Saturday, February 4, 2012

Morning Musume's 49th Single!

So. Momosu. It appears you've learned from the... avian incident. Yes, judging by the charts from last week, there are apparently enough people in the world who like Pyokopyoko Get-Us-Out-Of-These-Chicken-Suits. But not enough to break the 50k mark. So whilst 31k sales isn't terrible, S/mileage, C-ute, and Berryz have debuted with better sales. Albeit those were their best sales but still, it counts for something. But let's forget about that until I rank my worst singles of 2012. I'm moving on from Big Bird and into hunting. Renai hunting. So be vewy, vewy quiet. Yes, the 49th single of Momosu has been announced as Renai Hunter, a cool, dark and edgy single about the quest for lost love! Okay, I made that last part up because that would sound freaking awesome but from what I've heard the song does not involve birds. I love it already! Actually, I hope it's not like Only You because I couldn't stand that song. The awkward verses, unfair line distribution, unnecessary Autotune and Riwhore's squeaky voice were a huge disappointment to me. I really hope this single does prove to be that, especially because it's Gaki's last single with Momosu. Speaking of her, she'd better lead this song! If there's anyone who rocks dark and edgy songs it's Gaki!

Normally, I don't like it when they focus on just one or two members in the Momosu songs but I almost want this song to give Gaki a lot of lines and screen time she hasn't gotten in their past single. I really think it would be a nice way to send her off! But going by a prediction here's how I predict the line distribution will be: Reina+Gaki+Sayu+Riwhore leading and (possibly) Mizuki+Aika+Haruka. I'm not as sure on the leads as I am the minor vocals... but I still really want it to be a Gaki lead! Well, even if it's not at least she's still getting a solo! True, it's a cover song but at least it's something! I hope she covers something like the song she debuted in or How Do You Like This Japan? I'm just happy she's getting a nice treatment before her graduation! Now all I can do is hope the song and PV are good and not angsty like an Emomosu song! And I really do hope they get a decent PV. It's a long shot but I think it would work really well for the group if they kept things simple! Knowing UFA, that won't happen but my main want is for the song to be good!

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