Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Mayuyu the Fantastic Creeper's Debut PV!

Oh, Mayuyu. Why do I love making fun of you so much? I think it's because she's both simultaneously adorable and creepy to me. Still, I really do like Mayuyu and she's one of my favorite members of AKB48! And naturally when she was announced to become a soloist I was little uneasy but also a little excited too! While she isn't my uber-favorite like Miichan I still like her cute, geeky personality which makes up for her chipmunk voice! Speaking of that voice, I was interested to see what type of song they'd do for her that would compliment such an... interesting voice. And like I predicted, it's a pretty cutesy piece of idol fluff but it's also pretty catchy! I heard a snippet of it from Mayuyu's drama where she plays a 30 year old woman of all things and at first it didn't really stick out to me. That's probably because I was gaping over Mayuyu as a middle-aged woman but once the PV came out I figured I'd wander around and get a full listen on the song! When I first heard Mayuyu was debuting, I thought it was rather pointless since she basically controls owns Warota 7 and usually gets her own solo songs in that group. Still, I'm an open person and I like Mayuyu so I gave this song a listen! And it's actually not bad! I was most worried about Mayuyu's vocals. I've said before how the poor thing can not sing but the song she was given was pretty safe vocally (but there was that one high note that made me cringe...)

If you're a Mayuyu fan and/or a Warota 7 fan, then you'll probably enjoy this single. It's nothing new and I could still see it as something on a Warota 7 tracklist but it isn't terrible. And if you're not a Mayuyu fan well... I'd at least give the song a chance. It's definitely not everyone's cup of tea but it's still a pretty fun song. I think it would be the type of song I'd play while I was reading or doing something that would allow me to space out. Is it the strongest debut song in the world? Well... no, but Mayuyu pulls it off very well! That's one of my favorite things about Mayuyu; she has a squeaky voice and a creepy smile but still manages to be charming and approachable. She can take just about anything and work with it to her advantage! I think that's a very good trait for a soloist to have. And that charm really shows itself in the PV so let's see what Mayu the Fantastic Creeper's going to pull this time!

I love the shout out to how Mayuyu is a huge anime/manga nerd so she gets to make her own!

In the story, Princess Mayuyu is waiting for someone. And yeah, that's pretty much it. Oh hey, she's like Princess Peach!

But that someone is herself! It took me several view to finally realize that was Mayuyu. It's amazing how different she looks!

Cute set!

But it reminds me of Mizuki Nana's Discotheque

Now that's one hell of a ballgown!

Yay! Creeper smiles all around! Trust me, there are plenty in this PV!

Walking is like... hard.

Mayuyu wants you to join her fandom!

I wonder if Mayuyu drew these herself considering she enjoys drawing manga so much.

Yes, Mayuyu that's a marker. No need to analyse it.

And the PV shows both Mayuyus staring hopefully at something out of the shot because...

It symbolizes how they're really the same person and this PV takes a strange direction in the Twilight Zone?

WHOA! Put that thing away Mayuyu!!!

So adorable. She's like a cupcake. Except not edible.

This is probably the one time I have seen Mayuyu truly look badass.

These drawings are very pretty! Better than my chicken scratch...

That hat. Will. Be. Mine.

And in a shocking twist...

They have the same earring! Symbolizing how they're the same person they'll find each other again!

Two Mayuyus in the same room. I cannot comprehend.

And after flinging around her sword Mayuyu defeats the ball of light... thing... What is that supposed to be anyways?

Arts and crafts with Mayuyu would be quite fun the more I think about it!

And in the end they're finally reunited!

That is probably the creepiest shot of Mayuyu I have ever seen.

And they all lived happily ever after! Yay!

Whilst Mayuyu falls asleep, bored by her own story.

I'll go ahead and warn the viewer not to expect anything groundbreakingly epic about this PV. The most epic we get is evil balls of light... yeah. Really the best part about this PV is that it adds a very fun, if somewhat irrelevant, charm to the song! Even though she still creeps me out, I really enjoy how much effort Mayuyu puts into the PV. Keep in mind, she's playing three different roles here: the writer, the princess, and the prince. Speaking of the story, I really do enjoy how it shows Mayuyu drawing it as her own little shout-out to being a manga nerd. And even though the story is very cliched and can get a little awkward at times considering Mayuyu's in love with herself, I'm just happy there is a story! I think it was pulled off very nicely and for the most part, Mayuyu carries her own! I'm certain this will be successful amongst the fans and general public so good luck to Mayuyu and the many identities she assumes!

You might be wondering if I still think this debut was pretty pointless. Well... just a little bit, but this is a pretty decent song to debut with and I'm sure Mayuyu's creeper smile will assure her thousands of sales! And if you're Mayuyu fan, I think you'll really enjoy it! I know I did! Especially a lot more than the other soloist also debuting within the 48 group. But I'll get to her in my next post.


  1. I'm thinking about maybe checking this out. But the one prominent thought in my brain is... I really hope she drew those, it's nice to have idols with other talents than their posing and faces lol

    1. You're in luck! There's a pretty decent possibility Mayuyu might have actually drawn these considering she loves drawing manga so much!