Sunday, May 20, 2012

6 Graduations I Will Truly Dread

Well, it's done. The double graduation of Morning Musume's 5th Gen. member Niigaki Risa and 8th Gen. member Mitsui Aika is finally over with. As I've said before, I have a combination of sympathy but acceptance for Gaki's graduation and 100% apathy for Aika. But I also feel like this was necessary, almost a relief there's going to be some more "out with the old, in with the new" for Momosu. So overall... these graduations really aren't affecting me much. Neither member was my absolute favorite of Momosu (though I admit Gaki was pretty awesome) and I'm getting to the point where I think MM needs to graduate its older members so Tsunku will be forced to give someone besides Riho solo lines! But Nia! the hypothetical you I'm using for this scenario says That's so mean! How would you feel if it was one of YOUR favorite members and someone was acting like you are? Actually... that would really suck. And I do understand how fans of Gaki/Aika are feeling about this and I'm thankful one of my favorite idols isn't graduating. Yet. I kept thinking about graduations and how they'd affect the groups I know and love. And the more I've thought about it, the more I've realized that just because my favorites aren't graduating now eventually they'll have to. Whether it be from age, unpopularity, or just wanting to move on to something else they can't live to entertain the fans forever... unless that idol's Hatsune Miku but I'll deal with her later. 

So even though I won't mourn for Gaki or Aika, these are the ones I will mourn for when the time comes. I only have six but they all mean a lot to me and I'll hate to see them go. Here it is: six graduations I will truly dread.

Akimoto Sayaka

Oh, noble, beautiful 23 year old Sayaka. Why does the management enjoy shafting you so? Without a doubt, my favorite member of AKB48 is Akimoto Sayaka. I think she's a great captain, her skits on AKBingo and other TV shows are hilarious, she has a beautiful, deep singing voice, and she speaks very good English! So maybe one day she'll happen to come to the east side of the USA again to grace us with her presence! And she's also very devoted to the group and her team, one of the reasons why she's the perfect captain for Team K. And also the reason why I'll be dreading her graduation. I know that as time goes by and since that scandal she's probably never going to be in the regular Senbatsu again (as much as I want her to). As much as that sucks, I'll keep my ranting to a minimum. Because of her constant shafting, she might not even make it into the 27th Senbatsu Single this year (but I'm praying for her to be the glorious center of the Undergirls). And that makes me worry if her graduation out of the group is coming soon. I hope not but if so... I still have Miichan! So take THAT Aki-P!

Watanabe Mayu

Mayuyu!! Adorable yet creepy, Mayuyu with her Creeper Smile and voice that sounds like she swallowed a gallon of helium. Please don't graduate any time soon! Or ever. I'm really banking on the idea of her being the new front girl for AKB based off the PV for Manatsu no Sounds good! and hopefully a high spot (like #2-3) for her in the next Senbatsu elections! I think this graduation's probably the one I have to worry about least considering Mayuyu's only 18 and can use her Creeper Smile to hypnotize Aki-P into keeping her in AKB FOREVER! Mwahaha!!! Yeah... but the day she leaves is not going to be a happy day for me. But hey, I'll still have Miichan and Yuko and Yui's starting to grow on me and I'll have Takamina as good ol' Team A captain. Speaking of Takamina...

Takahashi Minami

I have to say, of all the "popular" members of AKB48, Takamina's probably my favorite. Partially because she seems like a sweet, gullible person with an overall nice personality and she has a really good voice to  boot! But the best part about her is that she's a really great captain of Team A and an even greater leader of AKB48. Okay, it's not official or anything but don't deny that Takamina rules the group with her iron ponytail! Or something like that! In my opinion she's one of the best group leaders even outside of the 48 family. So I really don't want her graduating soon. I just think it's not very often that we see someone who's so devoted to the group that she's willing to tough it out through both the bad times (a.k.a. before the group was popular) and still be so humble that she and her group have gotten so far. The day Takamina leaves, is probably the day my interest in Team A (and AKB48 in general) probably goes down. Because honestly, I can't see anyone else leading them but Takamina. Adorable, short, sweet Takamina. May you lead them until the day they disband.

