Tuesday, July 10, 2012

The Trinity of Technopop Is Back!

You know, I just had a revelation: Perfume is like crack to me.

Every few months when they release something new (and obtainable) I revel in it. I tend to freaking love it and that "high" of Perfume-material lasts for about a month or so. Then it wears down. Like when Spring of Life came out, I was thrilled and impatiently anticipating their first single under Universal Music Japan and the first post-JPN single they would be releasing! And when it came out naturally, I loved it because as I've said before Perfume could sing about buying socks and I'd probably eat it up. Once the Spring of Life hype died down, I came out of it with the first song by Perfume I'd ever bought from iTunes (not downloaded on the Internet). Then came the Point CM. Despite being 15 seconds, I still looped it waiting for the full version. It never came. But that didn't matter! The Bukodan concert from their JPN Tour was broadcast! Cue another month of fangirlish happiness as I spent afternoons watching the concert mesmerized by the intriguing dances, snazzy costumes, and overall charisma of one my favorite artists. After that, another CM for Kirin! Hurly Burly. Not my favorite song, but hey, the clip was only 15 seconds and it was awful catchy! But then... nothing. I could only listen to old material with the hopes I'd have another single or even an album come out soon! However, that announcement would take a few months. And every time I opened up Perfume City or Arama I secretly hoped that something new from Perfume would be announced just so I could experience the thrill of anticipation again knowing that they'd release something amazing! So yes. I've been going through Perfume withdrawal.

But just like a crack addict in withdrawal, my dose of Perfume is finally coming in. I'm talking about Spending All My Time (or money) of course! And I. Am. Ecstatic.

Seriously, I was practically jumping up and down when the single was announced. Double the amount of fangirl joy, when Point and Hurly Burly were announced as two B-sides! Two B-sides! They haven't had two B-sides since Linear Motor Girl! And that was seven years ago! I just love it that there are going to be three tracks for this single, even if we've already heard little bits of two of them. It's like having a little extra present. And I still haven't heard any of Spending All My Time! I can't wait until the radio rip comes out and the PV and I'm just so excited Perfume's releasing something new now that they've wrapped up their tour! I think what's fun about waiting is that I have no idea how this new song's going to sound? Will it be lighter and softer like Communication or Kasuka na Kaori? Or will it be harder and edgier like FAKE IT or edge? I don't know! Actually... I have an idea of how the song will sound like. I was browsing through the forums on Perfume City and apparently the song is a "bouncy summer-esque song" and the "lyrics are few and simple but has some dramatic elements." And according to the post, they've already shot the music video. How I long to see it! But from what I've read I think the song could go either way. When it says "bouncy summer-esque" I think of Communication, Natural ni Koishite, and Kasuka na Kaori. But the lyrics sound like something I'd heard in 575 or Spice. So I honestly can't tell what the song will sound like but I'm hoping it'll lean toward something more hardcore. I need another FAKE IT to add to my Perfume playlist! But then again, I won't be too disappointed if it isn't. I just can't wait to hear the whole song!

As for the B-sides, I have pretty good idea of how they'll sound from the 15-second Kirin commercials. Point will be very breezy and calm and Hurly Burly will be more quirky and cute. I have to say of the two I'm more excited to hear all of Point just because I've been waiting for it for awhile. It's nice to know we'll get a full version and the song wasn't doomed to the same fate of Perfume's cover of Lovefool. Seriously, I'm still secretly hoping that whole song is buried in Nakata's archives. As for Hurly Burly, at first I didn't really like the song that much. I thought it was catchy to the point it was annoying and the entire song just sounded... off to me. But it did gradually grow on me! Sure, I'm still not looking forward to it as much as point but I'm definitely keeping my eyes peeled for the full version! What I like about Hurly Burly is that it's very quirky and weird, like Communication. In fact, both songs sound very similar to me although Communication sounds a bit smoother. I'm just happy Perfume is releasing two B-sides! That and they're airing another Kirin commercial in a few days just makes the fangirl part of me happy on the inside. Of course, I am getting a little tired of the gratuitous Kirin commercials; I wonder when their contract ends with them. Because when it does, they can advertise something new like... perfume! Would that be funny? Perfume advertising perfume! Eh heh... yeah, I'm getting little too fangirly now. Oh well, good luck Perfume! I eagerly await your release!

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