Monday, February 13, 2012

Rock You! Totally Rocks!!

Well... not really.

But that doesn't matter because it's still AWESOME! To further elaborate, a radio rip for Tokyo Girls' Style's newest single, Rock You!, was just leaked on Youtube and I already love it! Am I jumping to conclusions about this single? Probably but I don't care! I have been waiting and waiting for their next single with anticipation! I can't emphasize how quickly I've fallen for this group! Eh heh... I'd better explain my sudden gush of fangirlishness. Back in 2011, when I listened to hardly anything outside of H!P/AKB/Perfume, I read a very good post about one of their singles on another blog so I decided to give them a listen, starting with their first single and working my way up. I loved Kirari but after that... I was pretty unimpressed. Their next three singles were pretty standard idol fare and I felt they weren't really worth my time. But I decided to muddle through their next songs as a last chance. And thank god I did, because Kodou no Himitsu blew my mind! TGS fans know that was the moment Avex gave a group a 180 into the dark, mature direction despite the relatively young age of the members. Before discovering this group, I'd always assumed that young idols had to stick with a cutesy, youthful theme but wow. It can be done! Take note Morning Musume Anyways, this was my probably my breakout group of 2011 so needless to say, at the announcement of a new single and album I was ecstatic!

Anyways, back to the new single! I found out the single was another double A-side but I personally don't care for Onnaji Kimochi so we're just going to focus on Rock You! I was initially a little worried that Rock You! would sound more like the snoozefest of We Will Win! and thought maybe it would have a Buono!-like rock sound to it! And the opening sounds very rock influenced (think a lighter and softer AC/DC) but after that you can hear the typical Avex sound. Which isn't a bad thing! This single sounds a lot like W.M.A.D., another song I love by them, but to me it's little more catchy and a little less psychedelic. The vocals as usual are amazing (especially Ayano, why is she so flawless?) and I think the line distribution's a little more fair! Overall I'm just happy that they're continuing to go in this mature direction since I don't know of any other group who does this! Speaking of that direction, I can't wait to see the PV! The military outfits leave a lot of ideas for a cool PV but I hope it's not anything... silly. Because for all I know Avex could pull a Momoiro Clover or Super Girls on us and personally I'd like TGS to steer clear of that direction. Nothing against that, I just really enjoy what they're doing now! So continue to impress me TGS and come out with an awesome PV!!

I will say, the Onnaji Kimochi A-side (the one I don't care about), is a remix and all the other remixes they've done have been pretty cool so maybe I'll see how this one turns out! I still expect a lot from this A-side considering it's the most diabetically sweet single from them but I can keep an open mind! As long as they don't dress like chicks As long as they keep up with this awesome style (no pun intended), I am a happy camper!

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