Friday, February 10, 2012

SDN48's Final Hurrah

Poor SDN48.

2011 and 2012, the only years they'll be completely active, have not been kind to them. They started with the bang of GAGAGA and now it appears they're ending with the fizzle of Makeoshimi Congratulations. In case you're not familiar with the 48 groups, SDN happens to be the one group that seemed to get the short end of the stick. Whilst AKB, SKE, and even NMB (who debuted after SDN) sold hundreds of thousands of singles, SDN48 was lucky if they broke 60k. The fans have debated about why they've had such lukewarm sales compared to the absolute success of their sister groups. Some say it's age and that the fanbase doesn't... um... connect to older women like young girls. Others say it's the overload on the fanservice; personally I agree with that and always feel just a little awkward watching their PVs. It's like Heavy Rotation times a thousand. It's probably a combination of both and a general lack of promotion from the management. Who knows? Maybe they thought they'd flop so negelected to do something to keep the group afloat. And now they're going under. It's sad but hey, at least we get one more single, right? Complete with SDN's signature style- oh wait, that's scrapped for a cutesy idol song. Because if sexy doesn't work, you always try cuteness next!

Anyways, the song is decent. But for and SDN single, it's pretty lackluster. I really wanted them to go out on something memorable but this? I could see it as a B-side for an AKB48 single. Even the outfits look idol-y. Aren't some of these women in their early thirties? The preview for the PV was released and that pretty much gives you a good idea of what's coming. Conflict, moving on, being an adult, making money for Aki-P, yeah yeah, we've seen it before. Thought I will say this PV is done in a very nice style. It's very subdued except for the awkward dance scenes and seems to give all the Senbatsu pretty decents amounts of screen time. But there are still two things that made me confused. First of all, what the hell is up with that dance shot? It's like they took the lighting from Ue Kara Mariko and Kaze wa Fuiteiru and shoved them into different parts of the PV. I will admit that's a little nitpicky but it's kind of apparent in the dance shot. Second of all, Yukirin? Since when are you relevant to SDN48? I thought you'd be happy with French Kiss and AKB and all that... I did find out it's just a cameo but didn't another much popular AKB member do a cameo in the unfortunate Aitakatta-ripoff? Maybe it's just a gimmick to garner sales but would get Yuko? Or Mariko? Or Mayuyu's creeper smile? I don't know, it just struck me as odd.
Anyways, I'll wait it out for this single and see if the B-sides are any good. I really do want SDN to get a proper sendoff. Or... just not disband at all. Ever thought of that, Aki-P?

Gosh, I feel so bad. I've really been hard on the 48 groups lately. It's like after SKE and NMB everything else just went in the opposite direction. Give Me Five, Nogizaka, and now SDN... but it's not over. I still have one more PV I can review. And trust me, I will enjoy this one very much. I'll even give you a hint!

Two words: Creeper Smile.


  1. yukirin appear in the MV because she's close friends with one of the member (i forgot her name)

    1. Oh. I did not know that! Thanks! Wow, I wrote this post such a long time ago... I didn't even think people would read it now...