoclo is their music is very... annoying. There's only like one person in the group that can really sing and even then I have a very hard time enjoying their music. I've even muted a couple of their PVs and played something different over them. So how can I review an idol group when I don't even like their music? Well, I liked their last single! To me, getting into Momoiro Clover Z is like enjoying wine. You have to consume it in small doses for it to be enjoyable! Maybe next year, I can get into them!

I Review Something by C-ute

- I was going over my posts yesterday and looking through them made me realize something. I haven't reviewed anything by C-ute. I've reviewed material by Morning Musume, Berryz Koubou, S/mileage, Buono!, Mano Erina but I haven't reviewed anything by C-ute. It's really weird for me to neglect them because they're my favorite group in Hello! Project... Okay, I did plan to review Kimi wa Jitensha Watashi wa Densha de Kitaku but that came out around the time I was taking a break so I never got around to reviewing it. I also started a PV review of Aitai Aitai Aitai na but when other amazing Halloween-related stuff started coming out, I kept putting and putting that review off too! It eventually reached the deadline for me to post stuff before deleting them and I hadn't made much progress on that review. So that got deleted. It's just so unlike me to neglect a group I enjoy so much and in hindsight I probably would have reviewed the Aitai Aitai Aitai na single because I enjoyed the tracks on it a lot! Oh well, C-ute's next single is a cover... maybe next year I'll finally get around to reviewing something by them!

I Break 50,000

- Okay, okay this one's a little selfish but... I can't help it! It's already blown my mind that I broke 25,000 and just recently I broke 30,000! Do you have any idea how many total views this blog had at this time of the year in 2011. 555 views. You should have seen how happy I was when I broke 1,000! To think that number has gone into the tens of thousands is just very difficult to wrap my head around. I mean, my blog? It just seems like an achievement other blogs would reach but I never dreamed that I'd get this many views. I've heard that breaking 50,000 is kind of a big deal in the blogsphere and to reach that number would just be... I don't know, nirvana? Do you get to enter this secret society or something when your blog breaks 50,000? If I do break 50,000 this year then I definitely wanna do something to celebrate that! Since I can't really give anything away I was thinking doing what Chiima did and letting people request something for me to review! Like I said, I'm not sure yet if I'll even break 50,000 this year but I've got my fingers crossed!


  1. Once Reina leaves the line distribution will be better trust me =) i agree about momusu not adding members next year... Reina's leaving but that doesn't we need more members! especially since some members don't even get to sing...
    NO MORE AUDITIONS TSUNKU!!! Make a new eggs group with Karin-chan as leader please thanks =)

    1. That's what I hope! But I always like to keep things skeptical just in case my hopes don't match up with reality! My guess is Momusu will go without a year of new members and maybe in mid-2014, they'll have the 12th generation!

      Oh man, Karin as leader of a group... that'll be the day!

  2. I think it's about time H!P got a soloist AND a new group. I know we already have new members in S/mileage and Morning Musume but a new group and/or soloist would be nice to see.

    I hope the Colourful Era stays like this for now, I agree that there doesn't need to be anymore new members >__< I actually couldn't stand Emo/Platinum Era because of the current lineup, it was so bland for me. And I'm not too sure UFP will stop shafting members because with Sakura in, they are most likely going to push for a more Riho-Sakura(-Ayumi with visual image) line up with certain backups. Mizuki seems to be pushed even more. I quite feel bad for people like Erina and Kanon.

    If Perfume released something dark and deeper, it would be very interesting but they fit this "robotic doll concept" so well and I feel like their company wants them to go along with that for a while. But imagine if Perfume had a Alice in Wonderland change, that would be interesting!

    By the way, did you see this?

    1. P.S I made a similar post too! :)

    2. Definitely! A new group for H!P feels long overdue, especially with all the untapped talent in the agency!

      I like the Colorful Era; it's very... well, colorful! And I think losing Reina will help the group evolve more and grow! That's what I hope for anyways... and that UFP will stop shafting everyone but I don't have much hope in that.

      I do like Perfume's "robotic doll concept" but I also think that they can take that very concept and twist it into something darker. And even then, I don't need something totally dark... just another Fake It, you know? That was a hardcore song!

      And no, I hadn't seen that! I'll need to check it out!