Friday, July 20, 2012

Let the Perfumania Begin

And so it has begun: Perfumania. Not only is this the name of a chain of Perfume stores around the US, but it's also what I refer to as the brief period of time when Perfume is about to release something, usually a single or an album. In this case, it's Spending all my time, the mysterious single we've yet to hear. True, I've heard tiny (and I mean tiny) snippets of Point and Hurly Burly but UMJ has done a good job of keeping this song secret thus building up the hype. There are usually three sections of time when the hype reaches its peak. Step 1: the pictures. Recently, the concept pics and single covers were released and I couldn't be happier! So I celebrated and made another banner, editing the shit out of it with Photobucket. But I like editing photos when I'm happy so yay! And I really like the image Perfume portrays in this, very simplistic and old-school. In fact, the outfits remind of something out of the 60s like outfits I'd see on Mad Men, which I've been watching a lot of lately. Also... Nocchi in a skirt!? She hasn't worn a skirt since Computer City! Well... and for a Point CM but that doesn't count! I guess it's not like she has to follow a dress code or anything but it's just so surreal not seeing her in shorts. But she pulls the look off well so I don't mind! I guess I kinda wish they all had different outfits that looked similar like the light-up clothes for Spring of Life (I still want a light-up dress...) but the sameness works nicely too. And A-chan's hair is so cute! She's been wearing ponytails so much lately I expected the trend to keep going but she looks beautiful with that bun too! Very professional. She should run a company or something!

I love this cover; it reminds me of Secret Secret the way they're all posing like mannequins. And I enjoy how retro and simplistic the setting is since it plays off the costumes well. It's not simple in a cheap way but in a tasteful way like they planned it. Although I admit I did like Spring of Life and it's embryo-concept better, this works nicely too! It makes me wonder if the song will have more old, vintage vibes or if it'll be a more modern. They said it was summer-anthem type song but I have absolutely no idea what direction they could take that in. On Perfume-City some fans theorized the first Perfume Global music was actually SAMT's instrumental and cool as that would be, I doubt it. That instrumental's been out for months now and I don't think UMJ would hold on to a song like that for so long without releasing it let alone using for a CM. Look at Point! That tiny little snippet's been out for almost 4 months now and we still haven't heard the whole thing! Speaking of the single's music, Spending all my time should be broadcast on Perfume LOCKS on the 27!! Finally we get to hear this oh-so mysterious song and I can't wait! Will it be upbeat? More hardcore? Cute? Retro? I have no idea and I love hearing all the speculation! It's fun to just look around Perfume City and seeing everyone theorize what the single will sound like! All I know is that I can't wait for the 27th to get here because that begins Phase 2 of Perfumania: the song. With the hype for the song dying, down the hype with the PV will start building and once we hit Phase 3 that means a PV review for me!

And here's the regular. I think Limited edition's a bit cooler but this one's also pretty neat the way everyone's casually standing around as though waiting for Nakata to pop in to the rooming wearing a bear costume. Or something like that. Or hey! Maybe they're Spending all their time in that room while I'm Spending all my time waiting for the song to be released! Ha. Aren't I hilarious?

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