Monday, May 28, 2012

More Momosu Madness!

When Ai left and PyokoPyoko YuckYuckYuck came out, I had this horrible feeling that Morning Musume would get into this cruel cycle where they had one good single then one bad single. Here's what I thought of each single after the 9th Generation joined:

Maji Desu ka Ska! - good
Only You - bad
Kono Chiyuu/Kare to Issho - good
PyokoPyoko YuckYuckYuck - BAD
Renai Hunter - good

If the pattern continues, then their next single is going to suck. At least that's what I thought. But I also had to factor in this would be Momosu's 50th single and a double A-side. Then I assumed "Great. A repeat of Ai's graduation single." The single is titled One Two Three/The Matenrou Show so I couldn't exactly tell much from the titles; I think Matenrou Show will be in the same style as Kare to Issho which is okay because I love that song. But I was still looking on with a wary eye because I didn't know how they hell they were going to go without a good vocalist (or you know, someone in the group who can actually sing but just isn't used). So on we went to their 50th single! So naturally because this is their 50th single, I expect some effort from Tsunku and UFA this time. Don't disappoint me. And so far... things are looking pretty good! The girls performed the first A-side, One Two Three, at the Girl's Awards Spring/Summer Festival 2012 and it was pretty freaking awesome! Much better than anything I had expected! Earlier this week I had seen the outfits previews and when I first saw them I actually thought they looked good! But upon further inspection I realized they're kind of... well... slutty. I just get a little creeped out when I see 12-year old Haruka rocking a boob-squeezing white corset (she's too young to even have cleavage!). But everyone still looked very good; flattering hairstyles, good makeup, and they're not chicken costumes!

The song itself is pretty decent; I definitely didn't see this coming from Momosu considering the only styles they'd had are cutesy/happy and serious/sexy. I'm all for electro-Momosu even if that trend is a little outdated at this point! I will say, I think it was best to go with a more electro-style tune for this song, because you can Autotune all the vocals to hell and it won't sound like an awkward attempt to hide the weak vocals MM has right now! I have to admit, I'm actually fairly surprised at how unfazed I am by the vocals. Usually I'm rather OCD when it comes to vocal ability but for once I'm thinking "YEAH! 95% of you sound like Autotuned cats but who cares!? You sound AWESOME!" The only part I don't really like is the painfully distorted "wow wow"s; they just sound very shrieky. Wait a minute! Shrieky vocals? Gee, I wonder who's singing them... could it be... RIHO? Probably. I'm getting to the point where I just don't care. I'm also a little disappointed at the line distribution too; I mean, you have ten girls and you only use three of them frequently? I guess I should be grateful that everyone at least gets a solo line (more like one syllable...) but it still bothers me that this is how their fiftieth single will look. But at least I can still hope the Matenrou Show will have better line distribution... let's see how long that hope lasts before it's crushed by the boot of UFA! Despite that little flaw (and a couple other nitpicky things) overall, the song really isn't that bad! Dare I say it's... pretty good? It's about on the same level as Renai Hunter for me so that's a plus! And it's catchy! And I'm always up for electro songs with a ton of energy behind them!

Well Momosu, you have a decent song. An okay dance. Now let's see if you can try not to royally fuck up the PV for this song! Good luck UFA! I eagerly await your decision.

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  1. Honestly we cannot expect much of a change with the line distribution. It's been like that for years where two girls usually lead the song with the others getting a sentence or in the 50th single's case, a vowel to sing.

    But I am really looking forward to the MV! I'm already learning the dance ^__^