Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Pa-pa-pa-Perfume News!!!

News from Perfume besides the concert I'm unable to go to!? It's here! It's here!

They're releasing a new single! With CMs!! And they switched labels! And they have their own Youtube channel! And they have a mysterious countdown on their website! And they're STILL the most amazing and flawless group and don't you dare argue with me right now or I will hurt you!!!


Okay. I have to calm down. I'm reaching fangirl mode and that's just about as incomprehensible as bitch-mode.

But still! The wait is over! After months of waiting for something new besides their concert tour, Perfume news! Where do I even start? I'll probably begin with the most important news: Perfume switched from Tokuma Japan to Universal Music Japan. If you're not a Perfume fan, then doesn't like that big of deal but Tokuma had huge copyright claims on Perfume's material and it was very hard for fans to spread their of love of them on the Internet. But now that they've switched to a slightly more lenient label maybe we Perfume fans can freely watch their music videos/concert performances on Youtube without the audio being zapped or the video itself being taken down so quickly! On the subject of labels, the first single they're releasing under UMJ is called Spring of Life. For some reasons, this reminds me of the Tree of Life but I'm so excited to hear they're releasing their first single in 2012! I hope there will be more to come and I can't wait to hear the release date (I think it'll be released some time around April/May but that's just a guess). A short (and I mean, very short) preview was released here and I already love the single! That's probably because they could release a song about potatoes and I would still love them but I don't care! I really love how upbeat the song sounds and it matches nicely with what they've been releasing lately!! Maybe the B-side will be another Fake It, hm? Now I'll have to wait for a full preview and the PV before I can gush about their new single some more...

In other news, Perfume has their own Youtube channel now! And it's about time too! Here you can find some full PVs and clips from their old songs! I really wish they would officially release the full PVs but other users already do that... But would it kill them to release the clips in HD? I would love to see Spice in all its flawnesses in high definition!! So I would high recommend subscribing to them if you're a fan and even if you're not a fan because I guarantee Perfume will enhance your life! Then again, this is coming from a helpless fangirl so it's probably best not to take my word for it... Anyways, I also heard JPN will be released on iTunes in all countries which makes me even more ecstatic than I am right now! Hopefully, some of their older stuff will be released too like GAME! Lastly, there's a mysterious countdown clock on their global website but for what? Only time will tell! (no pun intended...)

Overall, I'm just happy some more Perfume news has come out; I always feel like it's released in clusters. It's like... Perfume withdrawal or something! At least with other groups I follow small tidbits of news are constantly being released but for Perfume it's worth the wait! Speaking of waiting, I'll have to wait some more for further information... but not too long by the looks of it! Can't wait to fangirl blog more about the great techno trio of Japan! By the way, sorry if this got a little fangirly... you know how every blogger has that one group they absolutely adore... XD

One more thing, to celebrate I made two OPVs for the beloved Perfume for Edge and Fake It. Not much of news so much as showing my painfully obvious adoration of them but they were fun to make! Especially Edge because it was so long!

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