Monday, May 28, 2012

A Revised Prediction of the Senbatsu!

So the preliminary results for AKB48's 27th Single Senbatsu came out! And let me tell you, I'm pretty damn excited to see this year's results considering the pushing of come members (Mayuyu <3, Yui, and Sasshi) and the fact that Maeda Atsuko won't be in this year's election! The day they were announced I was waiting anxiously, wondering who'd get shafted and who'd climb the list like a snake! And now that they have come out, I've decided to revise my predictions because parts of it were severely off.

1. Oshima Yuko
2. Watanabe Mayu
3. Sashihara Rino (or Kashiwagi Yuki)
4. Kashiwagi Yuki (or Sashihara Rino)
5. Takahashi Minami
6. Shinoda Mariko
7. Matsui Rena (or Matsui Jurina)
8. Matsui Jurina (or Matsui Rena)
9. Itano Tomomi
10. Kojima Haruna
11. Yokoyama Yui
12. Miyazawa Sae
13. Minegishi Minami
14. Takajo Aki
15. Kitahara Rie
16. Umeda Ayaka

Happy Surprises

First of all, can I say how happy I am that Umechan actually has a chance of being in this year's Senbatsu? In my first post, I listed her as one of the girls I wanted to be in the Senbatsu but didn't think would get in! But to think she'd finally be out of Undergirls for once and in an AKB single because she's popular is just so... AMAZING! Higher up on the list, I'm extremely happy that Mayuyu, the Creeper of AKB48, is at #3! How awesome is it that she climbed her way up to the Top 3!? Now all she has to do is climb past Yukirin and two of my favorite front girls will have the top 2 spots!! By the way, Mayuyu will overtake Yukirin; I just know it! They're incredibly close in votes and with all the pushing Mayuyu's getting it's bound to happen! Then the reign of Mayuyu and Yuko will BEGIN! MWAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Eh heh... yeah. Can you tell I want Mayuyu to be the new front girl of AKB yet? Mayuyu and Yuko are just awesome and practically made to dominate over the AKB girls! Speaking of Yuko, it's nice to know she'll get to be center again but I'm hoping for a single/music video that little less awkward than Heavy Rotation. Seriously.

I'm also happy that Matsui Jurina and Matsui Rena are climbing the list! If the results match the prelims they could both be in the Kami8! How amazing is that? But I'm still a little worried about Jurina; she's really stretching herself thin. I have friends her age that do half the amount of stuff she does and they're already stressed out so I can't imagine how much pressure she has on her head right now. Another member who's climbing up the AKB totem pole is Yui. I know a lot of people are pretty divided about her and her frequent pushing but personally I think she's pretty cool! I saw her Honmayan sketches on Bimyou and that was what won me over; she's really funny and has this sort of deadpan snarker air about her. If she's going to be one of the new front girls I'm pretty okay with that! It's also nice to see Mariko and Takamina still in the Kami8 even though I wish Takamina was a bit higher but I'll take what I can get! Overall, there's only one person that really surprised me when I saw the top 10. It's pretty much the same people from last year; they're just all in different positions! Speaking of that...

Unhappy Surprises

Sasshi. Okay, I do like Sasshi. I just don't want her so high up on the list. I think it's mostly because I absolutely loathe her voice and her solo debut single but she doesn't seem... right so high up on the list. Call me traditional or whatever, but I'd rather have another member like Rena or Takamina in that position. But then I guess it doesn't bother me too much... just as long as she's not in the Top 3 at the end. Speaking of the Top 3, I also don't want Yuki at #2. I mean, I really don't want Yuki at #2. I was pretty okay with her being at #3 last year because she was still fantastically overshadowed by Acchan and Yuko. But if she gets that high then she'll get more exposure and might get pushed (unless the management still continues to shaft her). And like Sasshi, I just can't see Yukirin being that high. I said this in my Arama comment, but Yukirin's like that really awkward friend everyone has that's constantly shoved at the end of group pictures because no one know what the hell to do with her. I think behind that awkward smile, she really has no idea what she's doing here and neither do we; I never imagined she'd get so high on the list. I'm just hoping that she and Mayuyu will switch places so that Mayuyu may dominate over the group with her magnificent Creeper Smile!

Another unhappy surprise for me was the fact that a lot normal front girls and some of my favorite members are all very, very down on votes. First of all my biggest complaint: why the hell is Akimoto Freaking Sayaka at #32? I have half a mind to march (or swim?) over to Japan and buy 5000 copies of the singles just to vote for her like that creepy stalker guy did! Actually... no. I need that money for college. But I'm very, very disappointed that the bestest member of AKB48 is even getting shafted by the fans now. I really, really wanted her to at least be center in Undergirls but now I don't think she'll even get that honor. Well, at least Kasai Tomomi has a chance of being center even if she is getting kicked out of Senbatsu. In fact, I noticed a lot of the normal Undergirls were being shafted in favor of SKE/NMB members. Like Yamamoto Sayaka and Watanabe Miyuki are both at the top of the Undergirls rankings while members like Sato Sumire aren't even in the list. And I hate the Wasamin and Reina are fantastically low too, though I should be grateful they even made it on the list. But still, I wish they'd at least made it into Undergirls. Why is it I always get attached to the unpopular members? It never turns out well in the end...

The front girls have it a little better I suppose. Even though Harunyan's down from her rank last year she was at that #10 for the prelims last year and bounced back up to #6! So I'm not particularly worried about her. I think the member who has the most to worry about Tomochin. Poor Tomochin. From #4 to #8 last year and now from #8 to #9. I really don't see why she's fallen out of favor so quickly with the wotas; even though personally I can't stand her voice everything else about her I really like. She has a sweet personality, she's cute as a button, and she's pushed very well by the management. She has several solo singles so why are members like Sasshi getting higher rankings than her? It's really quite the enigma to me. It's just weird because Mayuyu and Sasshi were both pushed just as much as she was but they're ranked much higher. Odd. I have this horrible feeling Tomochin's popularity is starting to wane. Oh well... at least I still have Mayuyu! Some other members like Kitarie and Sae are down a bit but I don't really care about them. But Miichan... please, please, please let Miichan stay in the Senbatsu! She prelims show her #15 and if she gets lower... I don't even want to think about it. If Sayaka can't be in the Senbatsu then at least let Miichan grace them with her hyperactive, awesome presence!

Well there you have it! The Senbatsu really is a double-edged sword to me because as fun as it is to watch it, I still feel bad for the girls who get low votes and must beat themselves up over it. Well, I suppose I shouldn't take these results too seriously considering it's only 10% of the actual first day votes but I think it still shows which members are more favored and gives a good idea of what may or may not change when the real Senbatsu comes out. Only time will tell but one thing is for certain: on June 6 I can assure you some shit's going down in the wotasphere.

And if Miichan's booted out of the Senbatsu by some SKE/NMB members I don't care about...

Yep. That GIF sums up my reaction pretty well.

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