Monday, October 1, 2012

Nia's State of the Wonderland - October 2012

You know what makes me feel really bad? When I go for awhile without posting anything. It just feels like I'm ripping off the people who are nice enough to take a look at my little Wonderland by leaving them in the dark to wait for whatever I post next. So I was looking at the Shuukan Yoro! on Hello! Sayunii and I thought up of an idea: why didn't I make my own? Okay, I'm not making another Shuukan Yoro! when there's already a perfectly good one but I have decided to do a little post once every month detailing my progress on posts for this blog and just news for this blog in general. And a Perfume GIF. Perfume GIFs are mandatory. My main reason for doing this is I know that I'm an impatient person and if someone details their progress then the wait for something new is a little less unbearable. Now I don't think anyone's desperately waiting for my next blog post, but it'll make me feel better and like I'm not leaving anyone in the dark. That and it helps me to keep track of my posts and set deadlines. If there's one thing I can't stand it's a cluttered drafts folder and that's when I start binge-deleting. Maybe little posts like this will help me manage my time and how my blog has been running! So to conclude, this isn't exactly a state of the union but more of a state of the Wonderland, my Wonderland to be exact. With that little intro aside, let's see where exactly I am in terms of posts anyways!

Some of the Darkest Idol PVs I Have Ever Laid Eyes on
- To commemorate the glorious transition into the month of Halloween, I wanted to do a Halloween post relevant to idol music. Unfortunately, Halloween's nowhere near as emphasized for idols as much as Christmas is. Bah humbug. Still, I wanted to do something scary so I concocted a little list of idol PVs that are incredibly dark that are a stark contrast from the adorable idols we're so used to. I've had fun making the list but unfortunately it's not anywhere near as ready as I wanted it to be. So I might post that on Halloween or sooner. Definitely before October! (or at least I hope so...)

Koi wo Tenki Yohou PV Review
- I'm currently writing this alongside this post so hopefully I can have it done by tomorrow or maybe even tonight if I work hard enough! I don't want to give too much away about this review but I will give you a hint: Candy Land. That is all.

The Airline Trilogy Review
- Finally, finally, FINALLY I'm getting around to reviewing Passpo material! I've been delaying taking a look at this group for months and I'm finally getting around to giving them my respect and new-found devotion. I'll explain when the full post comes out. I originally was just going to review Wing but then I realized how much I wanted to talk about all three of the singles in Passpo's Airline Trilogy. It's taking awhile but I've finished screencapping Next flight and Natsuzora Hanabi and I've also finished reviewing the song portion of Next flight. Maybe tonight I can work further on that!

Tokyo Girls' Style Road to Budokan 2012 ~Bad Flower~ single review
- As of now I can't really review the entire single since it hasn't been leaked released yet however, I have begun working on reviewing their cover of Lolita Strawberry in Summer and finished a mini-PV review of the song. I'll probably work on the cover itself when I get around to listening to the SweetS version. As for Bad Flower, I'm not too worried about covering that song since I've review it in a PV review so I can just summarize what I gathered from that!

Queens are trumps -Kirifuda wa Queen- Album Review
- Man alive, I haven't done one of these in months! Not since One for YOU! I believe... Well, I decided to take another look at Scandal after reading Brett's review on his site by reviewing their current album with its hilarious title and everything! So far I've listened to the entire album and rated them on my Apple Rating System and completed little review for two or three of the twelve songs on the album. When I finish really all depends on how much time I have when not reviewing anything else.

My Least Favorite Perfume Songs
- I intend to release this on the same day I released My Top 20 Perfume Songs back in 2011 along with a more serious post. I guess I just want to present sort of an anti-thesis to the original post and I also want to show that I'm not a 100% rapid fangirl. I love Perfume, but I can still be critical of them. I just happen to like a lot of their songs and their dances and their personalities and... okay, I gotta stop.

My Top 15 Perfume Dances
- What can I say, I love the Perfume. Besides, I've always wanted to pay homage to the complicated and beautifully executed dances they do that spawned from the mind of their brilliant choreographer, Mikiko. I've compiled the list but I've only elaborated on two or three of the performances. I guess it's hard for me since I'm not a exactly a dancer (seriously, not at all) and it's hard for me to say much other than "That dance is COOL!" but hopefully I can work on this and finish it!

Nia's Best and Worst of 2012 -A Year-end Megapost-
- I know what you're thinking: isn't it like... way too early to be starting a best and worst of 2012 when the year isn't even close to being over? Well yes, but I intend to make this year-end post the best damn year-end post you'll ever see and you now what? Those take time. Months of time building up little review, gathering nominations, etc. Look, I only did a teensy-little list of my 5 favorite and 5 least favorite songs of 2011. I feel like I owe it to the people who stuck by me and my blog to deliver a fully-fleshed out year end blog. So yeah, that's coming along!

Happy October everyone! I hope wherever you are, you can enjoy the tricks and treats this month tends to bring people! And if you don't celebrate Halloween... well... enjoy not enjoying tricks and treats this month and whatever it is you do enjoy in October!


  1. hahaha thx for the mention, I'm actually looking forward to all these things you're writing up (especially the Perfume stuff and SCANDAL...but everything really!)

    1. No problem! I always love your reviews since you cover so many artists outside of idol music!