The Hello! Project Kids

I've said before how I have this slightly irrational fear that Berryz Koubou and/or C-ute will be graduating some time soon. From a rational standpoint, it's unlikely to happen now considering they're not terribly old and C-ute last single is now the best-selling single to come from the H!P Kids' discography. But I still believe it's going to happen soon. Not this year, but maybe in the next 2-4 years. Sort of the point where everyone's in their 20s and looking to do bigger and better (or smaller and non-idoly) things. After all, they can't stay in H!P forever and right now they have the more seniority than the current members of Morning Musume. I really think that's saying something for how long they've stuck around. And during that time it's been cool to see how they've grow from awkward little girls into beautiful women which will only make their graduation more nostalgic and heartfelt. But I still won't be looking forward to the day they all graduate.

Michishige Sayumi

All hail Queen Sayu! Yes. I've been waiting anxiously for the day Sayu finally begins her terrifyingly awesome reign over Morning Musume! I just hope that reign isn't as short as Gaki's was. I think right now with all these new members (and even more new girls coming in soon, which I'll talk about later) Morning Musume needs a good captain that knows how to deal with all these squeaky little preteen girls. And I can't think of anyone else better than Sayu. She's cute, funny, can't sing worth a damn, but has a personality that cliques well with a lot of the younger members. And trust me, unless UFA's going for the awkward preteen stereotype for Momosu, the group needs someone who can guide all these girls into blossoming and carry the torch, so to speak. And I think the person who has been destined to do so is Sayu! I think of all the future graduations on here, hers will probably be the closest but hopefully not too close! I want at least 1-2 years for Sayu to rule the group with an iron fist so she can let Fuku lead the group forward at 16 or 17. But still... I really do dread the day she leaves. Even if she can't sing, Sayu's probably the girl with the most personality in Momosu right now (or at least the one who's least afraid to show it). Who knows? Maybe Eripon will follow in her footsteps!


Everyone has to die someday

That's one of the lyrics to my favorite Perfume song and I think it sums up pretty well how I feel about my favorite members graduating. I know it's coming, but it's still going to hurt. And the one that's going to be hardest on me is Perfume. I suppose that's pretty obvious considering I haven't been shy of pouring my absolute love for them in nearly every post on this blog. Mostly because they're awesome and can do no wrong- see, I'm fangirling again! But amazingness aside, I don't think I can emphasize how much Perfume means to me. From their music to the personalities to seeing them go so far it's been great to see them blossom into such a great unit with great music and dances and everything! The great thing is that they've together for so long, through both the good and the bad times. To think that one day they'll have to set all that aside and move on with their lives makes me very sad. I wish they could go one forever, making music and smiling but it's true. Everyone has to die someday. Just so I don't sound creepy, that lyrics is from their song Edge. But you get the point: they can't last forever. But like the other entries in this list, I hope they last a pretty damn long time.

Just so I don't sound completely heartless, I am sad two girls are graduating but I just don't care enough about them to write about it... Bye!


  1. If Sayaka graduates soon, I'll be very depressed. D: Unless she goes out with a bang and proves just how awesome she is in the end :D
    If Mayuyu ever graduates ever...I'm going to be a sobbing mess. T-T I'm going to like run into a wall or something. SHE'S SUCH A PERFECT IDOL STAY ONE FOREVAAA
    If Takamina graduates!! I don't know if AKB can even go ON!!!
    Berryz Kobo and C-ute are in my opinion some of the best groups in Momusu, they work very hard. I'm sure they'll stay around for a bit more x3 And besides, if Momochin graduates, I'mma sob like I would for Mayuyu ;^;
    SAYUMIIIINNNN she's too awesome to graduate, but with all the seniors going I feel she'll be going soon T^T I feel like they'll probably make her go before Reina, which piiisses me off T=T
    Oh my god. Perfume can NEVER leave. I will die if they do D:. I'll wear black for the rest of my life.
    Great article :DD

  2. I only got into Perfume three years ago, I hope that won't be true D: and H!P Kids is something I don't want to happen atm >_< or think about.

  3. I happened to stumble upon your blog, and how lucky that we're both Perfumeholics (Perfume fans, but this term still needs research)
    And dammit, I had to search the lyrics for 'edge' after reading this and I can't sleep now (considering that I'm reading this right before 21/12/2012 as well) O_O
    Perfume's time may be up (no cynical pun intended) in the future, but always remember that they will remain in our hearts :)