Friday, July 20, 2012

A Blah Unit and an Awesome Unit for Hello! Project

Well this is news! Does anyone else remember the last time H!P made a brand new unit? I sure as hell don't! I don't count the revival of the shuffles because honestly those went nowhere despite all the potential to be amazing. But this is amazing! Not only are we getting one new unit but two! Apparently they're for H!P's show, Hello! SATOYAMA and their movement project but I don't watch or care about that show. I'm just so excited we're finally getting two new units! I just wish they could be made up of Eggs, because really some of those Eggs like Miyamoto Karin need to be used eventually or they'll crack and get scrambled! Get it? Scrambled? Because they're... yeah, that was a pretty bad pun. Anyways, I'm still happy some of H!P's best are going to be used outside of their groups. It's always fun to see how girls from different group react and play off each other when they're in one unit. Like Berrikyuu when group chemistry is awesome or Mobekimasu when 90% of the girls get shafted and everyone's camera-whoring. Gee, I wonder what members they picked to make up each unit... I'm sure UFA did their best to make sure they selected members they knew could have the right combination of talent and stage presence to make the units the best they could be! What awesome members did they pick to make up the first unit?

...Is that who I think it is? It is, isn't it?

Oh. So that's how it's going to be. Yes, the first unit, titled Peaberry, consists of Wada Ayaka and Sayashi RiDOS. Now I'm sure you're dying to know my thoughts of my uber-favorite most flawless favorite member ever who I think can do no wrong getting her own unit. That sentence was is massive sarcasm quotes by the way. But I have decided that despite my... lukewarm reception towards RiDOS's singing and charisma and personality I will critique this group as openly as possible! But looking a the lineup it doesn't garner much interest from me. I can already tell they're not W. Or GAM. Actually, this one of the blandest duos I've ever laid eyes on! I mean... RiDOS and Dawa? Okay, I like Dawa but of everyone you could have picked from S/mileage wouldn't you want Kanon? Or Akari? Hell, even Meimi would spice up the duo more! And she can't sing! Then again, neither can Dawa or RiDOS. Oh no... what if RiDOS brings her army of Autotune and spreads it upon their songs like a plague!? Noooo!!! Run from the Autotune while you still can, Dawa!!! Okay, that was mean. But I won't be surprised if it happens. UFA seems convinced RiDOS is the godlike reincarnation of Takahashi Ai but try as they might to make her sound like Ai, Autotune is not the way to go. Unless you're Perfume. But I'll fangirl about them in my next post. Back to the subject at hand, I'm just not that excited for this duo. They're too bland for me to get interested in them and neither one of the members really stands out for me despite one of them constantly being pushed in lieu of someone with vocal talent. But I digress. I suppose I should leave judgement for when I actually hear the song they're putting out. Which is titled Cabbage Hakusho... goddammit, even the TITLE sounds bland! You're not helping UFA! I'm sick of this blandness! Let's see who's in the next group.

Now this seems like an awesome group! Nakky, Maimi, Miya, Haruna, and Chinami!? Chinami who's never ever EVER been in a unit before!? This is like a dream come true! With Miya's vocal's, Nakky's dancing, Chii's personality, Maimi's leadership, and Haruna's... eh... prettiness this seems like it has all the ingredients to make a pretty kickass group with pretty kickass songs! This unit is called DIY which stands for Do It Yourself. Or Dance In Yourheart. They say it's both so I'm not sure which. When I see the acronym DIY for some reason I think of Driving In Yugoslavia only because that's part of a long, complicated inside joke of mine. Their song is called Forefore ~Forest for Rest~ which gives me vibes of something akin to Kasuka na Kaori and wandering around in a forest looking really pretty. Hopefully the dance is pretty strong with all the good dancers in this group minus Haruna. I'm really interested to see how this group will play out. Will there be lead singers? Will everyone be equally feature? Will they get to release other songs besides this one their concert's done? I hope so! And I hope this group takes off and lives up to my expectations! I guess I'll just have to wait until this concert gets leaked though... meh, I can wait. I'm more excited for Spending all my time to come out anyways. Hurry up Perfume LOCKS! Get hear already! Anyways, back on subject I wish these groups the best of luck and great songs. Especially Peaberry because that duo needs all the help and Autotune it can get.